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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats :

This page contains Fable: The Lost Chapters cheats list for PC version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 5 glitches, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fable: The Lost Chapters on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to Kill The Dragon

by Fourteen1 Jun 21, 2007

Archer Version
Ideal Requirements: Multi-Arrow L3+|Physical Shield L3+|Master Long/Crossbow/Arcers Crossbow (Darkwood Lake, 15 keys)|Skill L5+|Sword(220 Atk+)|
When you go into Archon's Folly you will see the dragon land in front of you. (BTW Avo's Tear is the easiest good weapon to get, so don't worry!) Run up a podium, cast Mulit-Arrow and hit it as hard as possible. Wait until it lands, then repeat. While its flying around minions will appear and you will need to get rid of them. Summoners will apear around the outside in the later rounds so if they do make sure to kill them because they are annoying. The dragon will rain down fire on you while it's flying and also shoot fireballs, so cast Physical Sheild and try to dodge all that fire. Repeat the arrows, and you will be fine! Just keep repeating this process until it dies. After you kill the dragon you will have a choice to wear Jack's Mask or to destroy it.After he dies, THROW AWAY THE MASK! It is useless, it dosen't make you THAT much more evil, plus you will be unable to wear any headgear! By the way, if you want to carry on with the game don't skip the credits.

If requested, I will do the sword version.

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Secret - How to get bright,dark,and normal plate easily (you have to be able to steal)

by masterash56789 Jul 28, 2009

Its not really a seceret its a hint when you get to the arena steal stuff or plate if there is no plate on display steal items and sell them back to the shop.

INPORTANT:you can only do this if you can steal

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Glitch - Money Glitch

by fingyer Apr 27, 2009


There is a glitch in the game to get as much money as you desire, the best place to do it is in Oakvale (adult). When you have enough money to buy all of the emeralds in the general store, buy them and sell them back. You will have more money. Repeat as required. Hope it helps.

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Secret - Darkwood Bordello

by Fourteen1 Jun 21, 2007

After you have got quite far into the game, the Darkwood Bordello will open. To get to it, go through Barrow Fields to Darkwood lake, then go throught the side exit within. Once in, have a look around and stuff. Now, to get into the demon door, you need to have sex about 15 times because that's what it worked with for me. I used Amelia (She could be called something else, I don't know - she costs 100 gold) but previously I used Polly, and that took much longer. Just keep doing it until the demon door thinks you are worthy, and go in and claim your Pimp Hat.
Right, on with the mini-quest. Talk to the woman, then the man. They will talk about the Bordello Deeds. These are placed by the statue located at the entrance to the Bordello, by the big tree. Use a spade to dig these up, and show them to the lady. Now, I have never actually kept it as a brothel, so please can someone tell me what happens! If you convert it, then it will no longer house prostitutes. Pity. And that's it, basically! Oh, and get some alcohol and give it to one of the prozzys, it is quite funny!

Good Luck (Not that you will need it!)

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Hints - Easy Money

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2005

Due to the simplicity of the in-game economics, anybody with a decent Guile score (around 3 or so) and a half an ounce of patience will be able to buy anything in half an hour.
The easiest target for this cheat is the guy in Bowerstone South right next to the entrance. Buy out all of his potions (health, will and resurection philes). The more of these items you have, the faster you make money. About 25 of each (except res. philes, you can only have 9 of them) is the best to start with. Since the price of each item is based on how many the vendor has in stock, when he has none, he'll pay a fortune and when he has a lot, he'll sell them cheap. You don't even have to stop talking to him. Just make sure that when you sell, you hit the sell all button because selling in chunks drops his buying price. Once you've sold them all, buy them back all at once at his reduced price and repeat the process.

I discovered this cheat with a little over 9,000 gold earned the hard way, and in 10 minutes I had 100,000 gold. I then visited every shop I could find, bought the store out of their potions (wound up with about 230 health and will) and in another 10 minutes of exploitation, I had 700,000 gold. If you can get a bunch of wedding rings, you can speed up your profit level even faster with that same shmoe in bowerstone south.

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Code - Sleep For Free

by garfield Jul 26, 2011

To save yourself the money it costs to sleep at an inn, tavern, or at your house, and to avoid running around to find one of those establishments, you can sleep elsewhere. Try to find a house with a bed fairly close to the entrance. Get into the bed and go to sleep. Wait for the screen to begin fading, and then quickly run out of the house before the fade starts to come back in. If done properly, you will not be fined money for sleeping. This can be done an unlimited amount of times.

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Secret - Get Skorm's Bow Before Wasp Queen

by pokeguro Jul 26, 2011

Skorm's Bow is the strongest weapon in Fable. You can charge it infinitely, so you can kill many bosses in only a few hits with it. You can get it using this method before you even kill the Wasp Queen. In order to do this, you must do everything you can to be good. When you have 4 bars of goodness, go to the Chapel of Skorm with a mercenary. Wait until it is a quarter or so into night, and save. When it is midnight, you must sacrifice your mercenary (The sacrifice must occur AT MIDNIGHT, not the beginning of the sacrifice, so go slightly early). Skip all of the cutscenes. The person you spoke to should say something about how you will receive the evil you so desire, and you will get Skorm's Bow.

