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Half-Life Cheats :

This page contains Half-Life cheats list for PC version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Half-Life on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Hidden Scientist

by VicariousReality Oct 26, 2009

In the final boss,
check the highest ledge in the third room that you are teleported to.
There will be a unexplained scientist standing there.

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Cheats - Various stuff.

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Console Codes

First, enable the console. Then, type the proper code into it to get the desired effect.

Code - Effect

give ammo_9mmclip17 ammo for the glock pistol.
give ammo_357Ammo for the 357 magnum.
give ammo_9mmboxAmmo for the glock pistol.
give ammo_crossbowCrossbow ammo.
impulse 203Delete Targeted Enemy
r_fullbright 1 (Replace 1 with 0 to turn them back on.)Eliminate Shadows
give weapon_handgrenadeGives you some hand grenades.
give item_healthkitGives you some health.
give weapon_tripmineGives you some laser tripmines.
give weapon_snarkGives you some snarks.
give weapon_357Gives you the 357 Magnum.
give weapon_crossbowGives you the crossbow.
give weapon_crowbarGives you the crowbar.
give weapon_9mmhandgunGives you the glock pistol.
give weapon_gaussGives you the guass rifle.
give item_suitGives you the HEV suit.
give weapon_hornetgunGives you the hornet gun.
give weapon_mp5Gives you the MP5.
give weapon_rpgGives you the rocket launcher.
give weapon_shotgunGives you the shotgun.
impulse 101Instant Weapons, Ammo, and Armor
give ammo_mp5grenadesMp5 grenade ammo.
give ammo_mp5grenadesRockets for the Rocket Launcher.
sv_gravity # (Lower numbers gives less gravity, higher gives more. Normal is 800.)Set Gravity Level
impulse 102Spawn Gibs
impulse 76Spawn Marines
chase_active 1Third Person
thirdpersonThird Person View
noclipWalk Through Walls

Impulse Codes
After activating the conlse, press tide (~) and enter the following.
impulse 109Control onscreen monsters. This code may not work in versions of the game.
impulse 76Creates a human grunt. Be careful, this can crash the game.
impusle 202Creates blood infront of you, like spray paint.
impulse 203Deletes target NPC or monster from the game.
impulse 195Displays AI node information
impulse 105Enemies can't hear you
impulse 101Get all weapons and armor. Enter again for more amo and/or armor.
impulse 104Lists global entities
impulse 102Spawn gibs.
impulse 103While looking at amonster, displays stats.
impulse 106While looking at an object, displays model/sprite stats.
impulse 107While looking at an object, displays the texture name.

Items from the console
Go to the start menu, then go to all programs, then go to accessesories, then click on command prompt. Select you Half-Life directory and type hl.exe -console then Half-Life should open. Start a new game then press the ` (tilde) key then... 

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Get health in a pinch by diving in the nearest water (not toxic waste) and staying under until the O2 warning flashes. Quickly surface, and you'll get 10-15 health.

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Secret - Overall Ending part Of Half-Life -New Game-

by Unregistered Sep 07, 2009

In half-life,the story is about a scientific experiment to open the portal to an alien universe,however the experiment went wrong and aliens start to appear in their world.The quest for Gordon to kill the Alien King - Ninilith - Once and For all. I do not recommend Half-Life Redemption to be played for beginners.The monsters are all mixed up and the one headed dragon monster appears first in the game but only in chapter 5 - 8 in the Half-Life new game. And the Monarch "the spider monster" who has 4 legs and sprays chemical that does alot of damage,should not be so early released in the game , i only encounter the Monarch in half-life at the end part; chapter - Monarch's Lair , right after Interpolion.Half-Life is a more modern and fun New Game just like redemption but this time with the ceiling dangling monster , the apprehension monster; the fish like monster. But this time , u get to kill the blue shell monster and the Monarch. I completed half-life new game and the ending part features gman complimenting YOU , on how u stopped the reacons and the alien king.

