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feb 23, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how to defeat mumdragon with out any perks (dragon amulet)

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Secret - To Defeat Mumragon or Mummified Dragon.:

All you need is love!! Heh!! I'm just joking!! Anyway, To defeat Mumragon, All you need to defeat him is a ""DARK"" or as the Vampires say ""DARQ"" weapon that you will use against him or her or it. And it's up to you about getting a DARK weapon, It could be DOOM or DragonCoin DARK weapons or DARK quest rewards weapons. It's REALLY up to you. And to defeat those pesky bugs is by having a ""WIND"" or as the Werewolves say ""WOOOIIINND"" weapon that you will need to beat the hell out of these insects. And as i said a while ago, It's all up to you!! And one more thing, Don't blame me if this help i made DIDN'T work for YOU. If it worked for you. Just simply rate it thumbs-up!!

One more thing. I like pie!! Do you like pie too??