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Icewind Dale Cheats :

This page contains Icewind Dale cheats list for PC version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Icewind Dale on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Cheat WITHOUT cheating or Patch Codes!

by Unregistered Dec 12, 2006

I have an older version of Icewind Dale for pc, without the patch.. this is a HARD game, but I've discovered 3 very effective ways to cheat WITHOUT cheating.

1) Set AUTOPAUSE to when TARGET'S DESTROYED. Set GAME DIFFICULTY to VERY EASY. When you finally kill that tough character and it pauses, go to options and switch the difficulty back to NORMAL. VOILA! You get FULL EXPERIENCE points for defeating a tough creature in VERY EASY mode. (remember to switch back to very easy after you get the points!)

2) CLONE ITEMS. Leave one spot empty, or delete your weakest character. Put your BEST ITEMS on ANOTHER CHARACTER. EXPORT the character with your best items. Save. RELOAD your game. IMPORT that exported character. VOILA! You have duplicates of all his items.

3) FRIENDSHIP SPELL. Gold is HARD to come by in this game. See that Splintmail for 873-900 Gold Pieces? If you have a MAGE with HIGH CHARISMA (16 or so), cast FRIENDSHIP, then use that mage with the 21+ charisma to talk to the vendor. That splintmail is now 673 Gold Pieces! It works on anyone who sell items.


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Cheats - Move to area

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Mages are by far the most powerful the most powerful character class in
the game.  You're probably thinking yea right, they only start with 8
H.P. and can use no weapons Armor or shields.  After they level up a few
levels and you gain access to some of Orrick the grays spells, you can
kick some major @$$.  To level up a mage, do all the tasks in east haven
except the goblins and the orc cave. Then export your mage and do it
again. On my second try, I was able to go all the way through the Vale
of shadows and the temple of the forgotten god with my mage only. If you
have heart of winter, you can find a ring called the ring of wizardry.
It doubles your first level spells. I can kill anything I fight with my

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Cheats - Cheat Codes

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Enter one of the following values with the "CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem([item name]);" code:
Item Name
Necklace of Missiles AMUL01
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07
Battle Axe AX1H01
Golden Girdle BELT02
Mace +1 BLUN05
Bolt +1 BOLT02
Tome +1 Constitution BOOK03
Boots of Speed BOOT01
Composite Long Bow BOW01
Gauntlets of Ogre Power BRAC06
Bullet +2 BULL02
Mithril Chain Mail +4 CHAN06
Cloak of Protection +2 CLCK02
Dagger +2 DAGG03
Dart +1 DART02
Halberd +1 HALB02
War Hammer +2 HAMM03
Helm of Glory HELM03
Horn Coral Gem MISC35
Full Plate Mail +1 PLAT05
Potion of Hill Giant Strength POTN03
Ring RING01
Protection from Cold SCRL04
Scroll of Vampiric Touch SCRL1Q
Large Shield +1 SHLD06
Bastard Sword SW1H01
Two Handed Sword SW2H01
Wand of Fear WAND02
Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy XBOW03

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Cheats - Icewind Dale cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

SW1H01 - Bastard

SW1H02 - +1 Bastard

SW1H03 - +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters Bastard

SW1H04 - Long

SW1H05 - +1 Long

SW1H06 - +2 Long "Varscona"

SW1H07 - Short

SW1H08 - +1 Short

SW1H09 - 2 Short "Whistling"

SW1H10 - +3 Backstabbing

SW1H11 - Cool Looking Flame Balde

SW1H12 - Hull's Long Sword

SW1H13 - Zan's Mood Bade

SW1H14 - +1 Short

SW1H15 - +3 Scimitar "Frostbrand"

SW1H17 - Perdue's Short Sword
SW2H01 - Two Handed

SW2H02 - +1 Two Handed

SW2H03 - +3 "Berserker"

SW2H05 - Two Handed

SW2H06 - +2 Spiders Bane
SHLD01 - Small

SHLD02 - +1 Small

SHLD03 - Medium

SHLD04 - +1 Medium

SHLD05 - Large

SHLD06 - +1 Large

SHLD07 - +1, +4 vs Missles Large

SHLD08 - Buckler

SHLD09 - Buckler 2

SHLD10 - Buckler 3

SHLD11 - Small 2

SHLD12 - Small 3

SHLD13 - Medium 2

SHLD14 - Medium 3

SHLD15 - Large 2

SHLD16 - Large 3

SHLD18 - Large 4
XBOW01 - Heavy

XBOW02 - +1 Heavy

XBOW03 - Heavy of Accuracy

XBOW04 - Light

XBOW05 - +1 Light

XBOW06 - Light of Speed
SLNG01 - Sling

SLNG02 - +1 Sling
SPER01 - Spear

SPER02 - +1 Spear

SPER03 - +3 Spear "Backbiter"

