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FantAge Cheats :

This page contains FantAge cheats list for PC version. Now we have 29 cheats in our list, which includes 28 cheats codes, 1 password. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing FantAge on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

waNna be in the judges spot in top models without bein judge

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2012

Here is what you do:

1. Go to the creature arena, and then leave. (Optional, you do not really have to do this.)

2. Now go to downtown, and go all the way to top models.

3. Go in a fashion show.

4. When the host starts the show, click on your inventory and hit TAB until it is on the news button. Then hit enter.

5. Now click anywhere behind the red ropes, and you will be where the judge is!

P.S. I know that this works bc I tried it myself.


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GeT on water at cruize ship!

by Unregistered Dec 30, 2014

1. First go as far as you canto the right on the cruize ship.

2. You will see a body of water.

3. Start out in small screen and click a bunch of times,

4. Go to big screen and click a bunch of times.

5. Now go to small screen and click once

6. Whola! You are on water but once you get back on cruize you will have to start process all over again.

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hoW to fly outside your house

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2012

Okay first go to your house after just when you get there quickly click your inventory after that it will close inventory after if you don't see where you are go down and you will see that your flying and this glitch works only at houses okay so bye

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by Unregistered Sep 06, 2011

i just hope you like it and im berry238 on fantage!!!always in banana barracuda!!!!here it is!!!!how to get in window in cafe on fantage!!!

1. go to the creature arena and back out
2.go to cafe and press tab
3.go into inentory and press tab until yellow box is oer my enter go back in and exit again in the window
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HoW to get Premium Member Eyes on Fantage

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2015

1. Click the Spanish or Espanol

2. Go to the beach then go to the spa name "Bano de sol"

3. Click the top right shopping cart

4. Find the PM eye

5. Click tranforme

6. Buy it with Ecoins

Now you have it the eyes is free. Ok hope I help you out

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FrEe Ecoins!

by Unregistered Dec 30, 2014

This is really simple, first make an account on Fantage. Then you do all the quests, after that you can spend the Ecoins.

(Here comes the Ecoins!)

Leave your account for about 2-3 months without opening it! After the months then go to Le Shop on any server and Michelle should give you 2000 ecoins. (does not work in Stellar Salloon, Board Shop, Jester's Costumes, or any other shop)

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HoW to Be On the Stage As A Judge

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2014

It is really easy all you have to do is:

  1. Click the stage tons of times
  2. Zoom out as far as you can go
  3. Click the stage once
  4. Zoom back in
  5. You will be on the stage!

P.S.- You can use this to scare people, and this also works if you want to be standing outside the Star Cafe window stalking the people inside. :D

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hoW to wear anything you want in the underwater room

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2014

you put on an underwater costume then you go to the wardrobe and choose any clothes (make sure not to close the curtain or move or else it won't work ) two simple steps blammo it works

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GeT leveled up fast!

by jilly727 Mar 08, 2013

Sorry! This is for premium members only!

1. Go home

2. Host a party

3. Choose everyone in server and buddies

4. Get goody bags and winner stickers.

5. Go do something else for 2 minutes! ( will not work if longer, will work if less than 2 minutes)

6. Choose clown pinyata

7. Play for 1 minute or less.

8. Go home and do another pinyata ( keep doing them! stay for a few, leave for rest and come back at the end!)

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hoW to go out the cafe star window?

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2013
  1. Click on the window several times.
  2. Then zoom out as much as you can.
  3. When you are zoomed out click the window again several times.
  4. After zoom in 100% and click the window
  5. TA DA! you are outside the window
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by Unregistered Sep 24, 2012

1.first you have to go to fashion models inc.

2.create a fashion show pick a color and leave.

3.keep hosting fashion shows intell you get how much you want you get (90- 95)stars

it will probaly work but idk.

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EaSy Gem Earning

by Unregistered May 02, 2012

this is not a cheat but its really helpful if u want rares. ok, first go to hidden meadow, then do secret adventures the first portal.U hav to defeat all the monsters then go to the treasure chest that only opens if u kill all the monsters.u might get 3 green emeralds if u get lucky.only catch: u hav to do it in more than 40 seconds. Good luck! hoped i helped. btw my fantage character is Mia695, and i go on White Seal.If u find me, i might give u more helpful things to know.peace out!!!!! :)

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hoW to fly

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2011
Code:Effect: have to click your inventory have to click the tab button until it is over the word my in my inventory
3.then click enter the outside of the comet catolog then click inventory again
u have to put on a different pair of pants or a different shirt then exit click the sky then u will be flying
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jaMes_corey, money cheats

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011

1. this is a unlimited money cheat, CHEAT 1

STEP 1. click on your map and go to uptown, downtown or the castle.

STEP 2. then click on the new years thing and get all of the three things(party hat, glasses, and a crown)

STEP 3. now click on your map and go to the forest and then go to lucky bobs trading place located in the forest.