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Secret - Duplicate Sword Of Aeons

by kjgg Jul 26, 2011

When given the choice to keep the Sword of Aeons you have the choice of throwing it away (this first choice denies you the weapon permanently) and remaining good or stabbing your only sister to death (this second choice is considered evil in most cultures) and keep the sword as a memento of your adventuring career. Instead, you can duplicate the Sword of Aeons (a third choice perferred by game rapists) by doing the following:

Save your game at the Heroes' Guild before fighting Jack of Blades. Go ahead and defeat Jack of Blades afterwards and when you win, don't make a choice about the Sword of Aeons. Instead, do a "hero save" then opt to reload your "world save". You will discover to your sick delight that the Sword of Aeons is in your inventory but you'll be right in front of Jack of Blades. Go and whack him again and you'll gain another Sword of Aeons.

If you're greedy and want some money, do the "hero save" again and reload the "world save" as many times as you desire. When you finally tire of this exploitation, you can make a choice about the Sword of Aeons. Should you decide to remain good, sacrifice one of the Swords of Aeons and keep the rest.

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Secret - Real Estate Exploitation

by redsoxrule Jul 26, 2011

Buy a home and insure it is the type that holds the wooden frames on the walls where you can place trophies. Next, mount two trophies on those frames. (The better the trophy, the faster you will become rich.). Once you've mounted your trophies, go back outside to the sign, and sell your house.

By placing trophies in the house, the sale value is greater than the house's construction cost, thus the profit. But the trophies are still in the house. Simply break down the doorway (hence the reason for choosing the design with the wood doors) and simply grab the trophies to devalue the house. Buy the house afterwards and re-install the trophies. As long as your character does not leave town, the broken down door remains and you may repeat this process and profit from the buy/sell difference to gain money.

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Unlockable - Champion's Rod

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2009

This quite simple and probably already widely known but you can easily win the Fishing competition by going to oakvale and fishing in the ocean My biggest fish was 225 grams and easily won the largest fish as well as second and third prize He gives you the fisherman's hat as well as the Champion's rod have fun Fishin'

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Secret - Infinite Undead Slaying on Cliffside Path

by Unregistered Aug 21, 2008

After you've completed the 'Saving Scarlet Robe' quest, you can walk back to Cliffside Path, where there will be a total of TWO Undead. Despite the fact there is only two of them, they will respawn infinitely upon death (or so it seems at least), and the second wave will be targetable almost immediatelly after the first ones have died.
I had Enflame 4 and just kept spamming it, got bored at 155 CM, but had enough exp to max out the character anyways.

Watch it! It's NOT Clifftop Path that takes you to Twinblade's Camp from Oakvale, but the other one, between Lichfield Graveyard and the prison!

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Secret - Beat the dragon melee style!

by mp3vampire Jun 20, 2008

you will need the following: L3 of multi strike, berserk, and slow time. when you begun the battle, cast slow time, then berserk, then multi-strike, hit him with the sword of aeons or avo's tear.
when he lands again, repeat this process and you will defeat him with greatest ease, i beat him in under 2 minutes with that technique.
p.s. do not worry about the minions and summoners, just focus on the dragon
happy slashing!

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Secret - Easy will exp.

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2008

first you will need the following items and spells: summonL3, berserkL3(optional), physical shieldL3 and a heavy weapon like the bereaver or the solus greatsword. first, go to archon's shrine, cast physical shield and then berserk(again, optional)you might want to use a will potion after berserk. kill all of the balverines if there are any, then kill the wraiths. you CM should be at about 30-35. cast summon rapidly and drink will potions when needed. do this repeatedly and you will have a bunch of will exp. at your disposal.
happy slashing!

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Glitch - No trespass fee

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

when you go into some one house and sleep i some ones bed when the screen starts going black run out the door and you dont get a fee

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Secret - Evil & good

by Luxray Apr 07, 2008

if your eviil flies buzz around your head and you get horns ( i completed it ) and if your good you get a halo!

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Secret - Easy Way To Kill bosses

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

level up berserk as much as u can and get a good sword then get some will potions then go fight the boss and use berserk and u cant die in berserk then just keep hitting them

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Glitch - Own lots of shops and houses without getting bad points and no killing

by Unregistered Jun 14, 2007

Once your hero has a lot of renown maybe famous or very famous. Go to a town like Bowerstowe or oakvale or any town near a demon door or the mayors house. Go into a shop and give the shopkeeper or home onwer the "follow" command and let them follow you through a demon door or inside the mayor's house in Bowerstowe and then give them a few presents and then give them the "wait" command and then just leave them there. Go directly to their shop or house and you will see a for sale sign in front of their shop or house. If you have enough cash then you can buy it and rent it out to the same shopkeeper or home owners because in a day or two the shopkeeper and the home owners come back and will rent the shop from you. Only thing is you can't fix it up to look nicer and I could'nt get the pub or bar but it works on shops and houses with no bad points.

