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Fate Cheats :

This page contains Fate cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 glitch, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fate on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

eaSy hack fate ( cheat engine 6 )

by BattleThank88 May 17, 2011

1.open the fate process

2.find the address

ex : your money is 900 , open CE and type 900 at value box, then click first scan, open again fate and spent 50 money. your money will decreased to 850. back to CE, type 850 at value box and click next scan.

3.after you got it, double click at address and the address will added to a box below.

4.click the address, change the value and press space to freeze the money ( can't decreased or increased )

you can use this trick to hack fate point, exp, etc

please thumb up

gamers mania

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ElIte and Legendary Gears(items)

by fireskull98 Aug 20, 2010

(press ctrl+shift+~to use this cheats)

Legendary Gear:
Legendary Amilia's Boots Of Walking (Boots Defense 87)
Legendary Ancestral Footsteps (Boots Defense 390)
Legendary Barrow Bite (Sword 68-256 Fast)
Legendary Blackhearted (Belt)
Legendary Blackspine (Bow 56-168 Fast)
Legendary Colossus Boots (Boots Defense 317)
Legendary Companion Of The Studious (Helmet "Magic" Defense 54)
Legendary Cunning Lance Of Mim (Spear 68-304 Normal)
Legendary Deathbite (Bow 112-260 Fast)
Legendary Dragonplate (Belt Defense 96)
Legendary Festy's Rope-A-Dope (Belt Defense 68)
Legendary Frostrind (Shield Defense 346)
Legendary Furious Knuckles (Gloves Defense 174)
Legendary Gleaming Rictus (Bow Damage 132-300 Normal)
Legendary Gul's Mitts (Gloves Defense 239)
Legendary Hiram's Grip (Gloves Defense 33)
Legendary Horu's Dexterous Fingers (Gloves Defense)
Legendary Hunter's Twin (Bow Damage 96-224 Normal)
Legendary Insidious Carbon (Helmet Defense 257)
Legendary Ironmight (Shield Defense 126)
Legendary King's Fisticuffs (Gloves Defense 307)
Legendary Mage's Bane (Shield Defense 448)
Legendary Minamoto's Shinobi Blade (Sword)
Legendary Mindtrap (Axe 40-72 Fast)
Legendary Moon Of Glory
Legendary Omega Zephyr (Spear 96-408 Normal)
Legendary Razorwing
Legendary Rasten's Vanguard
Legendary Ribsticker
Legendary Runic Cap (Helmet Defense 37)
Legendary Shadowmorning
Legendary Starfire Girdle (Belt Defense 34)
Legendary Terminal Calculation
Legendary The Gorer
Legendary Vicious Canticle (Hammer 240-344 Slow)
Legendary Vicious Interlock
Legendary Zen's Vengeance (Damage 38-76 Fast)
Legendary Zivian

Elite Gear:
Elite Argonath
Elite Bix (Helmet Defense 40)
Elite Blasted Garb (Body Armor Defense 240)
Elite Bloodgleam (Belt Defense 78)
Elite Bonegrasp (Gloves Defense 26)
Elite Brittlesleeves (Body Armor Defense 56)
Elite Burslem's Divine Equalizer (Bow 40-74 Damage Fast)
Elite Dreamdrinker (Bow 24-66 Fast)
Elite Fisherman's Friend
Elite Frostsheen
Elite Glastcleaver
Elite Gloryclad
Elite Heartshorn (Bow 46=120 Normal)
Elite Hidestripe (Body Armor Defense 49)
Elite King's Fisticuffs (Gloves Defense 148)
Elite Longshot (Helmet Defense 37)
Elite Lorel's Curse (Bow 34-100 Fast)
Elite Mage's Bane (Shield Defense 209)
Elite Rattlespur
Elite Terminal Calculation (Spear 56 - 224 Fast)
Elite Telengard's Girdle (Belt Defense 32)

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ulTimate cheat!

by cheatR893 Sep 26, 2008

you need to buy the game in order to use!

push and hold Ctrl+Shift+~ for a question mark to show up on the left side of the screen.

"?"type gold to give you 500'000 gp!
"?"type fame to give you more fame!
"?"type god to lvl up 10x!
"?"type [name of item] to get the item!Ex.(fate statue)
Hope It Works for you!

note:does not work for the DEMO!

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eaSy money

by crazycart64 Aug 25, 2008

go into cheat mode [ctrl,shift,~] and repeatedly spawn a legendary mage's bane [with identify stuff ]. sell them when they're identified

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EnHance Spells

by gaimfriik Aug 25, 2008

Do not start Fate to do this.

Right click on the Fate icon. Left click on Properties. Left click on Find Target... Open the Spells folder. Open the spells DAT file.

NOTE : before you change anything, make a note of all the values you intend to alter.

You can change values of spells to increase ( or decrease) their effectiveness. If you scroll through the spells list, you'll notice this: [SPELL], it marks the beginning of a spell, this: [/EFFECT],[/SPELL], marks the end of a spell.

These are what I have changed ..... so far. Range - increase for more coverage of spell

Cast Time - decrease - so you don't have to wait for a spell to be active
Mana - decrease - amount of mana a spell uses
Below Mana you'll see :~~~. Within the spell description are some numbers, these can be changed. A little further down you'll see :- , the values and description numbers should match. Example: : is the % chance of damaging enemies.
: is how long a spell lasts.
:-1 and :-10 is for the 1-10 damage.
:-0 is always 0.
:- is for the + max damage a spell does.
Some spells may have more values than others, so take your time to study the description and the values, so you'll know which one is for what.
One more thing ... : ) y'all like this one -- look for :MAGIC: set this number to 1, effectively allowing a level 1 character to use any and all spells !!! Yeehaa !!! Have fun everyone. : )

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