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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats :

This page contains Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats list for PC version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 9 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

GrAnd Theft Auto San Andreas: How to unlock islands

by stormchaser206 Jul 28, 2011

This is about how to unlock the islands in GTA: SA, and This can really be done on all consoles. Also, Below is not the missions in that island, those are the missions needed to get that island.

BadlandsComplete Big Smoke, Sweet + Kindle, Ryder, Tagging up Turf, Cleaning the Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines and AK's, Drive By, Sweets Girl, Cesar Vialpando, OG Loc, Running Dog, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Just Business, Home Invasion, Catalyst, Robbing Uncle Sam, Life's a Beach, Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Management Issues, House Party, High Stakes Low Rider, Burning Desire, Gray Imports, Doberman, Los Sepulcros, Reuniting the Families, and The Green Sabre
San FierroComplete Badlands, First Date, Tanker Commander, Body Harvest, King in Exile, First Base, Local Liquor Store, Gone Courting, Against all odds, Made in Heaven, Small Town Bank, Wu Zi Mu, Farewell My Love, and Are you Going to San Fierro
The DesertComplete Wear Flowers in Your Hair, 555 WE TIP, Deconstruction, Air Raid, Supply Lines, New Model Army, Photo Oppurtunity, Jizzy, T-Bone Mendez, Mike Toreno, Outrider, Snail Trail, Ice Cold Killa, Pier 69, Toreno's Last Flight, Mountain Cloud Boys, Ran Fa Li, Lure, Amphibious Assault, The Da Nang Thang, Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, Zeroing In, Test Drive, Customs Fast Track, Puncture Wounds
Las VenturasComplete Monster, Highjack, Interdiction, Veardent Meadows, Learning to Fly, N.O.E, Stowaway, Black Project, and Green Goo
Final Island (Los Santos at the end of the game)Complete Fender Ketchup, Explosive Situation, Architectural Esionage, Key to Her Heart, Dam and Blast, Cop Wheels, Up, Up, and Away!, You've had Your Chips, Don Peyote, Intensive Care, The Meat Business, Misappropriation, Fish in a Barrel, Freefall, High Noon, Madd Dogg, Saint Mark's Bistro, Breaking the Bank at Caligula's, and A Home in the Hills
Game CompletionComplete Verticle Bird, Home Coming, Cut Throat Business, Beat Down on B Dup, Grove 4 Life, Riot, Los Desperados, and End of the Line
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GTA:SA Unlockable Cars

by SpookybutGroovy May 21, 2010

These cars are obtained through getting the girlfriends to 50% have fun unlocking the cars :)

Green HustlerDate Denise to 50%
BanditoDate Helena (Her car doesn't have any doors)
White RomeroDate Katie to 50%
Monster TruckDate Michelle to 50%
Police RangerDate Barbara to 50%
Pink ClubDate Millie to 50%
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GTA: SA Rewards for Snapshots, Oysters, Tags, and horseshoes

by stormchaser206 Dec 01, 2011

This is the Rewards for the following:

  • All 100 Tags (Los Santos)
  • All 50 Oysters (Any Place of Water)
  • All 50 Snapshots (San Fierro)
  • All 50 Horse Shoes (Las Venturas)


AK47, Tec-9, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktail In "The Johnson House"Spray All 100 Tags (Los Santos)
Get more Sex AppealFind All 50 Oysters (Anywhere in the Water of GTA SA)
Micro SMG, Grenades, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle next to your garage and DohertyTake a Picture of all 50 Snapshots (San Fierro)
M4, MP5, Combat Shotgun, and Satchel Charges outside of Four Dragons Casino, and LuckFind all 50 Horseshoes (Las Venturas)
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GeTting Hitman levels fast

by lordofsword Jun 16, 2011

Getting Hitman stats on your weapons will be very usefull later in the game, for instance your Pistol will be dual weilded, and will shoot 2 bullets instead of 1 in the same time!Now how you get these is quite simple, if you want them fast. After some missions you can begin taking over terrotories. Use one and the same weapon EVERYTIME you try to take over a terrotory such as a pistol. Just make sure you're standing on a rooftop or something to avoid being shot.If however you do get shot and die, just buy your weapon again and try again. This will get your weapon stats up pretty quick.Another way is the shooting range at the bigger Amunation, but that takes pretty long and it's boring... This way you even make some money in the process, allowing you to buy more of the weapon, or another weapon when you've reached hitman on the first...