FINAL STEP. now click sell and then click associates and click the the thing u got and spin the wheel and u can land on 8, 23, 38, 75, or 150 stars and keep on doing the same thing over and over and get 10,000 stars like me. (I THINK IT MIGHT END TODAY SO HURRY UP)




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HoW To Get 10,000 stars instantly! (ONLY WORKS ONCE!)

by Unregistered Nov 08, 2012

1. go to any place in fantage

2. click mini quest in the top left corner

3. go on the first page or tab

4. watch all six videos to get 2 gems and 10,000 stars!!!!!

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by guilaabad77 Aug 19, 2011

my first cheat is how to fly anywhere first you go to where u want to fly then click ur inventory after that click creatures on there there will be a sign that says you can only use this item in the creatures arena exit it (the next part kinda takes a while so please be patient) now u click tab until u can not see the yellow box any more (this part is easiest in downtown) press enter if u did it right there should be a random persons i d fone that pops up. if there isnt start again from step one remember be patient! if it did pop up exit that persons i d phone then click on ur inventory your avatar shouldnt be there change ur clothes then exit somewhere in the sky u should be flying now. this works anywhere * ITS HARDER INSIDE SHOPS SO IF U WANT TO DO IT IN THERE YOU HAF TO HAVE ALOT OF TIME*

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10 Free Stickers

by fryfry_abc Nov 07, 2011
First go to the school
Then go inside
Then click on private classroom
The click on create a private classroom
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FaNtage Wizards Domain Cheat!!!!

by denise324 Aug 22, 2011

*if you click members stuff and u r non it will not work but this cheat can use for membz and nons*
1. go to wizards domain
2. click the item list
3. click what you want 5 times.... but if u r non dont click the members stuff
4. now click orb and put some gems
5. now the one item you clicked is appeared!
i dont know if this still working because that 2010 is still working :D
no bad comments please and have fun if this still works! ^^,

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HeLpful Gem Info

by Livloop Jul 20, 2011

Hi Fantagians! As you all know there are no " real " ways of knowing what kind of item you will get with gems! Although some people believe they no what gems you get with what they cant be to sure. The (6) gems are 1.Blue Sapphire 2. Very Rare Red Ruby 3. Ultra Rare Green Emerald 4. Ledgendary Diamond 5. Mythical Balck Diamond and the newest (came out as of last week) 6. Moonstone. Anyway, Im going to start writing down the combos of what I get for what. Im not really sure if its the same for everyone. But what I do know is if you put in 3 Blue Sapphires you get non-member items. Also for any Non-members you can use any kind of gem because it really wouldnt matter. Anyway I will post the combos in a month or so when I have more item(s).

Oh and Im on Fantage wayyy to much so if you see me please add me my username is Livloop :)

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LoTs of stars without being a member

by Silveryoshi1 Jul 19, 2011

Ok so Lucky Bob's trading shop is at The Grotto, all you need is one or more pets and your ready...

There is this pet reward machine close to the grotto. All you have to do is grab the item that has the kind of pet you have and sell it to Lucky Bob ,you come back every time you get the item. You need to be patient with the wheel (spin). In two hours or less you should have 5,000

If you nee more help find me in the indigo fox server

Hope this helps joshua4657

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hoW to fly anywhere

by james_corey Apr 14, 2011

ok first go to the creature area go inside it (not the shop). get out and go anywhere. then go to your inventory and press tab until the yellow box goes on the map then click enter and at first u will b invisible. go bak to your inventory and x out and move and there


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HoW to get on walls in fantage (also works in cafe window)

by Unregistered Mar 28, 2011

the few simple steps will guide you to go on the walls in fantage

STEP 1:first go to the creature arena then click the map go where ever you want to go on fantage even inside shops

STEP 2: next click your inventory then click tabs and use arrow keys to move a yellow box that should appear

STEP 3:then get the yellow box on any top letters in "my inventory" the click enter then exit whatever pops up

STEP 4:you will disappear but not really your character will be at the edge of the screen

STEP 5:finally click inventory then exit and CLICK ANYWHERE OFF THE GROUND AND FINISHED !!!!!!

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hoW to be a fantage star millionare

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2012

first log into to fantage and pick a server then go to the top left corner and you see mini quests if you do the quest you can get 250 stars and there is another thing on mini quest which you have to watch the movies and get thousands of coins and two gems hope this helps

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HoW to turn invisible!

by vulpixrockz Feb 06, 2012

do what is said in the same order or it wont work! have fun

1. go to hidden meddow

2. exit

3. got to lighthouse

4. go upstairs and look through telescope for 10 seconds

5.go to the secert plc in grotto exit and now ur invisible!

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HoW to be barefeet!

by redqueen54 May 09, 2011

Ok people, I'm going to tell you how to be bare feet on Fantage. First, you put on a dancing costume, it doesn't matter if you're female or male on the website. Now after you've put it on, put any thing o beside shoes. If you put on shoes it will ruin the process. Now,If you look, You'll be bare feet!!

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