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Guerrilla Bob Review :

Guerrilla Gaming

by Custard Apr 27, 2011

Guerrilla Bob is an amusing and fun little third-person shooter with character, but not without it's share of faults. It's not often a iPhone game is ported to the PC, and Guerrilla Bob is no exception to the reasons why. The gameplay mechanics are simple, completion is easy and short, and it has that overall feeling of being constrained far below the PC platform potential. As understandable as it is that iPhone users want games that are easy to play and with small download sizes, I feel that PC gamers are going to be looking for more substance. With that being said, for a below average PC game Guerrilla Bob is a lot of fun.

It doesn't really take itself seriously; with cheap humor and cheesy context galore. The plot is lame, only making any sort of appearance in the intro and at the very end. The rest of the 'story' mode is filled with a handful of stages where the sole purpose is fighting your way through hordes of obnoxious henchmen.

Creativity hasn't been wasted on the enemy designs, with your foes comprising of all the most stereotypical roughians you could imagine. They don't add a whole lot of variety to the mix when it comes to tactics either. Indeed, the only tactic that appears viable in Guerrilla Bob is run-and-gun (with the occasional pause in running if you are approached by a flamethrower or kamikaze enemy).

The weapons system doesn't really add anything either, your machine gun you start with is the best weapon in the game. Having unlimited ammo with no reloads means you can hold down your mouse button the entire time with no negative effects. After you upgrade it then it aquires the ability to overheat, though not quite quick enough to make it unspammable; The unnoticable damage upgrade hardly makes the upgrade worth getting.

You can also get a rocket launcher and a flamethrower as pickups as you travel through the stages, but the long reload time on the rocket launcher and the short range on the flamer render them near redundant. It is possible to feel clever by switching them around and using the flamer to kill enemies over barricades or shooting emplaced turrents with rockets, but the thrill of doing such is quite dampened by the fact you get the same results if you just run through blazing with your machine gun.

There is fun to be had in the repetitive slaughter, with your main task being to continually strafe around avoiding enemy fire while directing a stream of bullets back at them. The developers even seem to have realized at some point how linear and monotonous the gameplay was, and included some variety. At one point you have to run for your life from a bulldozer while dodging obstacles, another stage was set with the player rafting along a river shooting enemies on the bank. I can't help but think how more of this kind of thing would have really boosted the already amusing playability. Though for those who like a 'no-thinker', it's really pretty enjoyable as it is.

There are two more modes you can choose to play alone; one being 'Survival', where you fight against wave after wave of enemies, second being 'Mercenary Mode' which appears to be the same as the normal story mode except you earn money for kills and can buy new weapons inbetween stages. The weapons retain their redundancy with a lack of alternative tactics, and you can't go use them in Survival. Survival has some replay value, where you can fight to set high scores, but it still carries over the simplistic gameplay. The skill required is akin to Astroids, or Alien Invaders.

The game also has a Multiplayer mode, but it is hardly worth a mention as it carries all the faults of the single player and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to play with you.

All-up I quite enjoyed this short game, but it almost felt incomplete - as though it had a lot of unused potential. I can't say it made me a fan of iPhone games on PC, but it was still worth something.

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2Story line
What passes as a story in Guerrilla Bob would almost be better off not being there. It is in no way clever or even very effecting to the game. I can't say I remembered what I was fighting for as I pushed my way through the short stages that made up this mode of the game.
The graphics were quite functional, and the cartooney look went well with the humorous spirit of the game. Yet I could kind of tell it belonged on an iPhone, hardly up to what I'd class as a modern PC gaming standard.
The music was one of the best parts of the game and really helped the character stand out. Funny little tunes that went great with a large helping of absentminded massacre. As for other audio it wasn't quite so impressive, some of the enemy sound-effects were remarkably retarded.
Though about as linear as possible and mind-numbingly simple, the gameplay manages to pull some fun out of somewhere. It appeals to those looking for some simple fun, quite reminiscent of arcade-style games.
2Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal falls quite short. Here is where the iPhone origins becomes quite apparent; I couldn't really help but notice after a while that it seemed designed as the type of game you play when you're on the go. For any serious gamer I'm afraid it will be milked of fun far too quick.
(Out of 10)


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