DragonFable Requests

 [ PC ]

sep 27, 2009DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

can any one help me get deathknight or necromancer

jul 25, 2009DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how can i defeat akriloth easily in the fire war (he is a very high leveled dragon)..

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nov 24, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

I'm a Level 24 I need some help Looking for places to train at

sep 20, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

please please please help me my question is how many times do i have to train the paladian armer and necromancer armer to get death knight

sep 09, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how do i get the new shadowcythe armor i have a trainer that will give me armor if i enter the class id but i cant figure it out or how do i get it for free!!!!!!!!!

jul 09, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how do u change ur baby dragons color do u half to have a da to do it

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jun 28, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

where do i get a research material for me to merge a dread shadowreaperof doom

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jun 26, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

dragon amulet

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jun 26, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

How do you make it so that when you ride the griffin, you keep running, and it runs off without you?

jun 21, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how do you get easy money because i am after a doom weapen.

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may 19, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

where i can find a lodestone

may 18, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

super duper monny

may 16, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

where to get a dragon amulet without any 19.75$

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apr 27, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

please tell me how to get lots of cash fast! im lv40 but am after doomweapon. do not put somethin to do with crystal clear lake please.

apr 22, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how do you becom a paladin

apr 22, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

To raise your lvl quickly,go to the pumpkin patch at amitvally(for only lvl 7 below)for 5 times you will gona lvl up.

apr 21, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

can someone give me a DA holder plzz!

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apr 20, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

i have three requests.... one: how do you get to have you baby dragon grow into an adult? two: do you need a dragon amulet to get a baby dragon,and if not so how do you? three:what's the best weapon in the game for a level 40 warrior with a DA

apr 18, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

Where do you get 5 unlucky doom essences for the 2nd upgrade for the doom weapon? I need to know. I will give you a chat thing for free with a lot of gold and exp.

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apr 14, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

Help me please!Nobody will ansewer me....I need to get the DeathKnight Armor.I have no clue of where to find it.......PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

apr 12, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

How do u beat the Traitor with the Anubis Knight one if any1 defeeted him pleeze tell me how im a lvl 15 rouge and im stuck on this part. I cant beat him he keeps on healing himself and it gets annoying. Any suggestions. Like use watever weapon and to that thing five times. Pleeze help. Its important!!! I want to be done with the sandsea already and get to the Necropolis event. But Im almost lvl 16. Exactly 3071 experience points left until 16. And just 1 more thing wat lvl do u have to be for a rouge in order to Final Strike. If so let a rouge answer these Q's ok. Ty for answerin. Peace!

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apr 08, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how do non-DA's get chicken-cow armour?

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apr 04, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

Ok hacking can make u go to jail if u want the dragon amulet just buy it because police can track u down.

apr 03, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

how cani get da

mar 30, 2008DragonFable [ PC ]   Submitted

How do you beat the mummified dragon in the sandsea quest for the Dynasty Tomb quest. Its so hard beating a lvl 15 dragon with 900 something helped. Any suggestions? I always lose help me plzzzz!!!!

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