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Dragon Age: Origins Review :

Completely Obliterates Elder Scrolls For Me

by sdan12 Jun 19, 2014

I've only put twelve hours into this game and so far, I am addicted! When my boyfriend got me this game as a present, I was skeptical as to whether I would like it or not. And at the moment, I love it! This game has held my attention even better than the Elder Scrolls games. Unfortunately, is also left me crying and screaming at the twists and turns of events in the game. I'm barely in and I can feel my heart already breaking at the seams. I was slightly shocked at the beginning, as this game is a little graphic, for example, you see a woman's dead getting cut of in the opening. I wouldn't recommend this game for anyone that get's easily attached to characters or doesn't enjoy violence. There is quite a lot of it!

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10Story line
The storyline is slightly different for every player. It depends on the starting background you choose as well as one of the three race options: human, elf, and dwarf. For every selection you make, the story begins slightly different.
While the graphics do seem a little out of date, they work well with lower performance computer and I have no complaints regarding lag.
The character voices are very pleasing and different for each character. You even get to choose a voice for yourself. However, this is misleading at first. Your character does not speak whenever you choose your words, only during battle to make sly remarks nd grunting noises.
The gameplay may seem slightly overcomplicated at first but is ultimately simple to use once you experience the game. A nice factor of this game is the amount of allies you may gain. There will always be more options to put into your party.
9Lasting Appeal
This game is quite addictive to me so far. Gameplay and graphics are simply, the storyline is a little complicated but not too difficult to understand, the voices are appealing and the game overall has been great so far.
(Out of 10)


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