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Fate: Traitor Soul Cheats :

This page contains Fate: Traitor Soul cheats list for PC version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 1 unlockable, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fate: Traitor Soul on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Almost complete list of cheats

by ace8154 Jun 10, 2010

Hold Ctrl Shift ~

A Question mark should appear (?)

You usually cannot use cheat codes if you are on the hardest difficulty.

[Creature Name]Summons the given creature. creatures that are part of a quest usually cannot be summoned. Also, if you type in Cat, a useless cat will appear.
[Item Name]Summons the given item name. (Usefull for getting rare items. Usually, you cannot get items for a quest this way.)
Ascend "#"Ascends a "# " of levels. (remove quotes and replace # with a number of levels)
Descend "#"Descends a "#" of levels. (same deal as as Ascend, except you go deaper into the dungen)
DumpmapCreates a text description of the current map to a maze.text file, which can be found in the game's installation folder. (I'm not quite sure if this one works.)
ExperienceAdds 5000 experience to your character (It usually doesn't help much)
FameAdds 1000 fame points to your character (rarely helps much)
Fate StatueCreats a statue that, when activated, will either give you two(2) Gems,or it will call on a unique monster to defend the statue.
Fountain of healthCreates a fountain that will replenish your health (or if this it too much for you to type, you could just type Heal or Health Potion )
Fountain of manaCreates a fountian that will replenish your mana
Fountain of staminaCreates a fountian that will replenish your stamina
Fountain of wellnessCreates a fountian that will replenish both your health and your mana
GodGives you ten (10) experience levels and eight (8) to your pet. (once you reach a certian level, you must pay gold to gain a level)
GoldGives you 500,000 pieces of gold (really useful when you need to buy something expensive, or when you need to buy an experience level, but will need to type it in many times to get enough gold for a level)
Healrestores all of your health
ChestSummons a chest with nothing in it (I don't understand the purpose of this)
Large ChestSummons a large chest with nothing in it (I don't understand the purpose of this)
Small ChestSummons a small chest with nothing in it (I don't understand the purpose of this)
LevelupGives you one (1) experience level. (But it's much faster to just type in god a few times)
Magic AnvilCreates an anvil that will randomly imbue a positive or negative magical effect on an item (you can use this instead of an enchanter)
Shrine of learningCreates a shrine that will randomly give positive or negative effects to your character's stats
Storage trunkSummons a storage trunk that cannot... 

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Code - The Camera Unlock

by ropemaker Apr 04, 2011

Okay, i know some of you dont know how to unlock the camera, yeah you heard it right, the camera ok heres how u do it.

Ctrl+Shift+UAutomatically activates ur camera. (to disable, do the same)
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Secret - Perfect combination of armor

by ropemaker Apr 04, 2011

Okay heres what i mean,

perfect combination of armor and character


u need to be an orc and wear this

orcus armor

orcus shield

orcus helm

orcus gloves

orcus boots

orc cleaver


elphame armor

elphame gloves

elphame boots

elphame shield

elphame helm

elphame sword


cyber plate

cyber boots

cyber helm

cyber gloves

cyber shield

cyber sword

and Human

Everything even the race items

i mean the items compatible for other races

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Secret - The Absolute Best Way To Get Gold

by nickchaos Jul 14, 2010

Okay as most of us know the best way is to summon legendary for cannibal a hundred times to get a lot of gold right? WRONG! there is a much faster way. First you must put in a cheat for immortality(in other words you cant be hurt)this cheat is ctrl+shift+~ then type in "god". After this you need something that will reflect damage to your enemy like thorn skin. If your not a wizard then i highly recommend you put on branston's bnawtee ring of bling and put 2 on you can do this by the same way you did with "god" only type in "branston's bnawtee ring of bling" EXACTLY like i have put down. now that you have reflective things and immortality you can not get hurt and still kill things. the reason why you need to put reflect on is because you will be battling monsters above level 1 billion(yes, i said billion) so do the same cheat you did for "god" and the ring only type in descend put in a space and put in this number 1000000000 you should be on the billionth floor now go fighting things when they drop gold it will be in the higher millions MORE than the Legendary Foe Cannibal!

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Unlockable - Unlock with the full list on how to level up

by nickchaos Jan 11, 2010

Ok to acually type this stuff in to get it you have to: hold down and this thing (~) (not the parenthesis) if you hlod all of that down then above the map a question mark () appears then you type in any of the followng: they ae not case sensitive even the items

level up a certain numberlevelup X (number in place of X)
gold500000 gold
levelup (no #)levels you up one time
famegives you 10000 fame
get any item you knowtype in any item you know instead of the other stuff Note: you can not get flawless items unless its a fish and you can not get a purple or teal item because the names are random but you can get artifacts still
examples of the most expensive items from greatest to leastLegendary Foe Cannibal, Legendary Ancestral Footsteps, and Legendary Mage's bane
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Password - Codes for this game! Full list!

by nickchaos Jan 11, 2010

Ok you hold down and ~ all at the same time and a pops up above the map then type in one of these not case sensitive words and there you go!

goldGives you 500000 gold
famegives you 10000 fame
levelup Xput a number in place of X and you will level up that much WARNING! do not go over 30000 when typing it you will lose contact with the game and feeze ur computer up
leveluplevels you up one time
name of itemtype a name of any item you know and you will get it only works for regular elite legendary and artifacts or flawless fish
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Password - Fate Password cheat

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2009

To access type in screen just Press ctrl+shift+~ and then youll be able to type in any password by the question mark then press enter.

Goldadds 500,000 gold
Type In a item namegives you any item,person,statue
Experiencelevels up
Fame+1000 Fame
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Code - Console Codes

by cGub Nov 17, 2009

Press Ctrl+Shift+~ And enter the Following

GoldAdds 500000 Gold
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