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Fallout Cheats :

This page contains Fallout cheats list for PC version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fallout on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Credit comments

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Create a shortcut to the game on the Windows 95/98 desktop. Then, use the Settings/Control Panel/Display/Effects options to turn on "Large icons". Then, the desktop icon for the game will turn into a new graphic.

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Cheats - Credit comments

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Your character can hold infinitely more than his maximum
carry weight by trading with someone. The game doesn't check to
see if you can carry what you are buying. For example, a character
can have the minigun, the flame thrower, rocket launcher, plasma
rifle, .233 pistol, as well as lots of heavy ammo. If you have
a problem where you need to pick something up from the game world,
you can give everything except your money and other light things
to Ian, then pick up the item. You can get all your items back,
thanks to both the "Barter" and "Weight" glitches.
Unfortunately the NPC fails to realize that the items are yours
and that you just gave them to him to hold.
Strategy: by Cole Simmons
Strategy: by Igor Lowicki

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Cheats - Credit comments

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Bring an NPC through the mutant vats from the watershed mutant in Necropolis. Load him up with your weapons, armor, stimpacks (save 5-10 in your inventory), and ammo, but do not bring everything. When Harry takes you to the vats and the torture begins, use the stimpacks in inventory to heal in between the torture sessions. Take your items back from the NPC after returning to your room.

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Secret - Where to Get Followers

by 5-Year-Old Jul 26, 2010


Go to Shady Sands. In the house just to the east of the entrance, go in the bottom door. Talk to the man named Ian. Ask him to help out for 100 caps or a piece of the action. (whatever that is...)


Go to Junktown. In a house next to Gizmo's Casino, you will see a dog blocking a door to a man's house. He asks you to help him out. Give the dog an iguana on a stick and the dog will follow you.


Go to Junktown. In the Skum Pitt bar talk to a man named Tycho. Tell him you need his experience and he will join.


Go to Shady Sands after you kill the Radscorpions. If Tandi was kidnapped, go to the Raider's camp. If you rescue her she will join you.

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Unlockable - Fallout unlockables

by 5-Year-Old Jul 26, 2010

Below is a few things you can unlock in Fallout. There is many things to unlock in Fallout but this is just some. Enjoy and have fun.

Turbo Plasma RifleTo get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard (after you have got the missing parts from the dead body)and talk to smitty in the first house where you can see a man through a hole in the ceiling and he'll give you a turbo plasma rifle. You must have a plasma rifle before talking to Smitty.
Hardened Power ArmorTo get Hardened Power Armor, talk to the man in the white lab coat in front of the house and farm when you have power armor. He will ask you to go to the hub and get a book. Get the book and talk to him, he will give hardened power armor.
Development team commentsHold [Shift] during the credits.
NPC KatjaTo get the NPC Katja, go to the "Followers of the apocolypse" building. In the boneyard the person standing right inside the door with green hair (not Nicole though) is Katja. Talk to her about the city and then there will be an option "why don't you come with me." Click it and she will join you. She can use sub-machine guns and throwing knives.
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Secret - Fallout hints

by 5-Year-Old Jul 26, 2010

Acquiring Power Armor:

Go to the hub, then go to old town. The first building at the bottom of your screen has a gang in it. You have to fight them. Have enough stimpacks to last you and some good armor. After you have killed the gang got to the back room in that building and release the guy in there. He asks you to tell Talus He is ok. Talus is at the brotherhood of steel. He will give you a list of weapons and power armor. Tell him you want the power armor. Then you have to go and see Micheal. Micheal gives you the Power Armor.
Free Money:

If you want lots of cash (more than enough to last the whole game) go to the hub. Go downtown and into the Crimson Caravaners on the day that they leave (3rd of every month). Tell Keri you want a job. When she asks for the location that you wish to go to, tell her, "never mind, I just remembered something I have to do." Go back to the entrance of the Hub. You will see two men wearing red shirts. Point to both of them. If it says "you see: caravan leader" then talk to him. He will give you $600! Now, go back and talk to Keri, and repeat the process all over again. You will recieve $600 every time you talk to the caravan leader. It might take a while to get tons-o-cash, but it will be worth it.
More Free Money:

At game start give self at least 55% on "gambling" skill. Get yourself to the "Maltesee Falcon Casino" in "The Hub." You will get directions in "Shady Sands" where you will also find your "buddy for life" Ian, if you offer him "slice of the action" or "100 caps" When you get to roulette table hold down numbers "1" and "4" along top of keyboard..use paper weight if your fingers get tired!

You will win unlimited "caps" Repeat and repeat when ever need more cash(caps). Then go outside and chat to the drunk. Say you want "something special" for 800 caps he will introduce you to Vance..the Arms Dealer.. go spend your winnings on some real fire power and some combat armour. dont forget to buy a good gun and some ammo for Ian sell it to him for almost nothing and then tell him to "use his best weapon" or he will carry on with just his knife.
Acquiring Plasma Armor:

Go to the cathedral south of the bone yard when you enter its important that you steel a badge from the man in the middle. If you dont you wont make it past the door... 

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Easter Egg - South Park easter egg

by 5-Year-Old Jul 26, 2010

Go to the police station in the Hub. Find the officer named Kenny. Kill him. You will hear, "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!"

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