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Halo: Combat Evolved Review :

Halo Combat Evolved

by platinummaster8 Nov 29, 2010

Halo Combat Evolved(Halo or Halo 1) is a science fiction first person shooter. You battle a race of aliens called the covenant and the flood on a ring world made to destroy star systems infect by the flood. However it doesn't kill flood it kills their food so they starve to death. Their food is humans, covenant anything that moves. The online is great with maps like Infinity and Wizard.

I personally think Halo Combat Evolved is one of the best first person shooters for the PC. Although it is old many people still play it on a daily or weekly basis. Halo 1 has lots of clans like (CNR) and ~Fire~. Although you don't have to be in a clan to enjoy Halo multiplayer to the max!

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9Story line
You are a mastercheif part of the Spartan II project, made for war you are the ultimate combat machine. You must fight uour way off a ship, explore the ring, invade a covenant ship to rescue Captain Keys, look for a map assualt a control room, battle the flood in a swamp and in a libary and save us.
The graphics in Halo are good. Dust, shadows, bullet holes in walls and cliifs and weapon effects appear at a high or low quality.
Th sound in Halo includes gun sounds, marine voices, flood noises and covenant sounds. Also you hear ships aswell.
You get a lot of guns and weapons in Halo Combat Evolved such as the shotgun, assualt rifle and the plasma rifle. Your enimes have weapons like the covenant elite has a plasma rifle or a needler, the fllod carry plasma rifles and other guns. Every enemy has a strong and weak point.
8Lasting Appeal
Halo CE feuled the sucess of the Halo series and that is probaly why so many people play it today, after all it is still a good game.
(Out of 10)


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