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Habbo Hotel Cheats :

This page contains Habbo Hotel cheats list for PC version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 1 password, 1 glitch, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Habbo Hotel on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Free credits (CAN ONLY)

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2006

all u have to do is phone the regular phone number which is 1-900-677-4111 and enter the code 2560458 this code give you twice the regular amount of credits which is 15 so it would give u thirty but if its on its deal which is 30 u would get 60 credits so this as many times as u want
_____________HAVE FUN_____________

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Cheats - Dont use these

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2007

quess what? i am michael and i am an advanced computer worker and have every bit of infomaition that you need so you wont scammed, involved with a hacker, or even worse get framed by a cheat that is a con. please take my advice and dont use ANY cheat here. i got scammed when i was a child. when i tried to use these cheats. so dont be fooled by these non-real cheats. there are no cheats for habbo. stay away from those cheats and vote me helpful so you can stay safe

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Cheats - View room connection

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Type :chooser to see who is in the current room.
Note: You must be in Habbo Club to use this.

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Cheats - 100 Free Habbo Credits; Glitch!!

by Unregistered Sep 05, 2006

Do you use Habbo.ca?? Well, then I have finally found a way to get free Habbo credits after 4 years of being a member of the Hotel. Here is how:

1. Call the number 1-900-677-4111

2. You will hear a voice, immediately press 1 when you hear the voice talking or else this cheat will not work. This is the glitch.

3. Now another voice will say enter in your Habbo Credits code; enter 1542216. This is another glitched code.

4. You will get 100 Habbo creidts added to your purse immediately. Do it over and over to get more! So, if you're tired of being poor and if your tired of begging, this will help you!

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Cheats - Get 60 free credits(can version)

by Unregistered Aug 01, 2006

call 1-900-677-411 and enter the code 2434030 and then call bac and enter the code 2560458 this will make both call free and both will give u 30 credits each do this as many time as you want

___________have fun_________

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Cheats - Get 500 Free Coins Every Month!

by Unregistered Dec 22, 2005

Hey, i've done all the cheats below and they worked but when they are used more than once, your account goes dodgy! Seriusly, it's a bad thing to do! I have an administrators account, he my mate, and he says he gets free credits! This is his code 15042090 do not use the code if you are american. Only United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands can use it, call the number 0906 343 3344 because the admin used this, it says the same things as a normal player, wait until it asks for the code, add it and it will say uve bought them or make a sound! Wait bout 5 or 10 mins and then you will get the coins!

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Cheats - 9999 credits evry 3 days

by Unregistered May 22, 2006

this is a great cheat it was from my friend this is not a secret code it is an action code and the is only 2 action codes out i have the second one this is for uk
1.call the credit line 0906 343 3344
2.enter the action code 157 300 89 (this is the code splited in to 2 from second to first) and what yo do now is...
3.log out of habbo hotel search callie and come to fansite drop in wait 6 minuits and u will here a "kerching" sound go on purse then go on voucher tipe in 123 then u will have them evry 3 days
plus u dont need to give habbo name away it connects to habbo account in nearist pc

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Cheats - Scammers

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

There is no cheats for habbo hotel I have tried most of them and none of them work!
There is some advice I can give you though! If someone asks if you want to be a hotel mananger or assistant ask how to be one and if they ask for your password it is a scam! DO NOT GIVE THEM UR PASSWORD!!!!! Also do not trade furni 4 nothing unless u r p2s, auto, rev or p2p ! Take my advice and stay safe from scamming on habbo, cya x

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Secret - Quick move funri

by mz23211 Jan 21, 2008

hold alt and move the funri only works if u have right or onw the room

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Cheats - 100 credz (AMERICAN www.habbo.com/)

by Unregistered Dec 28, 2006

every cheat on this list is bogus dont trust anyone
I bamaloo say its outragus
i am the owner of habbo hotel australia
i have conections to a staff in www.habbo.com
Just search .:Dr.Smexii:. and go to Bamaloo Helpout
leave a rare for a month of hc and/or 5 pieces of furni for 100 credz

Thx for your support

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Glitch - I Want To Hack Habbo Hotel Furni, Memebers And Credits

by Lydez Jan 28, 2012

Hello, I Need Help To Get Free VIP, Credits And Rare Furni. I Need Your Help..

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Cheats - Scammers

by Unregistered Sep 04, 2006

Do not fall for any cheats where you have to give someone furni because you will never get it back, if a cheat tells you to ring a credit line and enter a certain number, you will be charged for that call and the scammer will get the credits, you wont.
I hope this helped everyone to not get scammed.

