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feb 08, 2010FantAge [ PC ]   Submitted

how do you go to the second floor in top modles without being a vip


Glitch - How To go to the Top Models inc. V.I.P. room:

To go to the V.I.P. room first you have to go down inside the top models inc. then click the V.I.P. room then click your home and there you have it you are now inside the V.I.P. room.



Code - Cheats:

my first cheat is how to fly anywhere first you go to where u want to fly then click ur inventory after that click creatures on there there will be a sign that says you can only use this item in the creatures arena exit it (the next part kinda takes a while so please be patient) now u click tab until u can not see the yellow box any more (this part is easiest in downtown) press enter if u did it right there should be a random persons i d fone that pops up. if there isnt start again from step one remember be patient! if it did pop up exit that persons i d phone then click on ur inventory your avatar shouldnt be there change ur clothes then exit somewhere in the sky u should be flying now. this works anywhere * ITS HARDER INSIDE SHOPS SO IF U WANT TO DO IT IN THERE YOU HAF TO HAVE ALOT OF TIME*