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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cheats :

This cheat for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [PC] has been posted at 16 Apr 2012 by Passerby and is called "Item ID codes". Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Passerby and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 6 other cheats for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Item ID codes

by Passerby Apr 16, 2012

Player Item Console Command

Player.additem ITEM “###”
Gives items depending on what Item Code is input. Type in the item name under “ITEM” and the amount of items you want under “###”.

Armor Hide

00013911 Hide Armor
00013910 Hide Boots
00013912 Hide Bracers
00013913 Hide Helmet
00013914 Hide Shield

Iron Armor

00013948 Banded Iron Armor
0001394B Banded Iron Shield
00012E49 Iron Armor
00013988 Iron Battleaxe
00012E4B Iron Boots
0001397E Iron Dagger
00012E46 Iron Gauntlets
0001359D Iron Greatsword
00012E4D Iron Helmet
00013982 Iron Mace
00012EB6 Iron Shield
00012EB7 Iron Sword
00013790 Iron War Axe
00013981 Iron Warhammer

Studded Armor

00013ED8 Studded Armor

Imperial Armor

000136D5 Imperial Armor
000136D6 Imperial Boots
000136D4 Imperial Bracers
00013EDC Imperial Helmet
000135BA Imperial Shield
000135B8 Imperial Sword


0001B3A3 Scaled Armor
0001B39F Scaled Boots
0001B3A0 Scaled Bracers
0001B3A1 Scaled Helmet
00013952 Steel Armor
0001398C Steel Battleaxe
00013951 Steel Cuffed Boots
00013986 Steel Dagger
00013987 Steel Greatsword
00013954 Steel Helmet
000 Steel Horned Helmet
000 Steel Imperial Gauntlets
00013988 Steel Mace
00013953 Steel Nordic Gauntlets
0001395C Steel Plate Armor
0001395B Steel Plate Boots
0001395D Steel Plate Gauntlets
0001395E Steel Plate Helmet
00013955 Steel Shield
000 Steel Shin Boots
00013989 Steel Sword
0001398B Steel War Axe
0001398C Steel Warhammer


0003619E Leather Armor
00013920 Leather Boots
00013921 Leather Bracers
00013922 Leather Helmet


0001394D Dwarven Armor
00013994 Dwarven Battleaxe
0001394C Dwarven Boots
00013995 Dwarven Bow
00013996 Dwarven Dagger
0001394E Dwarven Gauntlets
00013997 Dwarven Greatsword
0001394F Dwarven Helmet
00013998 Dwarven Mace
00013950 Dwarven Shield
00013999 Dwarven Sword
00013993 Dwarven War Axe
0001399A Dwarven Warhammer


000896A3 Elven Armor
0001399C Elven Battleaxe
0001391A Elven Boots
0001399E Elven Dagger
0001391C Elven Gauntlets
0001392A Elven Gilded Armor
0001399F Elven Greatsword
0001391D Elven Helmet
000139A0 Elven Mace
0001391E Elven Shield
000139A1 Elven Sword
0001399D Elven Bow
000139A2 Elven Warhammer


00013956 Orcish Boots
00013957 Orcish Armor
00013958 Orcish Gauntlets
00013959 Orcish Helmet
00013946 Orcish Shield


00013960 Ebony Boots
00013961 Ebony Curaiss
00013962 Ebony Gauntlets
00013963 Ebony Helmet
00013964 Ebony Shield
000139B1 Ebony Sword
000139AD Ebony Bow
000139B2 Ebony Warhammer
000139B0 Ebony Mace
000139AC Ebony Battleaxe
000139AB Ebony War Axe
000139AF Ebony Greatsword
000139AE Ebony Dagger


00013939 Glass Armor
000139A4 Glass Battleaxe
00013938 Glass Boots
000139A5 Glass Bow
000139A6 Glass Dagger
0001393A Glass Gauntlets
000139A7 Glass Greatsword
0001393B Glass Helmet
000139A8 Glass Mace
0001393C Glass Shield
000139A9 Glass Sword
000139A3 Glass War Axe
000139AA Glass Warhammer

Dragon Armor

00013965 Dragonplate Boots
00013966 Dragonplate Armor
00013967 Dragonplate Gauntlets
00013969 Dragonplate Helmet
00013968 Dragonplate Shield
0001393D Dragonscale Boots
0001393E Dragonscale Armor
0001393F Dragonscale Gauntlets
00013940 Dragonscale Helmet
00013941 Dragonscale Shield


0001396B Daedric Armor
000139B4 Daedric BattleAxe
0001396A Daedric Boots
000139B5 Daedric Bow
000139B6 Daedric Dagger
0001396C Daedric Gauntlets
000139B7 Daedric Greatsword
0001396D Daedric Helmet
000139B8 Daedric Mace
0001396E Daedric Shield
000139B9 Daedric Sword
000139B3 Daedric War Axe
000139BA Daedric Warhammer


000877F1 Gold Diamond Necklace
000877C9 Gold Diamond Ring
000877CA Gold Emerald Ring
00087835 Gold Jeweled Necklace
000877D5 Gold Necklace
0001CF2B Gold Ring
000877DC Gold Ruby Necklace
000877CB Gold Sapphire Ring
000403A9 Viola’s Gold Ring
000877A7 Silver Amethyst Ring
00087833 Silver Emerald Necklace
000877AB Silver Garnet Ring
00087834 Silver Jeweled Necklace
0009171B Silver Necklace
0003B97C Silver Ring
000877B1 Silver Ruby Ring
00087832 Silver Sapphire Necklace


0005ACE5 Steel Ingot
005ACE4 Iron Ingot
0005ACE3 Silver Ingot
0005AD93 Corundum Ingot
0005AD99 Orichalcum Ingot
0005AD9D Ebony Ingot
0005AD9E Gold Ingot
0005ADA0 Quicksilver Ingot
000DB8A2 Dwarven Metal Ingot
0005ADA1 Refined Malachite
0005AD9F Refined Moonstone


0003ADA3 Dragon Scales
0003ADA4 Dragon Bones


0003AD5B Daedra Heart


0005ACDB Corundum Ore
0005ACDC Ebony Ore
0005ACDD Orichalkum Ore
0005ACDE Gold Ore
0005ACDF Silver Ore
0005ACE0 Moonstone Ore
0005ACE1 Malachite Ore
0005ACE2 Quicksilver Ore


00063B47 Diamond
00063B43 Emerald
00063B42 Ruby
00063B44 Sapphire
00063B46 Amethyst
00063B45 Garnet

Leather And Hides

000DB5D2 Leather
000800E4 Leather Strips
0003AD8E Goat Hide
0003AD8F Cow Hide
0003AD90 Deer Hide
0003AD93 Horse Hide


000*0000A Lockpick
000*0000B Skeleton Key
000*0000F Gold
0002F2F4 Woodcutter’s Axe


00038341 FalmerArrow
00034182 DraugrArrow
000236DD TrapDart
00020F02 CWArrowShort
00020DDF CWArrow
000139C0 DaedricArrow
000139BF EbonyArrow
000139BE GlassArrow
000139BD ElvenArrow
000139BC DwarvenArrow
000139BB OrcishArrow
0001397F SteelArrow
0001397D IronArrow

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