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DragonFable Review :

dragonfable level 50 account with dragonamulet

by akdragonknight Jan 16, 2012

i am selling my old dragonfable acccount for $20 , level 50 and alot of weapons and trained dragon. there are scythes, swords, and more. it is a warrior type and has a fully trained necromancer, deathknight, and paladin. I have almost all mandatory armour trained and has all the moves. there is also dragoncoins and alot of gold. there are helmets, i remember the name mirrored dragon wings, level 20 ,a deathscythe as well and alot more. contact me at akdragonknight2@gmail.com , i will only accept paypal or if you go to ogplanet.com and make an account and send a gift to me of 400 astros which equals 20 dollars. contact me if interested if you need help about the game contact me at the same email.

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10Story line
its a vareity of storylines, like the dragon egg saga which i have completed and there is alot of other funn thingsfor you to do, i just simply have another addiction to gundam. i hope who ever buys this will be satisfied. and you can fight other played as well in the arena:) yeah so good luck......
the graphics are at a setting, th highest graphics makes th game slow but the lowest graphics makes the game really fast, if you have a fast copmuter it will be no problem and you will have a good experience. i spent alot of time on the game.
you can control the sound as well, you can turn off the music, sound effects or other sounds, and it is a very good idea.
it is an rpg style or role playing game, it is a good game and has multiple story lines to choose from so good luck
10Lasting Appeal
it is like an addictive game, there is always a goal to reach after you reach one goal, like you get a weapon you want and then theres another, theres always something to do
(Out of 10)


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