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Guitar Hero World Tour Review :

review of guitar hero world tour

by god_of_games Aug 10, 2011

the guitar hero series are very popular after guitar hero III:legends of we have the guitar hero world tour this game many things are added like playing drums,guitar bass and can create your own caracters in can upgrade your clothes,drums set and can put many little things for your caracter or your guitar.i made a drums set like joey jordison's drums set in slipknot band or mike thompsons's can edit any thing you like to change.we'll cover many popular songs in guitar hero world micheal jackson's songs,ozzy osbourne songs and ....

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8Story line
the story line is'll go and star from covering many songs like beat it or hotel california and you will be popular like ozzy osbourne
the graphics are higher than the other guitar hero series and closer too reality.i played and finished it but i didn't care about graphics part much.the important part is gameplay like warcraft.that doesn't have hgh graphics
sounds are very funny,close to reality or any thing you wanna call it in your mind but sounds are very good
the game playing part is very wonder full because you can select guitar,drums,guitar bass and vocals.isn't realy funny?????
9Lasting Appeal
at last i give 9 to this game because of vaery high sound quality,graphics and specially game play.when you play you realy think you're a musician!!!
(Out of 10)


LuckyDuck101    wrote on sep 08, 2011 5:12 pm
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god-of-games    wrote on sep 11, 2011 3:12 am

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