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League of Legends Review :

League of Legends Review

by marcks Jan 09, 2012

What can you say about League of Legends? Well, other than starting a review with a question, you can't say much at all other than "Riot hates fun". Not only is there no way to counter most of the broken parts of the game, but as the game further develops concepts get more and more ridiculous and desperate.

While I completely trashed the game so far, there are several redeeming factors that do make the game worthwhile. The graphics are honestly pretty awesome and the characters personality's are also pretty awesome. I just wish that the gameplay was like it used to be. Back in the days of Dreamhack and the major tournaments over the summer, a state of balance was finally reached. Unfortunately after Dreamhack they decided to take a big *** on the community and screw everyone by adding unfair concepts and showing how money hungry that they really are.

The community is another reason why this game falls behind. Every single person that posts on the forums has a severe case of down syndrome and can't learn concepts to save their lives. The Riot employees that post usually just try to troll everyone poorly. They announce reworks and remakes 6 god damn months before they carry them out and are just generally lazy with showing info. That is all.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
5Story line
-High quality story line. -Deeply thought out. -JK they don't have one. The lore is pretty good though.
10 - Probably the high point of the game. I really do enjoy the light hearted graphics and the characters in game models are all rock solid.
8 - Sometimes very amazing and other times very obnoxious. It really depends on what character you decide to play.
3 - While it used to be good, the game is just getting destroyed more and more each week. It is a real shame!
9Lasting Appeal
9 - I've been playing this game since beta and it really is a shame that it is turning into what it is now. I still have really enjoyed most of my time on it.
(Out of 10)


Cheatin_Girl    wrote on apr 09, 2012 8:16 am

Cheatin_Girl    wrote on apr 09, 2012 8:16 am


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