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how to get doom weapon easy


Unlockable - To get doom weapon there is lots of ways but it will take long so be p:

right anything here

Unlockable:How to unlock:
doom weapongo to robina and get bounty hunter list u can get atleast 75-625 gold each time and the items are worth 60-500
doom weapongo to amitvayle and do thursdays quests you should get good xp and money xp is bout 2000-5000 and money is 60-200 and the weapons that u get will be 200 coins+ sometimes you get a pednant use it to make somthing and sell it for 100 gold
doom weapongo to twilly in falconreach (little pet thing) and redo the beggining you get 10xp and 20 gold each time
doom weapondo warlics quests you can get 1000-1500 xp and 50-100 gold and a very good weapon 100+ gold if you sell also if you do the secret quest you can get a very good weapon but only sells for 2 gold
doom weaponyou can just wait and go to ballyhoo every day you can get 500 gold everyday just wait 58 days and you will get it
doom weaponyou can do valancie's quests first check your rarity score if it is 300+ (recommended to get 3 wings of hundred rooms) you get items that are 300-500 gold and weak enimies
doom weapongo to artrix add him to your friends and do his random quests you get very good light weapons wich can sell for good gold
doom weaponget da and just do there quests you get awesome gold maybe 5000 at best and 10k best exp