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Halo PC Review

by Shaymin5455 Aug 05, 2010

Personally, I think Halo PC is one of the BEST PC First Person Shooters for the PC. Of course this game is old but it still satifies my gaming needs. However Halo's Netcode was not fit for online so when playing online, lag happens frequently. However the game is still a good FPS for anyone who enjoys a good shooting game.

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7Story line
The game begins in space when aliens named the Covenant attack your ship.You play as the Master Chief and try to stop the Covenant.As the game progresses you will meet another enemy.The Flood.Your objective is to try to destroy the ring known as Halo.Halo is a superweapon.Your objective:Destroy Halo
For an old game like Halo Graphics are pretty good.The game may lag ingame for the graphic code isn't up to date.
The game has many different and unique sounds and melodies.Little fuzzy in some spots. Even so excellent sound.
As the Master Chief, you go through various environments.This is a FPS so you see through Master Chief's helmet. There are files for Third Person mode but NOT RECOMMENDED.
8Lasting Appeal
Overall Bungie and Microsoft did an excellent job on Halo PC.Even though ingame may lag i still recommend getting Halo.It is unexpensive and will provide endless hours of enjoyment.
(Out of 10)


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