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Dead Frontier Cheats :

This page contains Dead Frontier cheats list for PC version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 2 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dead Frontier on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by Unregistered Jan 06, 2010

Tired of dying
do this:
open up 2 tabs one is dead frontier and leave the other blank. play, kill, loot whatever you want to do. if you die (act fast) quickly exit the tab of dead frontier. if you do this correctly the game will not be able to have time to send the message to the system stating that you died. that means the system didnt turn your health to dead since it doesnt know your dead. now if you come back you will remain alive in the place you died. but probably in critical, or serious

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HoW to get money quick easy but PATIENCE is needed.

by Pandemic_Death Nov 22, 2012

Okay so first of all you will have to make multiple accounts. And yes i am fully aware of the pop up you get that says you cannot register multiple accounts here's a way to get around it...... Okay for some people this will work make an account if you get the pop up then click X and try again if for some reason it doesn't work then this is what you do If you are using google chrome hit the shift ctrl and n buttins at the same time and an in private browsing window will pop up use that every time you create an account and send stuff over to your main click the X and open another and start the process over if you don't have google chrome then just open an in private browsing window look it up cuz i don't know how to use other in private windows... Okay now that you know that this is what you do ready? okay.

Step By Step :D

1. Make an account WARNING MAKE A FARMER ONE! The reason is he starts with 5.5. rifle bullets which cost about 4k each full pack

2.Now strip your new character down and scrap what you can't sell or ignore the pistol and macini rifle quicker it all depends if you want an extra 150

3.add your main account to buddies

4.send the stuff over

5.scrap the stuff in the yard its faster in my opinion don't scrap the ammo or the millet cook the millet cheap then selll it for 75 sell the beer to your new account to take all the money only if you chose to scrap the pistol and rifle and sell it back and done

6.Okay so after you do this a couple times the 5.5 ammo will fill up and be full sell it for 4k and the extra stuff you scraped will get you a good couple of thousand dollars plus the millet would be another maybe 1k

7. Just enjoy it it's *** awesome it works ENJOY!!!!!!

I have done this multiple times and have become rich many times if you have any questions Pm me on Dead frontier as / Pandemic Death

So when you become good at this process like me you will be making 10-15k every 30 minutes or so enjoy!

P.s if you have a faster way please do tell i'm sure people will apreciate it as much as i will.

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MeLee weapons[no chainsaw]

by vivianishot Jul 05, 2010

Okay i'm back with a new walkthrough on tips about ur melee weapon. when u wanna equip a melee weapon u may one to consider a few points. when u have a melee weapon, i recommend swinging melee weapons, in case the zombies doesnt flinch. and i also wanna stress that, ur melee weapon needs a good critical chance, as it can get u out of tight spots.

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KiLling green long arms

by vivianishot Jun 22, 2010

If you happen to be playing dead frontier on single player and have a lvl below 15. keep this in mind. Pop by ravenwall, and wlak into apartments or any building there. walk around till u see a green long arm... kill it and make sure u have the ammo and the fire power to do it. or else ur screwed

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EaSy levels

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2010

Um no offence guys but i just aint going to give this for free

here is one thing tho the spot is a building 1 area way from outpost and you gotta have lots of ammo and camp at door

for full hint send holysniper a zylon vest

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HuNting For Greens

by vivianishot Jun 02, 2010

If your level is below 25, u will find this interesting. start deadfrontier on singleplayer make sure u have a good gun that has good reloading speed and good fire rate. walk into a building around ravenwall, which is northwest. enter rooms and building

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HuNting For Greens

by vivianishot Jun 02, 2010

Get a good gun with good reloading and fire rate. enter a building near ravenwall. (apartments are highly recommended) . walk around till u see a green zombie, fight it, dun run away cuz the rewards are good. note that there will be little space for manuvering, so you should kill of any zombies that come into the room. because it took me about 300 rounds of a p90 to kill it, along with the other zombies. loot the zombie after that, on my first try i got lvl 15 armor. but u can melee it instead if u see it on a street.

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FrEe 5.5 rifle ammo and .32 handgun ammo walkthrough

by Eagleeye28 Jun 09, 2010

*make sure you have a main character before doing this*....... Go to the login screen and instead of loging in create a person and name them and give an email *FAKE EMAILS WORK!!!* Then when all that is done make them a farmer for the 5.5 rifle ammo. once u made the person go to your profile, Click edit buddies. once there add your main person as a buddy then click their profile and trade with them add all of the stuff you want them to have for free. This can be repeated over and over again as long as you exit the internet before doing it again

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Dead Frontier Cheats


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