SPER04 - +3 Spear
STAF01 - Quarterstaff

STAF02 - +1 Quarterstaff

STAF03 - Quarterstaff

STAF04 - Quarterstaff

WAND02 - Fear

WAND03 - Magic Missle

WAND04 - Paralysation

WAND05 - Fire

WAND06 - Frost

WAND07 - Lightning

WAND08 - Sleep

WAND10 - Monster Summoning

WAND12 - Heavens

WAND13 - Magic Missle

POTN02 - Fire Resistance

POTN03 - Hill Giant Strength

POTN04 - Frost Giant Strength

POTN05 - Fire Giant Strength

POTN06 - Cloud Giant Strength

POTN07 - Storm Giant Strength

POTN08 - Healing

POTN09 - Heroism

POTN10 - Invisibility

POTN11 - Invulnerability

POTN12 - Stone Giant Strength

POTN13 - Oil of Firey Burning

POTN14 - Oil of Speed

POTN15 - Red Potion

POTN16 - Violet Potion

POTN17 - Elixir of Health

POTN18 - Absorption

POTN19 - Agility

POTN20 - Antidote

POTN21 - Clarity

POTN22 - Cold Resistance

POTN23 - Oil of Speed

POTN24 - Defense

POTN25 - Healing

POTN26 - Explosions

POTN27 - Firebreath

POTN28 - Fortitude

POTN29 - Genius

POTN30 - Potion of Infravision

POTN31 - Insulation

POTN32 - Antidote

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

When in Easthaven, do the quest involving Jhonyn and
the blue-skinned woman and earn a pearl. Return to talk to her
(immediately before she disappears) . If you are quick, you can
talk to her again while she is disappearing and she will go through
the same dialogue -- and you will get another pearl. If you are
quick enough, you can get three pearls, each worth 100 gold pieces.
Strategy: Cheats: by chrisjross
Note: The Adobe Acrobat Reader
must be used to view this file.

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Cheats - Rhino Beetle shield

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

After you get the rhino beetle hide you can take it to Dirty Llew and he will change it into a shield in 10 days for 10,000 g0ld. This resulting shield isn't that great, but you can then take it to Nym and he will enchant it for 28,000 more gold and now you have a really nice shield. After that , you can kill them both(they are both evil), and you get all your money back!

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Cheats - Cheat mode (pre-release version)

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Full map CHEATERSDOPROSPER:ExploreArea();
Give selected characters indicated EXP CHEATERDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXP(<number>);
Add indicated gold to party total CHEATERDOPROSPER:AddGold(<number>);
Add 500 gold to party total CHEATERDOPROSPER:Midas();
5 healing potions , 5 antidotes, and 1 Scroll Of Stone To Flesh CHEATERSDOPROSPER:FirstAid();
Teleport party to pointer CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans();

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Okay just like in Baldurs Gate here's a way to get some cool armor but for a high price. Once your on chapter 6,way in the lower Dorn's Deep, theres a kind of lift thing in the north west corner of the map. To be more accurate your actually in wyrmstooth but you'll find it.go up the lift and you'll meet a deep gnome with an attitude. (and for a sub quest, you can go in the kitchen where you fight that one thief with the badge, youll find potatoes in a cupboard, by the fat guy) you can give these to the deep gnome.after a while he tells you the way to his camp.Explore the area until you are attacked by umber hulks (grab a rhinoceros beetle hyde on the way, this is essential) the umbers break three wholes in the wall(each leads to tha same place} go in and youll end up in the base. go see this guy his names dirty somin, anyway give him the shell and hell wawnt ten thousand bucks(thats the cheap part)then it takes ten days (id just sleep it through) come back and get your shield. it basically sucks but then you take it to the drow sorcerer across the way,resist the urge to murder him at first,hell enchant the shield for 40,000 tell him its ridiculous and hell throw in a knife for an additional 3 or 4 thou.its only like a +2 weapon but id take it.come back in ten days and hell give it to you its like a +3 shield that weighs 15 or 25 pounds. Also buy the armor from the dirty guy.its better then plate mail but not magical so you can wear a ring with it or whatever. The drow sorcerer has some nice spells, a +4 shield with magic protection, and a 60,000 dollar staff that casts resurrection (only usable by cleric).I dropped a pretty penny but I had 200,000 so its okay. E mail me if you have any questions.

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