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LiBerty city

by zachre Jun 16, 2011

1: go in the Gym and kill all the peolp inside2: Spawn JetPack and head to the Yellow Marker (East Beach)3: Enter and spawn the Jetpack and fly over to Liberty City (West VineWood)4: Out for Non Soild Street. and have fun exporing. (with a Jetpack)Note: Its only 40% of Portland. Not the Whole State Itself. beware and walk on Only Soild Street. use the jetpack To Fly Over non Soild Roads and Buildings.

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GTA:San Andreas Cheats

by SpookybutGroovy May 21, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
YLTEICZAggressive Drivers
LLQPFBNPink traffic
IOWDLACBlack traffic
ASBHGRBElvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWMLPeds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
AEZAKMINever Wanted
CIKGCGXBeach Party
MROEMZHGang Members Everywhere
MROEMZHGangs Control the Streets
BEKKNQVSlut Magnet
BGKGTJHTraffic is Cheap Cars
GUSNHDETraffic is Fast Cars
JHJOECWHuge Bunny Hop
JUMPJETSpawn Hydra
KGGGDKPSpawn Vortex Hovercraft
JCNRUADSmash n' Boom
COXEFGUAll Cars Have Nitro
BSXSGGCCars Float Away When Hit
XJVSNAJAlways Midnight
OFVIACOrange Sky 21:00
BAGUVIXLarge Health Boost
CVWKXAMInfinite Oxygen
AIYPWZQPHave Parachute
YECGAAHave Jetpack
LJSPQKSix Star Wanted Level
CFVFGMJFoggy Weather
YSOHNULFaster Clock
PPGWJHTFaster Gameplay
LIYOAAYSlower Gameplay
AJLOJYQYPeds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
BAGOWPGHave a bounty on your head
FOOOXFTEveryone is armed
CQZIJMBSpawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMHSpawn Rancher
PDNEJOHSpawn Racecar
VPJTQWVSpawn Racecar
AQTBCODXSpawn Romero
KRIJEBRSpawn Stretch
UBHYZHQSpawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEWSpawn Caddy
CPKTNWTBlow Up All Cars
XICWMDInvisible car
PGGOMOYPerfect Handling
ZEIIVGAll green lights
LXGIWYLWeapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
KJKSZPJWeapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMWWeapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAMHealth, Armor, $250k
OSRBLHHIncrease Wanted Level Two Stars
ASNAEBClear Wanted Level
AFZLLQLLSunny Weather
ICIKPYHVery Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZOOvercast Weather
AUIFRVQSRainy Weather
AEDUWNVNever Get Hungry
PRIEBJFunhouse Theme
MUNASEFAdrenaline Mode
WANRLTWInfinite Ammo, No Reload
OUIQDMWFull Weapon Aiming While Driving
THGLOJReduced Traffic
FVTMNBZTraffic is Country Vehicles
SJMAHPERecruit Anyone (9mm)
BMTPWHRCountry Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit
ZSOXFSQRecruit Anyone (Rockets)
OGXSDAGMax Respect
EHIBXQSMax Sex Appeal
VKYPQCFTaxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop
NCSGDAGHitman In All Weapon Stats
OHDUDESpawn Hunter
AMOMHRERSpawn Tanker Truck
EEGCYXTSpawn Dozer
URKQSRKSpawn Stunt Plane
AGBDLCIDSpawn Monster
CAINEMVHZCInfinite Health, except for explosions and falls
allcarsgoboomAll Cars Explode
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GTA:SA Unlockable Outfits

by SpookybutGroovy May 21, 2010

These are all the unlockable outfits on the game...have fun unlocking the outfits :)

Medic UniformDate Katie to 100%
Pimp SuitDate Denise to 100%
Overall's OutfitDate Helena to 100%
Racing OutfitDate Michelle to 100%
Police UniformDate Barbara to 100%
Valet UniformComplete the mission "555-WE-TIP"
Gimp SuitComplete the mission "The Key to her Heart"
Croupier UniformComplete the mission "Breaking the bank at Caligula's"
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats


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