DragonFable Review

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DragonFable Review :

Dragonfable Review

by Weaponizer Jan 22, 2013

Dragonfable, A Medieval Themed Artix Entertainment Game, There Are Three Starter Classes in Dragonfable, Warrior, Mage, And Rogue, And A Few More Classes, Such As Ninja, Pirate, Death Knight, Paladin, etc.

The Weapon In This Game are well-designed (like all the other AE Games), There Are Also A Dragon Amulet Feature, The Dragon Amulet Allows you to access DA-Only Places, Premium Weapons, And Raise Your Own Dragon, The Dragon Amulet Costs $19.95.

Dragon Coins Are The Premium Currency Of Dragonfable, Most Of The Great Weapons Are Dragon Coins Only, In Other Words, It Cannot Be Bought With Standard Currency, In This game, Gold.

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8Story line
Well-Designed Storyline, Lots Of Quests, Different Enemies,A Few Humors, The Enemies Are Not To Hard, Which is good for Casual Gamers.
Good Graphics, The Options To Lower The Graphics For Better Performance Is Nice, Also, Great Job On The Details.
On Each Town, There Are Different Soundtracks, Each Soundtracks Matches The Town, Example : Gloomy Soundtrack For Ravenloss
VERY GOOD GAMEPLAY, Click And Play, Interactive NPCs, Lots Of Quests, And Lots Of Things To Buy, This game is Like Skyrim 2D.
9Lasting Appeal
Bug Fixed Daily, Daily Updates, Good Designs, Artix Entertainment Should Be Proud Of Themselves, They Made A Game Even An Adult Can Enjoy.
(Out of 10)


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