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Lego Universe Cheats :

This page contains Lego Universe cheats list for PC version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 6 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Lego Universe on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - 5000 faction tokens

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2011

to get 5000 faction tokens you enter this code

iwantarmorgives you 5000 faction tokens
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Glitch - Think and throw

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2012

think and throw

throws an 25 damage spear that does 10 to normal enemeis

and restores 9 imagination for three

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Glitch - Holding a rocket anywhere

by Unregistered Jan 16, 2012

You will find this easiest on the rocket by the great tree in the forrbidden valley you get yourself smashed while putting your rocket on the launcher then when you rebiuld you are still holding it it might work with models which i will test

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Glitch - Sliding

by Unregistered Jan 16, 2012

press up again and again and you rn and slide you will wlk then slide

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Glitch - Ultimate scratch

by Unregistered Jan 16, 2012

This only works if you are a rank three summoner ad have a horse you walk to the life scorce place oyu jump on a horse then run awayto a safe spot then use a scratch you can move with the ring doing two damage eight times you can also use you summoner powers to teleport the creatures tothelife scorce place

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Code - Secret-cliff

by aidanc1218 Oct 31, 2011

at the block yard, go to the end of the cliff,then jump right off and you can do it again and again. get lego universe for free in the tags section.

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Secret - More Lego Universe imagination brick locations

by kingmarshy12 Dec 03, 2010

more Lego Universe imagination bricks:
PET COVE: the location of this imagination brick is a confusing one, as the jump-switch is split by a cliff. once you have tamed your pet and retrieved the lions Frisbee from the seagull on the light house, head back to the base of the light house where you will see a minifig telling you facts about your pet. cross the bridge there, and on the other side find some cliff like steps and use the jump switch at the bottom to get on top of another mini cliff. there, you see a red jump-switch, which you need to get your pet to be on. slowly, walk of the cliff to the other half of the switch, so your pet doesn't jump down with you, and keep pressing SHIFT until you see your minifig fly off towards a balcony where the brick is. for a slightly easier method, get a friend's pet to do the activation on the red switch.

GNARLED FOREST: for this imagination brick, you'll need to get some quicksicles from a gear vendor (if you're venture league, just use your speed up attack). once you've got some, head to the maelstrom gorilla (with the brick above it) after passing through brig rock and build the bounce platform to the cliff behind the gorilla. now take a few steps back and see that the brick is too far away for you to double-jump, so use the quicksicles and just before you go over the edge, jump and jump again to get it. failing that, try again, but watch out for that gorilla!!

FORBIDDEN VALLEY: this brick is one of the trickier ones to get, as you will certainly need the following things: a gun, a friend and lots of imagination and defense. first, head to the paradox maelstrom refinery and get your friend (or you) to go past brick fury to where the dark horsemen are waiting. this is where your defense will come in handy, as you'll need it to protect yourself. smash the pile of pipes and build the bricks there, to make another pile of pipes. get your friend to smash and build this one, and get your gun at the ready, as the next pile of pipes are on a cliff above brick fury. shoot them and build again, and go and smash and build what you just built into a computer. meanwhile, get your friend to smash the pipes by the big door of the refinery. again, more pipes appear so smash them to build another computer. then, the brick should appear where a robot head was earlier, so get it, and obtain another imagination point!

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Secret - Lego universe imagination brick locations

by kingmarshy12 Dec 03, 2010

Here's a guide to the imagination bricks: (there isn't one on the venture explorer)
AVANT GARDENS: the brick here is on the monument, after passing through the sentinel camp. travel up the YELLOW path until you get to the monument's head. once there, navigate your way around his neck to a platform jutting out of his shoulder. there should be another platform underneath the other one, which should be by a giant arm. use your right-click button to look-around and see that there is the imagination brick in the hand. jump carefully so you touch the brick, and you should collect it! if you fall and miss, repeat the process until you succeed.

NIMBUS STATION: head to the red-blocks arena where you meet Johnny Thunder from your faction missions, and see that there is the brick on the highest platform in the arena. you may need some friends to help you here, as you need to build all the same arena decorations (like spotlights, lasers or speakers) at the front of the concert. if you successfully manage to build all the same types, jump up to where the DJ is, and in a few seconds steps will appear and lock into position for you to climb. do so, and you should be on the platform you saw earlier, with the imagination brick on it. if you fall down, beware, as the steps only stay there for about a minute, so if they move away, repeat the instructions again.

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Code - Imagination brick in avast gardens

by Unregistered Nov 22, 2010

when your at the bob statue's head (the minifigurine with the red shirt) at one of his hand is a imagination brick fall but make sure you touch the blue orb

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Secret - Entering Lego Club in Lego Universe

by kingmarshy12 Dec 06, 2010

To enter the club door in Nimbus Station (by the vendor at red blocks) you need to get your membership number. you can get this by finding it on the piece of paper included with the Club Magazine, or email the Lego club and ask for it. once you have found your code, head to the Lego universe page, and click on my account. find the box saying 'add code' and click on it, sending you to a page where you need to enter codes. type in your membership code and it should allow access to the club door. once in the club, you can get exclusive gear, head to any part of the Universe from there, and get hints from the club mascot Max.

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Code - Lego universe cliff glitch

by Unregistered Oct 24, 2011

at block yard go to where the launch pad is then jump off the cliff and it will seem like your falling for ever but when you get to the ground you will have to smash your self log out and log back in then you can start at the top and do it again.

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Glitch - Assebly tower glitch

by pokemonmaster240 Jul 25, 2011

first go to wizard guy face him then look right you will see a bush go over there then go on edge jump on

bush then jump on the cliff go up then you willl see a building jump ojn it jump across all building then you see tower you seee window go on it ta da you floating XD look for it on youtube

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Glitch - Avant gardens glitch

by rcketer May 25, 2011

in avant gardens there is a glitch. how to get into it is to, if your in the rocket pads go up to the race finish but stop a little in front of it turn to the left and go to the side hill and double jump and stab the hill continuesly till u get to the top its really hard though

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