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Mabinogi Cheats :

This page contains Mabinogi cheats list for PC version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 4 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mabinogi on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Mabinogi Cheats, Hacks, Etc

by DarkShadeStress Aug 26, 2011

Once again... I am a modder/patcher for mabinogi and flyff.

Mabinogi recently suffered from a server shut down due to thee over use of duplicating gold and items. I thought it was completely patched but after hours and hours of research and patching I found yet ANOTHER loophole. But this time me and my team will not be sharing it openly since they are cracking down on it. Not to mention I dont want to release a patch and everyone abuse it =.

Send me your Id {&&} pass and any items you want whether it be from the cash shop or in-game, and or even nexon . I can only go up to 50k in nexon without it looking suspicious so be wary. My email is SoulReaperMistress@yahoo. com . This IS my personal email so if you arent serious please dont fill up my inbox with spam .


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Unlockable - Enter the ring

by mrx93 May 26, 2011

In the Taillteann shadow mission "provocation" the area where the monsters spawn is in the middle of a barrier spike (rank F style with desert dragon Hp) circular wall. after killing the Giant sulfur spider the 3 players will be forced to solo a monster. There are a few ways to get in:One is after you beat the giant sulfur spider you get on a mount the party leader has and you will be in with that person.Two is when the solo fights are going on you can use Assault slash to attack a fallen monster and "jump" into the ring.

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Unlockable - Free elf and giant character cards

by XPression May 26, 2011

Do you all know about the elf and giant war? I did this so its verified, i went and 1.joined the giants and got a free giant assistant card (YOU MUST MAKE THE GIANT CHARACTER BEFORE YOU GO ONTO STEP 2)2. then i went and de-joined them, and went to the elves, joined them, and got a free elf assistant character card. And the cool thing is, it doesnt delete your card if you de-side them! isnt that awesome? Hope that helped chu!-Tiffany

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Unlockable - Shadow Spirit Multi attack

by geekster May 26, 2011

Note: you must completed Generation 11 for this skill.Most people seem to think that the demigod skill Shadow Spirit can only attack one monster and that would be wrong.Shadow spirit can attack multiple monsters at once if you load the skill and click on yourself (the magic wand icon will appear when you hover the mouse over your character) the attack will not last as long as when you attack one monster because you use more spirits then normal.Note: this will not work for getting shadows from monsters.

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Unlockable - Unlockable Combat Skills

by dobri May 19, 2011
How to unlock the advanced combat skills.
Unlockable:How to unlock:
Arrow Revolver (Humans ONLY!)This skill charges up 5 arrows at the same time like the healing skill, the limit of arrows is 5, like icebolt. Talk to Aranwen with the 'Fire Arrow' title. Talk to her about 'skills'. She will give you a book, you need to get pages 1 - 10 about Arrow Revolver. Enchant the pages in order. Once you finished enchanting the pages talk to Aranwen, and you will learn Arrow Revolver. 3 AP is required.
ChargeTalk to Waboka in Cor Village about 'skills'. He'll tell you to kill 30 Hobgoblins. 3 AP is required.
Final Hit (Humans ONLY!)To get this skill you need to talk to Aranwen when your holding 2 swords. He値l to go to Quilla to talk to Nicca. He値l tell you to get a sketch of the Twin Sword Statue (found in the Muyu Desert). You can buy the sketches for a price of 1k to 5k. Then you give the sketch to Nicca then he値l give you an artifact to drop on the panel in the Karu Forest Ruins. You can bring friends to help but they won稚 succeed to the next part of the quest. After you complete the Karu Ruins, talk to Nicca and he値l tell you get a sketch of the Glowing Twin Sword Statue. To get it, go back to Muyu Desert during a thunderstorm (100% raining). You buy these sketches for 5k to 10k. Give the sketch to Nicca and he値l give you an artifact to drop on the panel in the Maiz Prairie Ruins. You can bring friends like Karu, but they can稚 succeed to the next part of the quest. Once you completed the dungeon. Talk to Nicca and you will gain knowledge of the skill (you need 5 AP to learn the skill).
Final Shot [G8 - S2] (Elves ONLY!)This skill is not out for North America Yet. Mirage Missile must already be learned in order to acquire Final Shot. Talk to Meles using the 'Skills' keyword. (You will receive a 1x2 sized Quest Scroll in your Inventory). Talk to Granites. Give Granites 1 Topaz Arrow. Give Granites 1 Emerald Arrow. Give Granites 1 Amethyst Arrow. Talk to Granites again and receive 1 Diamond Arrow. Drop the Diamond Arrow at the Longa Desert Ruins Dungeon altar and clear the dungeon. (The boss is still a Ruin Guardian with about 2000 HP). If you fail to clear the Diamond Arrow dungeon, give Granites one of each of the three gemmed arrows to receive the Diamond Arrow again. Complete the quest to be rewarded with the Final Shot skill. 5 AP is required.
Mirage Missile (Elves ONLY!)Talk to Castanea about skills to start the quest. Go out into the desert and... 

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