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Gaia Online Cheats :

This page contains Gaia Online cheats list for PC version. Now we have 18 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Gaia Online on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easy Gold

by Evaria Dec 18, 2009

Two words: Booty Grab.

Go to the Gaia Aquarium section of the forums. It's riddled with high trigger and high payout tanks. Grabbing only takes one minute, and finding a thread takes about 5 seconds.

You can usually get 1k to 3k per tank. After about 30 tanks, you should have 30k AT MINIMUM. And that's just in 35 minutes.

Put in enough effort and you could make millions in days

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Secret - Thousands of Gold in 3 days.

by ninja-shadow-battle May 14, 2009

You know how when you first register, you can't buy a trading pass for 3 days.
Step 1. Make several E-mail accounts. (write the emails with their passwords down so you don't forget)
Step 2. Make several Gaia accounts.
Step 3. Do Moiras quest once youve made the account individualy, don't forget the aquarium quest.
Step 4. Do the daily chance every day, also check your aquarium for special prizes.
Step 5. On the day you get the trading pass, trade everything over to YOUR ORIGINAL account. (Sell the starter stuff cuse its lame.)
Boom after at least 3 days you have maybe over 10k and hopefully a special item or more. You can wait for the trading pass for even longer so you trade more money(and possibly even items) and become a millionaire. Also keep those accounts open and continue step 4, and trade to your original every once in a while (you'll be happy you did).

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Easter Egg - If you are using auto fishing

by axlbryan22 Dec 18, 2008

If you are using auto fishing cheat don't use angelic rod too much or don't use auto fishing too much because the Admin are going to band your account permanently create another account that you don't care about then use the auto fisher and use the account that you don't use then if you catch a whole lot of fish trade it with the account that you like to become rich that way that account that you don't use will get banned instead of your precious rich account if you want to find out where the auto fishing can be found it is in this website

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Glitch - Gaia Rally Url Invis

by Server Sep 13, 2010

Iv Known THis Glitch For Along Time xD

-READ FIRST- THis Glitch Wil Only Make you Talk and Place Car its The Same Thing the Scriptors use, so Basicly youl be Heard in the Recent Chat Box-

In Rally Press Menu in The Bottom Right, Then Itl say Invite Friend press and Copy Link, Come back with That Url, once your Back in Rally in the Url in the LAST three Numbers Delete and Put 1333 enter and youl be invis, Hope it Works Most ppl Get it Wrong xD

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Code - Long lost and forgotten trick, /EMOTIONS in chat!!!

by misana Nov 08, 2011


My oldest friend told me when she started play Gaia Online from very first date of this games coming. She told me trick to use emotions fast, for fun or just trolling around.

There are few examples for start:

/lol = The first, happy emotion. :D

/kiss =Simple, perverts fav emotion. u3u

/wink =Wink, wink ;D

/huh = what the hell? o.O

/cry = yeah, cry baby your face wet! ;_;

/ninja = Nin, Nin.

These are some, but try figure out more. Im slow and slobby so you can find these all and use them for good. ;D

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Code - Gaia multibot tool April 14, 2012

by zero-san Apr 16, 2012

I've updated the login and added more features to this program that I made a while ago.

Gaia has been updating their logins more frequently because more people are downloading bots and using them on all of their mule accounts.
Because of this, I am no longer distributing my bots. Instead I am taking requests and whomever I want to donate the use of my bot to, I will.

Send me a message, please do not post any account information in this topic, I don't want to be blamed if you get hacked.
Send me your:
Items you would like -----> I am only granting up to 3 items and they cannot be on your wishlist. (gaia admins are notified if more than one item on your wishlist is obtained within an hour and they check for any botting or hacking)
Gold amount (limit of 5 mil)
When you want items and gold for

Upon your request, I will let you know when I will have your account updated.

Thank you everyone for reading. [:

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Secret - Zomg-How to get more gold, orbs, ect

by HeadlessMonkey101 Feb 15, 2010

*you need to be aleast be a 3.0 lvl
ok you know how in village green you don't get much stuff when your a 3.0 and over
well supress ur lvl down to atleast a 2.0, and then go to the bottom right hand coner(anywhere with monsters will work)
and kill a bunch of monsters and you will get a lot of gold, orbs, rings, ect

*List of things that monsters will drop
1.Gold(Most common)
2.Orbs(less common)

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Secret - Diffrent ways to get easy gold!

by Mysims1o1 Jan 06, 2012

Alright, the first way is to answer alot of scrolls. You get around 100 for answering them. Second, play booty grab. Third, make a fake email, and fake gaia account. Wait 3 days, then log on to the gaia account, add your real account and buy items you want on your fake account.

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Secret - Slots Trick

by GamingProdigy Aug 22, 2011

Ok, for all you people that have played Gaia's Slots should know that there are 5 different items to get: Token, Devil, Giftbox, Wing, and the rarest of them all, the Halo. On average, most people get one Halo about once every 250-400 spins. But there is an quicker way to get all three of the Halos in a spin.

Here's what you have to do:

Step 1.) Bet 1,2,or 3 Tokens and spin.

Step 2.) While it's spinning, look very carefully at which items that you see spinning and right when you see the Halo while it's spinning, try to click on it as fast as you possibly can because you HAVE to click it RIGHT when you see it.

If you miss it by a few milliseconds, then you'll probably end up with either a Wing, which is directly below the Halo, or a Token, which is directly above the Halo.

NOTE: This is not easy to do! It may take a few times to do it, but this is still a way to better your odds of getting a match of three. This tricks works BEST on Giftboxes, Wings, and Tokens!