Here are some ways to kill the certain type of monsters:
Big Curved and has a blue body with two hands which emitts flames; Normal Ammo or bullets wouldn't do a single damage. Only Explosions should be used and environmental hazards ; e.g Electrical Currents.

Fish like monster that resides in the water; Do not be afraid of this distinctive monster, Use the Crossbow and shoot it,be it underwater or on land, both is acceptable.

Monarch,monster that resembles a spider,4 legs; Only encounted in XEN and in chapter - Monarch's Lair. Shoot and bomb it until it runs through the hole and becareful , the floor of the hole is slippery! When the Monarch drops into the pit , stay on top , bomb it until u see a slight change in color,then jump down (Drop at the corner , NOT DIRECTLY ABOVE THE MONARCH ) Convince the Monarch; shoot it or bomb it until it goes close to a POINTY SHARP TREE LIKE MONSTER; not active monster,only hits when shot or attacked. When the Monarch is close to the Sharp Thing,Shoot the sharp thing and the monster will be killed.(This attempt may not suceed,multiple tries may be needed.)

Steps to defeat the alien king: The -Ninilith-.
First,There are 5 crystals if u notice around the map,run around shoot down all the crystals and monsters in the map,DO NOT SHOOT OR FOCUS ON THE BOSS. just run around,makes sure the boss does not hit u and shoot the crystals.
Next,When the... 

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Glitch - Make hev sute have life below 100 when u get it!

by cheatman17 Jul 03, 2009

Here is what you do:
you wait untill the trane ur on stops.
when it stops crouch down and go into the lower window of the door.
wait and while it trys to open u seem to get hurt.
the longer u wait the greater the effect of the glitch.
then when u put on ur hev sute it will start at 99 or lower!

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Cheats - Cheat Codes

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Use the following map names with the "/map [map name]" code:
Single player

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Cheats - Cheat mode:

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

After the accident, when you go to the area where there
is a scientist sitting on the floor and another is comforting
him, enable the /impulse 101 code. When the man that is
sitting down is talking, beat the standing man with your crowbar
until he dies. When the old man is done talking, the dead man
will talk to you.
When you are done with the first part, after all of the destruction
starts, you will be in a room where two scientists let you into
the machine that you put the sample in. If they are dead, then
this trick will work -- it is after the accident, and not before.
Enable the /impulse 101 code and use the eye scanner that
is lop sided, next to the door. Go through when it allows you
to and you should see a scientist giving Barney CPR. Use any weapon,
preferably the crowbar, and hit Barney. He will talk even though
he is dead on the ground.
Kill A Barney or Scientist. If the body does not disappear, crouch
next to it. Press [Use] and the Barney/Scientist should
Strategy: by Stalker

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Cheats - Many Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

This is cool! Call up the console by pressing
the ~ button and type any of these. They do all sorts of camera things:

"chase_active 1" - puts the camera on
"Tomb Raider Mode"
"thirdperson" - Puts the camera in a "Third
Person Mode" where the next
2 codes are useful.
"+cammouseactive" - activates "Camera Looking
Around Mode" which can
change your view in
"Third Person Mode"
"-cammouseactive" - deactivates "Camera
Looking Around Mode"
"chase_active 0" - deactivates "Tomb Raider
"firstperson" - returns you to "First Person"

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Code - God mode or whatever for Half-Life Single Player

by ImNoobA1 Nov 21, 2008

Click ~ to open console.

sv_cheats 1Allow cheats
godgodmode on/off
noclipwalk through wall on/off
impulse 101get all weapons, ammo, battery + HEV suit
give item_batteryget battery
give item_healthkitrecovers your health
give item_airtankbreathe underwater(must press e on the thing when it is below you)
give weapon_glockGet weapon glock
give monster_barney(Warning! may crash the game. Note : Noclip first before spawning)Spawn a policeman
give monster_gargantua(h)spawn gargantua from xen
give monster_nihilanthspawn boss
sv_gravity #set the gravity (default : 800)
notargetenemies ignore you
killcommit suicide
flyflymode on/off
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