Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind Review

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Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind Review :

A world of possibility

by Custard Jan 11, 2011

The most realistic and in-depth historical strategy game I've played to date, Europa Universalis III, has a new expansion. Divine Wind enhances nearly every aspect of the game; Visual styles, diplomacy, war mechanics, and provincial development -- just to name a few.

Whether it be exploring new lands, conquering old enemies, securing a monarchy, or just keeping the peasants happy; Europa Universalis III has been a leading outlet for strategists since its release! Due in large to Paradox Interactive's continued support for it's games it has managed to stay that way, as shown with it's latest official mod - Divine Wind.

As a well proclaimed game for it's ease of modding, it's expansions need to bring new content to the game. As opposed to what can already be created by the devout community. Divine Wind has delivered remarkably! Features such as the control over internal factions of historical countries. The Shogunate of Japan, and the Mandate of Heaven in China -- combined with the already extensive Papacy gameplay really increases the depth available with historical culture. The diplomacy has also been built upon, with more options than ever available. Peace negotiations, alliances, and trade are only a few of the sections improved with this mod.

When you play this game you can't help but notice the historic values in it. Not only that, but the care to detail in them. From the Latin words, to the original names and provinces of unreformed countries long before the political world looked like what it does today. It feels like a journey into the past.

It also looks like a look into the past, with the new visual effects added with Divine Wind. While the colossal structures and characters littering the scape for their functioning purposes limit the visual pleasure, the colorful and crisp map from a far view is splendid. It really helps bring the greatness of your administration into focus.

If you are a player of Europa Universalis III, this is a must have upgrade to your game. Perfect for the veteran who's looking for additional content. It requires the previous expansion, Heir to the Throne, to play it; but easily worthwhile to a fan of advanced historical strategy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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10Story line
There is a series of historical waypoints to start from, but the story is always yours to control. That in itself is commendable feature. Change the course of history at your whim!
For a political based game the visuals are never a main focus. As with most in it's class it leans more on basic functionality than optical splendor. Yet, Divine Wind's improvements on the map styles really stands out.
The audio leaves some to be desired. Overall music could have done with some extra touches, such as themed music for playing as different cultures. Background effects were also rather poor; with terrible battle noises and selection sounds that you'd rather not hear over the long course of playing.
The advanced gameplay of Divine Wind has it's ups and downs. Most notably is how it will take longer to master and be confusing to begin with, yet there is more reward for the seasoned player.
9Lasting Appeal
The vast array of possible ways to play this game are attractive and incessant. Only limited by the boundaries of the real world, and the year 1820. There has also been a large amount of unlockable achievements added with Divine Wind, to keep the veteran players playing.
(Out of 10)


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