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Secret - Frontier Skies Decisions

by Unregistered Aug 23, 2010

OK, so I was playing Frontier Skies, and figured out the good answer to most of the decisions. The questions aren't exact, but you'll figure it out.

Q- Your crew mate bring out a karaoke machine. Sing, or don't? A- Sing, you'll gain food.
Q- A man asks you for some loot for a magic trick. Give him some or don't? A- Don't you'll lose loot.
Q- A rope says do not pull. Pull or don't? A- Pull, you gain food.
Q- You suspect you crew mate is a zombie. Kill her or don't? A- Doesn't matter, dies anyway.
Q- A cow looks sick. Kill it or figure out what's wrong? A- Kill it, you'll gain food.
Q- You find a ship wreck/fort. Investigate or go on? A- Investigate, you'll either find nothing, or something.
Q- You find a path marked shortcut. Take it, or don't? A- Don't you'll lose food.
Q- A doctor offers you services. Accept or don't? A- Accept, a crew member will gain health.
Q- Take the route to the forest/sea, or to the desert/volcano? A- Forest/sea will take longer, but the desert has less game and the volcanoes are dangerous.
Q- There's an anthill you shouldn't &^%* with. $%^& with it or don't? A- Don't, a crew member will die.
Q- There's a fire on your ship. Throw meat on it, get someone else to deal with it, or urinate on it? A- Urinate on it, to put it out.
Q- You see flying seabirds. Admire them, go on your way, or kill them? A- Kill them, you'll get food.
Q- You see dead corpses. Bury them, or go on your way? A- Either one, if you bury them, you'll get luck, but lose time. If you don't, nothing will happen.
Q- You see a dead body. Bury it, rifle through it's pockets, or go on your way? A- If you bury it, the same will happen as the question above, if you rifle through the pockets, you'll gain something, but your crew's health will decrease, if you go on your way, nothing will happen.

These aren't all of them, but a few. I hope this helps! Some questions and stuff only have one choice, or depend on what you need. Example- You find a legendary bullet fruit. Harvest it for ammo or food? If I missed some, please post them. Thanks!!!

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Secret - Earn over 30K a day!

by NekoFox1454 Jun 21, 2010

Two Gaia Online users (not me) came up with a website called, which is a collection of tested high trigger aquarium tanks on Gaia Online. Finding glowing tanks is a lot faster and easier than visiting a forum full of high trigger tanks. Spending at least an hour of your time on there playing Booty Grab in the dolphin tanks is guaranteed to earn you at least 30K.
I also have a few tricks for maximizing the amount of gold you get from playing Booty Grab.
- Making the Fish Stay Still
This trick works best with dolphin tanks. At the bottom of a tank, there is a blue bar, which is probably the corner where two panes of glass meet. If you click on it while playing Booty Grab, the dolphins will stay in the spot they were in when you clicked it. This is especially helpful if the dolphins are in the same spot. Remember to click that bar(or glass) every five seconds to make sure the dolphins stay in the same spot. It is very difficult to get them in exactly one spot so that when they drop coins, you barely have to move.

-Power Ups and Power Downs
When you grab a power up while playing Booty Grab, occasionally there will be another one of the same kind. Unless that power up increases time, don't grab it until right before the time for the active power up runs out, unless the other one is about to float off the screen. If you accidentally grab a power down, the best thing to do is find an opposite power up. Grabbing a negative Also, if you grab a speed decreaser power down, grabbing a large overseer power up will allow you to grab the same amount of coins, since you don't need to move around as much. Grabbing a small overseer power down and grabbing a speed increaser power up work in a similar way. The positive gold multipliers will always increase the value of each collected coin, but grabbing multiple multiplier power ups will increase the value by much more. If there is no active positive gold multiplier, grabbing a negative one will not decrease the value of collected coins.

-Coin Values and High Trigger Fish
Regular gold coins are worth 1 gold. Green coins are worth 2, blue ones are worth 3, and red ones are the most valuable being worth 4 coins. The four high trigger fish are Aquarium Dolphins, Momos, Gwees, and Mini-Monsters. If you plan on stocking your tank with fish so Booty grab players can earn you some gold, these are the best fish to use, along with any fish that drops red coins, such as dolphins.

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Code - How to milk cows

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2011

when u see a cow click on it once wait until a notice pops out like this "you kneel and attempt to milk a cow" if the cow is recently milk try another one if successful you will see a notice like this "moers milked 1/10"

don't double click on the cow it will lay down :)

hope this help God bless

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Secret - The Trick to zOMG...

by NyghtAngelEnceSan Mar 05, 2010

Some people comment that reaching a 3.0 will get you a larger amount of gold. It is true... To an extent. To fully reach the potential gold limit, I've found that once you reach around a higher CL than 6.0, and returning to areas such as Zen Gardens, Bassken Lake, and The Old Aqueduct will give you more orbs and gold than training in your specified CL area.
Also, buying a ring off the market isn't such a bad idea. I was a low ranking 3.5 before a friend bought me a 10.0 ring, and it raised my CL, sure, but it also improved my agility and speed as well. Do not make the mistake of looking over non-popular rings such as Bump, Scaredy Cat, and Taunt. They've save my butt against land shark for Pete's sake. LAND SHARK!
Large groups of four or more are more likely to get gold than being a solo player and getting your butt kicked, hence why a few friends and I made up The N.A.G., A zOMG clan to help level up new comers.

That's all I got for now, My fingers are starting to hurt... >.

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Secret - Pinball Coins

by pyro777 Dec 08, 2008

You know the store-like place in the pinball game? Yeah. Too get coins for there, just explode Gambino mansion and rebuild it. Each explosion and rebuilding is worth 1 coin there.

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