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Mafia 2 Review :

GSP - Mafia 2

by AlexGETsomePIE Jan 13, 2011

First off, Mafia 2 is a very storyline-based game. If you're someone who likes less storyline and more going around shooting things, this game is not for you. You start out as Vitto, a man that just was just discharged from the army for a wound. You meet up with your buddy Joe and the story begins.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I'll go over the gameplay itself for the most part. A huge problem with the game is the fact that spend most of your time driving places which becomes extremely tedious. Almost to the point where you'll spend half of the campaign just driving places. Most of the plot goes like this. You wake up, you get a call to drive to x place. Once you drive to x place, you meet with y person who tells you to drive to z place. You drive to z place, play actual content for a while, drive back to x place to meet y person, then you drive back to x place. It's no doubt that you'll be spending most of your time driving around. It's a flat out pain for the most part, but the storyline will keep you going.

Now, aside from driving around, you'll probably end up beating people up, or having shoot-outs with people. The shooting aspect of the game is great, but the fights are where the game needs a little bit of tweaking. The early fights are easy, it's hard to lose. Once you learn how to dodge, they because pathetic. You can essentially hold down dodge, wait for the to punch, and punch back. Repeat that five or six times and you win. There are also a few missions where you have to sneak around and steal something, but they aren't anything particularly challenging.

The game itself is great, but mostly because of it's story line. This game would feel pretty empty and boring driving around. A great storyline compensates for the lack of gameplay, but it's almost like you're watching a movie, but you get to drive the car around, sounds exciting, right?

The game is good, but you shouldn't pay for it at full price. It's no doubt worth a playthrough, but for $50-$60, I'd go out and buy a different game.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
The Story line in this game was great, it was very storyline-based, and pulls it off very well. Without revealing any spoilers, you'll either love your hate the ending.
The graphics of this game are pretty good, and Nvidia PHYSX turned on, the physics will be stunning, something that should be considering the graphics area.
The voice acting is great, but hearing the same thing over and over in the radio and the massive amounts of driving you'll be doing will be tedious and annoying, you'll usually end up shutting it off in the end.
The gameplay is great, but fighting is a tad broken. It works better than you would expect, but once you get past that extremely easy curve, fighting areas become a piece of cake even on the hardest difficulty.
5Lasting Appeal
This game is single-player only, and while the campaign is pretty long, it is campaign based. There is a large world that you could explore, but the game is so streamlined you won't really have any opportunities or reason to explore.
(Out of 10)


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