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Code - Free furni from hotel bots

by HabboHotelCheater Mar 30, 2012

i found this glitch 3 months ago there is a bot named Devilgirl43 she is almost always on she doubles furni u have to add and give her furni log off come back on in 15 minutes and sha pow double the furni u gave her

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Code - How to rotate furni quickly

by Danny1410 Oct 07, 2011

you rotate furni quickly by holding shift and clicking on the furni.

you pick up furni quickly by holding Control and clicking on furni

you move furni by holding shift and dragging the furni around and place it where u want it to go and then realease the mouse button then wallah you moved it.

Thanks Please Suscribe if it Works

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Cheats - Free Credits

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

seach and add harriet............... to there friends list drop 1 piece of furni in her room and wait about 5-10mins you should get unlimited credits if it does not work first time do it again.this is not a scam i now have every item in the catolouge X2.

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Cheats - 12 Free Coins Each Time (AUS only)

by Unregistered Jun 22, 2006

What you do is call the habbo line which is 1900942226, The lady on the phone will tell you you must have your parents permisson blah blah blah, then press 0 when she says confirm you are over 14. Now when she asks you to enter the code, type in 01511664. This code is a special moderators code which i got from a friend who hacked into the habbo moderators system and found it. when you enter this code it will track the phone you are calling from and because you put in your phone number when you join habbo it will match up the phone numbers and send you 12 free coins to your character just like that. You can do this as many times as you want, i did it lots and im rich, so did my friends =D

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Cheats - 999 free cred au habbo hotel

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2006

Frist i have to tell u this is not a SCAM!! i swear

*search credit giver
*when u get there a habbo will be there bye the jye95
*dont talk to him or this cheat will not work
*drop 2 pieaces of furni there but if it isa plant it will not work.
*log out then log in if it doesnt work keeptrying till it works*P.S the room will be emty.if jye95 isn't there dont do the cheat kk thank u.

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Cheats - 35 Free Credits

by Unregistered Sep 18, 2006

Ive Been Searching For A Cheat For So Long To Get Free Credits And Now Ive Found It To Share With Everyone Here it is Ring Up The Hotline To Get 35 Credits But Type The Code 10488861 Which Is The Administrator It Will Get Charged To Him And You Will Get 35 Credits FREE GLORIOUS

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Cheats - Free Creds

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

1.Add blink182thebest he is my m8 and i think u can trust him he has did this a few times for me before but he only does it three times, so add him then.

2.search his name and go 2 his room.

3.drop what ever furni u want in there but no rares, rares do not work!

4.wait a while it might take three days max because he has to organise this every day on his computer so,

5. he will send you a message saying ready.

6.return to his room he disappear then you will instantly have 100-200 free creds it depends on what you give him,,big furni=2 small=100


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Cheats - 50 Free Furni!

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

i wuz tired ov b-in' poor until i founded a cheat! and only 4 1 rare yes 1 rare thats it! u dont hav 2 b poor all u got 2 do iz go to my cheats guru (.:10surfer13:.)room and drop 1 rare and the next day ur room will hav 50 FURNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheats - Free Credits!

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

for 70 free credits al you have to do is ring 09069009100 then u dial when it tels you this number 16781454 and then your doine it does cost a little but its cool

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Cheats - 50 Credits

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

OMG its so simple all u gota do is call 09056 575575 on your land line and enter this code when a women says to 16951300 a kerching sound will play and this will mean you have 50 credits!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheats - Free Credits

by joshuanissenb Jun 23, 2006

hey people this is for all the ausies in the world

anyway add jnissenb to your friends list he should accept it once accepted and hes online message him saying :rares rares were are they now"

then drop 2 pieces of furniture in his room and go back to any room in your rooms list and your whole inventory will be filled with rares and you should become a hc in 3 days its great.

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Cheats - Free Rares

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2006

search beavis175211 and go to his donate in here plz u have rites so u can drop furni just drop 1 furni and u will get 1 rare in return!!! believe me it works i tried it

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Cheats - Furni x3

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2006

This is the only triplicator on the web!Ok, so this is how u do this amazing cheat! (canada only) go to xox.FaLLeN.xox 's triplicator room and drop one piece of furni that u want triplicated. Then wait about 10 minutes or so and go back to the room and she will be there and giv u the triplicated furni.This truely works i promise! This is the only site u will find this on!

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