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Dark Orbit Cheats :

This page contains Dark Orbit cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 2 glitches. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dark Orbit on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Darkorbit

by Theorbitcheater Dec 13, 2010


if you are low lvl so go into the quest and take a quest wich will give you 750.000 exp and some uri. credi. and x2 ammo i think and its a god move for beginners you go some lvls and gets a god start god luck

ps. you gona to collect 300 promemium in 10 minutes and i make it but find a big sorec furst so you can collect faster God Luck And merry cristmas

fast lvl upnoting special
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Code - Ziadny

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2011

che uridia

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Glitch - Cheats'N'Glitchs

by Mod_Pirate_Hunter Jan 10, 2011

2011 Cheat Book is out! £1.99. This needs to have lots of cheats on. I will say the Cheat Book already 509 People bought in 1 day! This was out 8th January 2011. AMAZING ONE!!!!!! The Glitch I found for Dark Orbit was going into peoples spaceship and makingthem shoot inside, and destroy the back of there ship (Its a Lol, But I did) You need Either Glitch Wire or about 300 Attempts to crash into a different Ship without dieing (And going through) Back to 2006, Cheat Book was amazing those times. We finally got a 100,000+ People cheat Book! Get half for free, No scam book! The Cheats means you buy the Cheat Book for 2.99 (In England) or $7.99. This deal ends 2014. We overwrite all the Cheat Books made 3-4Years Ago. The 2007 Cheat Book is now unavailable. Don't worry! New Cheat Book out 2011 1! Theres are certain Cheats to regain experience you had.

I went near this big thing (Forgot what it called) That gives 128,000 experience for destroying. It is amazing how high it hits, Hellstorm Launcher inside. I say stay away from it until your Level 21+. But first you should go for those Greyey Alien Balls in map 3-2 3-3 3-4. Lordakia, they are. They will give 800EP You should be attacking at Level 5-8. Levels 8-13 You Should attack Mordon, giving 3200EP. Now that you are Level 13, Attack SIBELON!!! and receive 12800EP. This isn't a Cheat, but get to Level 5 (80,000EP) When you start! Just buy using the Cheat at www.Sharecash.org and find the search bar (If you can, I have no responsibility with that) It might of deleted since they have changed. But type in on Internet 'Dark Orbit Free EXP Cheat Share Cash' Again ... Again ..... the downloads have a survey. Bit theres a way to stop it. Likely showed by me on a different forum, You need a 40 Pounds or More Phone. No calling sms or Big watever! Just text EXP to 122764. Youll receive a code back. It will start with a 3, in the middle 7, at the end 5. (Its not actually exp, Once received te code, remember it!) Then go to make a Premium Account find the way to make an account with a code, put the code in, Once confirmed, It'll say 'Thankyou for purchasing 3 Day Premium member. No surveys' No Surveys? Thats amazing! But it's only 3 Days, So Text EXP2X to 122764 and receive a Code again. Put the code in on Share Cash, 1 Month Premium account! No survey for download! AMAZING .... Deal!. Hope this helped.

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Code - How to use your configuratoin

by tricks-and-cheats Dec 13, 2010

1first become a rich guy 2buy shilds(inof to take all space in the genorator section) 3buy speed genorators(inof to take all space in the genorator section) 4put all shilds on configuratoin1 5and all speed genorators on the 2 WARNING YOU MUST NOT HAVE A PHIONIX A YAMATO A Defcom TIP:in cong.2 leave a shild

use your congfigurationsso you can swich to cong.1 to batle and 2 to retreat
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Code - Dark Orbit cheat experience and uridium

by Unregistered Nov 29, 2010

If you sell all of your lasers and fire at an enemy with a laser they won't
take hit but you'll be firing the laser!

You click on an enemy ( make sure it is not your company, you will lose honor
points), then click on the tab that says laser attack. If you want to fire a
rocket, do the same thing but click on rocket attack. if you want to do them
both at the same time, click laser attack and then rocket attack.

Streuner (x-1;x-2): 400 experience, 400 credits, 1 Uridium, 2 Honor.
Lordakia (x-2;x-3;x-4): 800 experience, 800 credits, 2 Uridium, 4 Honor.
Saimon (x-3;x-4): 1600 experience, 1600 credits, 4 Uridium, 8 Honor.
Mordon (x-3;x-4): 3200 experience, 6400 credits, 8 Uridium, 16 Honor.
Devolaner (x-3): 6400 experience, 51200 credits, 16 Uridium, 32 Honor.
Sibelon (x-4): 12800 experience, 102000 cedits, 32 Uridium, 64 Honor.
Cubikon (X-6): 120000 experience, 2500000 credits, 300 Uridium.
Kristalion (X-7): 51500 experience, 420400 credits 128 Uridium.
Kristillin (X-7): 6400 experience, 1 4000 credits, 16 Uridium.
Lordakum (X-5): 23000 experience, 230000 credits, 64 Uridium.
Siblanite (X-5): 8200 experience, 10100 credits, 8 Uridium.
Siblatite (X-3, X-4): 16000 experience, 1600 credits, 4 Uridium.


If you're a cheapskate penny pincher like me and don't want to spend any real
world cash on this game, then:

1st, Don't bother upgrading your ship. Stay with the Phoenix for a long while.
2nd, get a Cloak Type I at the Hangar. It's 500 Uridium.
3rd, take all the mining quests first and save your credits.
4th, regularly offload your raw ore when you run out of cargo space.
5th, Save for last the mining quest that requires you to harvest 300 ore in 10

* If your ship is destroyed, the next one is free as long as you don't upgrade.
You lose no equipment, no experience, no ore, no Uridium to replace your lost

* Of course, if you want to have a more interesting game, by all means, spend
real money if and only if you have the banking doubler or tripler.


There is a hack. You have to text "BIG 3487116 " to 1395. Make sure you put a
space between Big and the number. Thiswill give you 250.000 Uridium.

-First, choose venus as your company when you sign up.
-next, go to quests and do the easy prometium quest.
-click start.
-find red rocks until you see 20/20 on the top right hand corner.
-go to trade. find a cloaking device. buy... 

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Glitch - Please read - untitled

by weenhacker50 Dec 02, 2009

Hi, i didnt know what to call this glitch, but call it what you want. i was playing with a friend, when this goli atacked him. he was the same company as we were. he went back to the portal, so i couldnt get him. but i switched ammo to SAB (or whatever it is) and pressed ctrl repeatedly. i was firing blue rings at him!!! i wasnt damaging him, but he got pretty pissed and it was funny so i decided to post it :D

i found this glitch on the 1st december, just after the special daily christmas quest :D

if you want to put this glitch on another site, plz give me credit (weenhacker50)

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Dark Orbit Cheats


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