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FarmVille Cheats :

This page contains FarmVille cheats list for PC version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 glitch, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing FarmVille on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Extra Money

by Rhyss11 May 14, 2010

*You need low internet connection for this to work!*

To earn extra money from selling one thing is actually easy!
First make sure you have low internet

Second you need something to sell I'll use a hay bale for a example

now you click it and click sell then keep doing it over and over until the menu appears to confirm to sell it now click "Okay" now the item you sold will disappear but! the same menu will appear click "Okay" once again now you earn x2 amount of money e.g. hay bale sell price 6, do this trick twice now i get 12 coins just for selling it!

Special note: Do not say this on Facebook or They might fix it

Extra Special note: try to sell something really dare once your used to it at first try something cheap so you dont waste your money

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Unlockable - Rare animals

by pokesaur Oct 09, 2009

You may find rare animals here and there poping up on your home page accept thgem quickly and hope no one has already got them.also some one could give you a rare animal .
below are the animals and what you get from them.

black sheepblack wool
brown cowchocolate milk
ugly ducklingswan(transform)
swan(transform from ugly duckling)swan feathers
horse....(i havent harvested one yet)
baby elephantcircus penuts
duckdown feathers
rabbit(some kind of)wool
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Unlockable - GiftAuto will process all of your facebook game requests aut

by JanHolmes Dec 21, 2010

Have you discovered the horror of manually doing all of those Requests in Facebook? We sure have - so we decided to do something about it. GiftAuto will handle your Facebook game gift requests automatically!GiftAuto currently supports 58 Facebook games (Age Of Champions, Animal Party, Backyard Monsters, Baking Life, BRAAAINS, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Car Town, Castle Age, City of Wonder, CityVille, Country Life, Country Story,

Crime City, Cupcake Corner, Dream World, Fanglies, Fantasy Kingdoms, Farkle, Farkle 2, Farm Country, Farm Town, FarmVille, Fashion World, FishVille, FrontierVille, Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Happy Pets, Happy Slots!, Hotel City, Island Paradise, It Girl, Kingdoms of Camelot, Lucky Train, Mafia Wars, Market Street, Millionaire City, Monster World, My Town, Paradise Life, Pet Society, PetVille, Ranch Town, Ravenwood Fair, Restaurant City, Slot World, Superhero City, Texas HoldEm Poker, Tiki Resort, Treasure Isle, Social City, Sorority Life, Vampire Wars, Warstorm, YoVille, Zoo Paradise, Zoo World) and we fully plan to add support for the rest of them.

all requestsRun GiftAuto
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Secret - Tip 6

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Why Grow Trees and Animals

For starters, the trees in FarmVille contribute a lot like animals.
They can be harvested for coins and can be moved at any time. Once
you plant a tree, they will continue to produce fruits that can be
harvested and sold every 2-5 days.

All trees takes up 1 small square (there are 16 small squares in 1
crop square), so they can be planted very closely together. Again,
you will need to consider the coins earned per tree per hour, as
well as the original price of the tree (though this will be
negligible in the long run).

Now, another item you can purchase to give additional income are
animals. This is a great addition to planting crops and trees as
you now will have the option to raise animals (and make your farm
a lot more attractive!). Animals produce items which you can collect
and sell. Also, another great thing is that these animals do not
need to be fed and do not disappear after you 'harvest' them.

However, one setback with animals is that some animals take up a
lot more space than others. As a guide, horses and cows take up 4
small squares in total while other animals only take up 1 small
square. As a result, you can have 4 smaller animals in the same
space that 1 cow or horse would fill up.

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Secret - Extra money from chickens!

by Unregistered Feb 01, 2010

Ok first thing first you need you need a chicken coop full of chickens any kind. then you need more chickens they all have to be ready to harvest. ok wait until the chickens in the chicken coop are ready then the chickens that are outside of the coop are ready. ok harvest the chickens in the coop after that remove them all. then put the other chickens in the coop then the coop should be ready to harvest. this will increase your chance of finding an egg.

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Secret - Tip 1

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Expand slowly. Plan to get the most
out of your farm area in your game. You will need to plow the
optimum land and have enough coins left over to plant seeds in
them. Remember, it costs you 15 coins to plow one square of land,
and since you only start off with 200 coins, plan ahead and know
which seed you are going to use before plowing the land. If you
plow too much land at first, you will end up not having enough
money to plant any seeds.

So, being slow and steady is the main aim here. Every day, as you
make more and more coins and have gain more experience points, what
you should do is to first harvest all your crops, plow your
existing land and then plant seeds in them. Then, realizing how
much coins you have left, plan properly, plow new areas and plant
seeds in them. This is to make sure you don't have any empty plots
of land without any seeds planted in them.

After a few days, you will find yourself getting used to this and
your farm will always perform at its optimum, regardless of the
size of it.

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Secret - Tip 2

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Plan Your Crops. Timing of your
crops is essential. This is because every seed you plant will take
a fixed amount of time to be ready for harvest. Should you miss the
window to harvest, your crops will turn brown, wither and die. You
will not get any money or experience points when this happens.

Usually the time for you to harvest is two times the time it takes
to ripen, eg. for strawberries, it takes 4 hours to grow and ripen.
This means you have to log back in within 8 hours to harvest the
crops before it withers.

Therefore, plan for your crops so that you can avoid having your
crops wither and die, causing you a loss of coins as well as a
waste of time. If you know you will be away for a day, do not grow
a crop that will be ready in 12 hours. Try your best to be back to
your farm when your crops are ready to harvested.