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Glitch - Unlitmated exp

by Unregistered Jun 01, 2007

when you are at the arena get to the round when you have to fish the rock trolls then save when saving in a quest it doesnt save your quest progress but does save your exp and items anyway after saving load ti adn you will be outside the arena with about 50k-80k exp
(in all including general) then you can upgrade what ever you want then go back to arena.

ps.you can repeart this as many times as you want untill you have everything full.
pps. doing this makeing the game much easyer but takes away a bit of fun
ppps. however you can then have fun wiping out villages with just ligtning.
pppps. hope this helps

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Hints - Easy Money

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2006

Note: This will require pen/pencil and paper. In Bowerstone there is a Tavern with a man sitting at a table that you should be able to play a game of cards with. The game should be much like the card game "memory". You have to flip two cards and match them. Match all cards and you win. Play the game and bet as much as needed (1000g max). After you flip the first two cards, hit the esc button and write down on a piece of paper what the two cards were, then select "no" when it asks you to quit. Repeat the process with the next two cards. It is a fool proof way to beat the card game and it can even be done in less than 20 seconds.

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Glitch - Unlimited gold

by Unregistered Aug 18, 2008

to get the idea buy all the apples from the merc in guild hall...not the bartender.notice the apples are green on the price.sell them all back.notice a profit?keep doing this and notice the price was green again.later in the game you can use this principle with jewels only and make gold as much as you want.my character has over 2 milliongold.

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Cheats - Skills

by chooser_of_fate Jun 30, 2006

if you go to the Heroes Guild, kill all the shopkeepers, guards and apprentices for skills. if you shoot tourists with arrows (from a distance) your skill goes up. if you puch or attack with your sword melee goes up same with will. Teleport and stay away for a while once your finished killing. (this will raise evil though) After the fine disappears go back and repeat if your not happy.

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Cheats - Pimp Hat

by Unregistered Jun 22, 2006

To get the Pimp Hat go to the Darkwood Bordello and then find the deeds by the old oak tree (at the Bordello)(use the Spade.) Now you can "Pleasure Yourself" for free. Do this and then go behind the Bordello to find a Demon Door it should now open for you and inside is the Pimp Hat. (Although it isn't all that useful... it sort of relates to the use of the Fishing Hat)

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Hints - Unlimited XP

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2005

When fighting maze in Hook Coast, Go to the hook coast bell. There will spawn a screamer. As you kill it, a new one wil spawn. This process can be repeated as often as you want, and can get you up to 999.999.999 XP. If you do it correctly, you will get a combat multiplier of over 40, so a ages of will, might or skill potion will get you about 300000 XP.

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by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

My Fable cheats, glitches and the best equipment in the game.
Unlimited money and lots of skill points:
Have at least 10 potions combined (will & health) then go to the Bowerstone South shop keeper at the gate to look-out point. Buy all of his potions (will & health) then sell all of yours to him both in bulk. Then keep buying and selling your potions to him about 15 times (last time finish on buying) then return to game and your money will be up and you will of gained some skill points 400+.
P.S Your skill points that you get will be higher the more guile you have.
P.P.S I carry 1,000,000 gold everywhere with me and buy everything I can from all shops and traders.
P.P.P.S Make sure you don’t do this cheat from expensive shop owners other wise you will lose money (I only do it on the guy in Bowerstone South.

Unlimited silver keys:
When your up to “save the archaeologist” quest you can find a silver key in the pond across from the demon door in Witchwood Stones fish it up then do a hero save then load that hero save you will be at the beginning of the quest at the hero’s guild look in your items you will have a silver key then do the quest again fish in the pond, another silver key will be there Hero save then load the quest do this over and over to get unlimited silver keys.
P.S I did it 18 times and now it won’t let me load the game so do it about 10 times to be safe and your game will keep on working.

Best equipment in the game:
Best swords in the game: Solus Great Sword and the Sword of Aeons.
Best bow in the game: Bow of Skorm.
Best armour in the game: Depends if your goog of evil if good Bright Plate Armour and if your bad Dark Plate Armour.
Where to get these:
Swords: Solus Great Sword = Bowerstone North shop go strait from the entrance.
Sword of Aeons = Defeat Jack of Blades
Bow: Go to the “Temple of Skorm” and sacrifice 2 followers (body guards, villages, traders etc) at exactly midnight and you will get the “Bow of Skorm”.
Armour: Bright/Dark Plate Armour = wandering traders or in the Arena shop.

This is all if you have any trouble on these just google Fable The Lost Chapters……
Thank you for Reading!
If you read all of this you must be a computer/PS2/X-Box NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really but most probably!

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Hints - 2 demon doors

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

ok i know how to get 2 demon doors open!the first one is the one by the guild.go to the will training island
and go to the demon door it says illuminate your path
just shine your lamp in front of it! the next one is th
one in rose cottage.give it a rose!

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