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Half-Life Review :

Half-Life: A Game Worthy of its Stature

by pyro777 Aug 05, 2010

After playing Valve's Team Fortress 2 and loving it to quite an extent, I decided that I wanted more games to play from the geniuses over at Valve. I bought Half-Life and started it up shortly after it finished installing. I heard many people claim that Half-Life 2 is the best FPS of all time, so I was eager to see how the first was before playing the second. I was simply amazed at how amazing this game was, and I loved it as soon as I got the iconic crowbar. The game overall is very entertaining, and requires some thinking if you want to survive, which isn't something you really see in modern FPS. After I beat Half-Life, I considered myself obsessed with it, visiting the Half-Life Wiki quite often, and I couldn't get enough of it! I wanted to learn more and more about the game, even wanting to know how the game was made. There are no cut-scenes in Half-Life; all events occur in-game and make it feel as if you have much more control than if it had cut-scenes. Valve spent a long time trying to get this game perfect, and I can very easily say they did a great job at doing so. I wasn't much of a FPS gamer until I played Half-Life, and I'm glad I did.

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8Story line
The storyline is a very solid one, with no confusing or contradicting events. It's quite original and is easy to love. However, the largest problem in the storyline lies around the end, when Freeman travels to Xen. It's not explain how the scientists know he has to. It's still great nonetheless.
For its time, Half-Life's graphics looked pretty stunning, and they still do a little bit today. The mouths of characters even move in synchronization with their words, something that I'm sure took a lot of time programming. Everything in Half-Life looks absolutely amazing.
The sound quality in Half-Life easily earns a perfect score. All sounds are realistic and make you feel as if you're in the environment. The voices of characters is also a plus.
For a FPS, Half-Life seems to be a bit challenging and requires some critical thinking in some points where you know there are enemies outside and you have low health. This happens often considering it's difficult to not get hit sometimes. Sometimes the challenge is a bit much, but it's doable.
10Lasting Appeal
Even after ten years, the game is still incredible. After beating it, you may return to it just to experience it all over again and feel a sense of nostalgia regardless of when you last played it.
(Out of 10)


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pyro777    wrote on aug 06, 2010 4:09 am

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