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Free Realms Cheats :

This page contains Free Realms cheats list for PC version. Now we have 11 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Free Realms on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Free Free Realm Items

by cGub May 21, 2009

Once you're logged into the Free Realms website, you can enter the following codes in the "Redeem-a-Code" section of the website OR in-game to unlock these free items for the game to claim these items. NOTE: LIMIT ONE USE PER ACCOUNT! If you have multiple characters (which is available with membership), you'll have to decide which character gets to claim the item. Once claimed, you cannot reuse these codes for that account. All items obtained through these codes cannot be traded to other players & SOME items cannot be sold a all!

6TNBTGHCharcoal Bermuda Shorts (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
FACEBOOKFANS06Checker Charged Helmet (Lv 1 Kart Driver Item)
N4PF9R3Crystal Hammer (Lv 1 Brawler Weapon)
JFRE87JDoggy Bowling T-Shirt (Pet Clothing)
FACEBOOKFANS05Dynamite (Lv 1 Miner Tool)
FACEBOOKFANS02Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use)
FACEBOOKFANS03Goat Cheese (turn into a goat, single use)
ROSESFORMOMMother's Day Bouquet (Lv 1 "Free Job" Item, Expires May 17, 2009)
ROBGOBLINBOOTYRobgoblin T-Shirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
FACEBOOKFANS04Shadowblade (Lv 1 Ninja Weapon)
CMNJGGESpider Snack (turn into shaggy spider, single use)
KN78CH2Striped Shoes (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
MPT38B3Twilight Layered Skirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing, FEMALE'S ONLY!)
FACEBOOKFANS01Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal man-eating plant, single use)
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Code - Codes

by maliamei Jul 21, 2011

It's codes!

CAMOCAMOyou get camo sun glasses
BARK BARKyou turn into a large floppy eared dog
FACEBOOKFANS01you turn into a man eating plant
FROGGYyou turn into a frog
FACEBOOKFANS03you turn into a goat
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Code - CODES!

by Unregistered Jul 26, 2011

#1 code is snowdays - get a snowman!

#2 getspooky- robgblin costume! theres more to get al the rest of the rad codes

add me Zoey Radiantdales and trade me something cool.

then i'll tell the 23 more (the 23 are RARE codes)

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Code - Mixing jobs ( keep a secret dont tells refs )

by Unregistered Jun 28, 2011

Ok, mixing jobs is simple. As an example im going to be an Adventurer wanting to turn into a postman.1st go to the place where u change clothes, then I go to the postman and i scroll down to adventurer rlly fast and click the shorts on the postman rlly fast. You will be wearing everything the postman has except ull be on adventurer thats when u can change urs clothes but still keep some of the postman stuff.

For this to sound easier just look up on youtube mixing jobs.


good luck :)

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Glitch - Curiosity is the case

by thetoothsky Jul 11, 2011

I have heard a lot of people say that there is a glitch how to get station cash on free realm.. is there really a glitch about it?.. i really want station cash!!! Please comment.

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Code - Lexi Fastpants

by Unregistered Aug 25, 2011
CAMOCAMOcamo sunglasses
SMACKDOWNlevel 19 weapon
ICECREAMSURPRISEice cream surprise
PLANTPOWERi dont remember what this one is so just enter it
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Code - Cheat engine

by Unregistered Jun 14, 2011

i need to earn more coins and station cash so i decide to use free realms cheat engine and please i need to use it

cheat enginelots of coins and station cash
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Code - TOP CODES!!!

by pizzanaiad Jul 10, 2012

I want u gamers out there this gift i am known for my cheats now redeem all this big pile of (bleep).

6TNBTGHCharcoal Bermuda Shorts (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS06Checker Charged Helmet (Lv 1 Kart Driver Item).
N4PF9R3Crystal Hammer (Lv 1 Brawler Weapon).
JFRE87JDoggy Bowling T-Shirt (Pet Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS05Dynamite (Lv 1 Miner Tool).
FACEBOOKFANS02Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use).
FACEBOOKFANS03Goat Cheese (turn into a goat, single use).
ROSESFORMOMMother's Day Bouquet (Lv 1 "Free Job" Item, Expires May 17, 2009).
ROBGOBLINBOOTYRobgoblin T-Shirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS04Shadowblade (Lv 1 Ninja Weapon).
CMNJGGESpider Snack (turn into shaggy spider, single use).
KN78CH2Striped Shoes (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
MPT38B3Twilight Layered Skirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing, FEMALE'S ONLY!).
FACEBOOKFANS01Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal man-eating plant, single use).
PXNH6HBturns you into a wolf
T86766RChatdy Baseball Cap level 1 "Free Job" clothing
CP24C5NRace Away Jacket; level 1 Kart Racer clothing
XCZG923Baseball Cap; level 1 "Free Job" clothing
STRAWBERRIESStrawberry Surge Helmet.
FBREDSPARKLERRed Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
3G9MKT2Green Stripe T Shirt.
SUMMERSPARKLERPurple Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
GMBZZ24BFree TCG Booster. (Item arrives in trading card collection window).
SKELETALSkeletal Speed Helmet.
F7KPG5AChatdy Shirt
DXNMJH9Kitty Jeweled Collar
DRINKMILKBull-Horn Ninja Cowl
6FG8ZT7Crash Crunch Helmet
EMD73DKJagged Scythe
MMMDONUTHeavenly Donut
G3TACPCHWild Winger Shin Guards
K9KCECXM3EKTreeble Mask
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Secret - Whats the problem with this and ninja training

by rubert118 Jul 28, 2009

If your that miniquest ninja:speed burst or something its really hard harder than getting the bags.i'm still stuck on it but i know how to beat it but it just won't let me.see when u start off the time is 1:30 but when you get the speed bonus it goes down 2 times faster i'm not telling you not to get the bonuses youu have to get them anyway but heres the prob.when your not on the quest you see that your desktop is not lagging.but when you take the quest it automatically starts lagging.because freerealms has that effect wether your desktop is new or not but they have bot that slows you down don't (worry it won't effect your desktop only when your on the quest only on timed quest).ok when it says medium diff.they LIE the time goes way faster its like 3 sec faster than a stop watch the sec go down from 6 then take away from the real time so they just LIE.i always get stopped right in front of the last marker even with the soup that makes you go fast i'm still trying though. oh and use short cuts or ask a relative of friend(have to know in reallife) to do it for you recently my friend or cousin can't com over!

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Password - TCG Rocker Vest, Chatdy Backpack, Rocker Pants, Rocker Shoes, And Rocker Hat

by g baby Apr 18, 2011

You can enter this cheat in the chat log on the bottom of the screen.

/stylishChatdy Backpack Unlock
/pinkhatRocker Hat Unlock
/omglolblackRocker Pants Unlock
/lolilshoesRocker Shoes Unlock
/lolirockerRocker Vest Unlock
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Code - Lots of money and sc

by anthony25825 Dec 12, 2011

you get of SC

811052get you 200,000,000 sc
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