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Halo Cheats :

This page contains Halo cheats list for PC version. Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Halo on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - One shot to kill a hunter

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

When you are fighting a hunter shoot at the orange skin on it's neck and back. If you shoot it in the skin even a pistol can kill it in one shot.

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Cheats - Shoot enemy through wall

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting and wait for the credits to
end. The game will show the Monitor fly across the screen and laugh.

Unlock New End Movie
Beat the game on the Legendary setting to unlock a longer, different final movie.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the last level of the game in campaign mode under the
legendary difficulty setting. The new ending features a human and alien fighting
hand to hand. The human will say "Its over", and then they hug because they
know the explosion will kill them both.

Defeating Flugs
In the later levels of the game you will encounter new enemies called Flugs. These
enemies will be small at first, but they will attack and control anything alive. Use a
shotgun on these baby Flug as they tend to group in large numbers. By using the
shotgun it will send a storm of bullets and kill most of them that are around. Use a
shotgun on the possessed Flug, and it will kill most of them in one shot. This is
made easier by the fact that most of them carry shotguns.

Defeating Grunts
When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt of your
gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually kill a four to seven
of them before an alien spots you. They start sleeping in level 5, Assault on the
Control Room. Just remember not to shoot or they will wake up.

Defeating Jackels
Use a photon weapon to destroy a Jackel's shield quickly. When you encounter a
Jackel, run up and hit it with your weapon or get out a gun that uses bullets, not

Covenant dropship
When Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, throw a
grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies since
they are all in one area.

Assault On The Control Room: Spinning ring
At the Halo start up screen, choose multiplayer mode. Choose cooperative play at
the next screen, then choose your profiles at the next. Choose the level where in
the beginning it says, "I would have been your daddy" (Assault On The Control
Room). On the difficulty screen, choose legendary. When the level starts after the
introduction sequence, have one of the players quickly press X when the "Press X
to get on the Pelican" message appears. That player will re-board the ship and
start flying with it down the hole. The other player will quickly die because of the
aliens, and will be respawned on the spinning ring. Make... 

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Secret - Levitation of a warthog

by nuker9 Jan 23, 2008

Ok in the the map where it has ice and snow thats the place this is in.
Ok take your wartbog and drive it of the edge of the broken bridge stay in it till you see your guy die than look up you should see the spot you died in and that the game made you go out of the warthog it should be levitating in one little space while you fall to the ground.
Very lame brain but fun.( Note; do not I repeat do not jump out any time. ) ( Note; I only did this with a ghost but I imagine this will work with a warthog. )

If you have anything you would like to say e-mail me at drakenplazma@aol.com our send me mail on my myspace witch is plazmasam@yahoo.com.

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Cheats - Cheat mode (Custom Edition):

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Get in a Warthog. Drive to the pointy rock near the
middle the map. Back up into it. The bumper should crash into
it. Get into the gunner's seat and jump out. If done correctly,
you should be inside the rock. You snipe people from inside.
Bullets cannot effect you, but plasma weapons, explosives, and
flamethrowers can.
Cheats: Missions
Cheats: Combat
Cheats: Miscellaneous

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Cheats - Alternate ending sequence

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Always use a good combination of weapons, and think about your surroundings and enemies when choosing weapons. The sniper rifle is great until you reach the Flood. A good combination is the shotgun (the human pistol before you reach the Flood), an automatic weapon, and grenades. If you do not prefer to follow this example, then remember to use a combination of short and long range weapons.
Conserve ammunition. Never waste ammunition, always gather as much ammunition as possible, reload your weapon during any break in the action, and switch off any plasma weapon for a better one whenever possible.
Take it slow. Do not burst in to take all of the fire. Also, use the scenery as a cover. If you can fit behind it, you can hide behind it.
Use the enemies themselves to your advantage. Remember that each enemy type has their own mannerisms and characteristics.
Take shortcuts when possible. Here are some examples. In The Silent Cartographer level head directly to the security override station. In the Assault On The Control Room level, after you get one of the early Banshees, in the area after you go under the tunnel you cannot take the tank through, the double bridge will be directly above you. Ride the Banshee to the bridge and skip a large portion of that level. Taking this shortcut means there will be no more enemies throughout the rest of the level. In the 343 Guilty Spark level, go to the secret area with the 2-D trees and follow the cliff through the structure that goes indoors. In The Maw level, after the dropship gets taken down, you will keep going. Continue until you see the first open door on your right. Enter there and take another right. This can shave a good minute and a half off the time it takes to get to the Longsword at the end of the level.

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Hints - Mythic skull

by Unregistered Aug 30, 2005

To find the skull you must do the level "sacred icon" on legendary on the part where you jump down the piston and the room is really dark and there is a shit-load of flood and boxes you jump to the next highest level using a stack of boxes you will find when you go into the light anyway you will find a dead flood body up there next to the skull.

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