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jul 25, 2009DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how can i defeat akriloth easily in the fire war (he is a very high leveled dragon)..


Secret - Defeat Akriloth Easily:

Well , i am only doing this because of a request . As you can see before the battle galanoth (i am not sure) gave you a ice sword. Then when battling Akriloth you will be able to use it , it will automatically be equipped to you . Do not change your weapon until the end and use skills , but if you even have the sword and you are low level and can't defeat akriloth , try using defend or if you are a warrior try doing these steps:

1) Final blow or any attack

2) Double Attack

3) Defend

4) Triple Attack

5) Double Attack

6) Triple Attack

7) Power or any attack

And repeat until Akriloth dies .


Please thuumbs up !!!

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