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Secret - Tip 3

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

The most expensive crop isn't
necessarily the best. And in actual fact, it almost never is! For
you to get the optimum coins from your farm, you need to know the
crop which gives the best ratio of money per hour. But don't
forget, like in Free Tip #2, you need to know when you can get back
to the game to harvest the crops. With FarmVille Secrets Guide,
all these crops are worked out and to show you which gives the best
returns, in short time durations AND long time durations (so you'll
probably want to get a copy of it while you still can).

As you progress in the game, the higher the level you are, the
better crops you can plant. So regardless of your level in the
game, when you use this 'crop ratio of money-per-hour' guide, all
you need to do is to find the highest seed you can plant on the
list, grow that and rest assured, that will be your best

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Secret - Exclusive Gifting

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Being the thorough person that I am, I constantly
check out what people search on Google in regards to FarmVille, so
I can help address their problems in the FarmVille Secrets guide.
Well, guess what two of the top searches were...

"How can I get my girlfriend to quit playing Farmville" and

"Why can't I stop playing FarmVille"

Funny isn't it Over 70 million people are playing this game, and
the numbers are still increasing as we speak! Anyway, another top
search was players wondering how to send the Exclusive Gifts
available on FarmVille, so allow me to clear that right up now. You
can't send these gifts through Facebook, this can only be done via
the FarmVille website. But have no fear, it's really simple and
straightforward, so here's what you have to do, step by step:

Step 1: Open a new tab in your browser and go to
Click on the button which says 'Connect with Facebook' (its the
blue button next to the cow).

Step 2: Once it finishes loading, you'll see a row of options up
top. Click on the 'Gift' tab next to 'Play' and the gift page will
load. After that, scroll all the way down to see the Exclusive
Gifts that are now available to you to send to your friends.

Remember, you can only do this through because if you
try to do it via Facebook, they are marked as Exclusive FarmVille
Gifts and you will be unable to send them to your friends.
And that's it. Told you it was simple. :)

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Secret - Tip 4

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Have the Best of Both Worlds - Coins
and XP (who says you can't have your cake and eat it!) What all the
pros do is that they plant some seeds that ripens in 3 days or so
in a third of their farm, some seeds that ripens 2 days in another
third and finally the ones that take a day in the final section.
This way, when the first ones ripen (in a day), you can harvest
them and then plant more of the same.

The next day when the second stage crops ripen (in two days) you
can harvest both of them (one and two day crops) and then plant one
day crops. Then on the final day you harvest the entire farm
(two-thirds of one day crops and one-third of three day crops).
This leads to good balanced haul of XP and a good amount of money
from all the harvesting.

Also, many players find planting an entire farm of the same seed
can become tedious when getting to the harvest. Did you know you
can plow, plant and harvest without needing your avatar to move
around This finishes your task in record time!

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Secret - Tip 5

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Carefully Choose Your Crop. As
mentioned, no crop is the same. They vary and some of these crops
pay more coins than others, while others give more experience
points and some would take longer to grow. This leads to a very
interesting combination depending on what you want from your farm.

Let's consider the things you would want from your farm.

If you want to level up quickly, you should look at the number of
experience points per hour. This will tell us which crop gives the
most XP every hour which will help you achieve higher levels a lot
quicker. To calculate experience points per hour, add up the
experience points from plowing the field and planting the crop and
then divide that by the time it takes for the crop to grow.

If you want to have more coins, then look at coins earned per hour
AFTER you minus the original cost from the sale cost. Only then
will you find out how much coins you have earned nett. This will
tell you which crop gives the most coins per hour which in turn
gives you more coins as compared to other crops.

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Secret - How to get TWO chicken coops on your farm

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

As you know, usually, people can only have one chicken coop per
farm. Well, I don't know much longer this will work, but I have
discovered how you can have TWO Chicken Coops on your farm all at
the same time! Isn't that just cool

Well, here's what you have to do so be sure to follow the steps
exactly and correctly:

1. Have to have enough coins to buy a new chicken coop and you
must have an unhatched egg in your Facebook News Feed.

2. Then, remove all of your chickens from your chicken coop and
place them in your farm.

3. Sell your chicken coop.

4. Next, open the FarmVille Marketplace and go to your Buildings
Tab. After you have sold your chicken coop, you will see that you
now can buy a new one. However, do not buy one yet. Just ensure
that this page showing the Marketplace is kept open.

5. Open another tab or window and then open your Facebook News Feed
and then click on the "Hatch this Egg" in one of your friend's
posts. After you hatch the egg, you will get a free chicken coop.
It will then show up in your Gift Box. When that happens, you can
close this tab or window.

6. Next, go back to the original page where you have the
Marketplace open and then buy the chicken coop. Place the chicken
coop on your farm and share the egg which you got from inside.

7. Then, refresh the page. After you do this, you will see your
second chicken coop in your gift box. Use this gift and place the
chicken coop in your farm. Lastly, don't forget to share the egg
you get inside of the chicken coop.

And that's it. Easy peasy. With 2 chicken coops you can now put up
to 40 chickens inside. Sweet, huh

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Secret - Faster, Plowing, Seeding and Harvesting

by Rhyss11 Jun 01, 2010

Tired of plowing? want it faster but don't have a tractor? try this secret for faster plowing/seeding/harvesting

What you need:
4 Fences
And your person

Step 1: Make a square you of the fences

Step 2: Make sure your character is INSIDE the square of fences

Step 3: make sure all the fences are connnecting and making a perfect square

Step 4: Now Harvest away! The fences are blocking you from moving so your character doesn't move! he/she stays where they are and harvest from about a mile away!

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