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Maple Story Cheats :

This page contains Maple Story cheats list for PC version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 3 glitches, 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Maple Story on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Unlimited points

by Unregistered Jun 22, 2006

After picking somthing up hold z but do not move or else it wont work.

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Code - How to Track GMs

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2007

When u start the game or playing the game type this! Ultimate Tracking device

Press Alt+F12see top right corner,if FS above 100 means the head GM is near u
Press Alt+F12 again to off itto off it
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Secret - Kerning City PQ Secret

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2007

First. Goto kerning city and look for pq
second. collet extra tickets
Second Last. Goto The exit and drop any random item then drop ur passes / tickets
last press ur pick-up botton and clik on the exit person then when u go out u have them

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Glitch - Pass through statue

by lol362 Dec 12, 2007

in "the entrance to orbis tower". There is a statue
middle of the map. Climb on the rope and jump near the
the upper road. keep doing that uptill u can jump through
the statue.

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Secret - Easy Leader B's Charm and leader B's Drops without hitting them direct

by Unregistered Jul 26, 2007

Go to Shang-hai Go to the field and hit the roasters or anything there and they will drop leader B's Charm and you can go to showa town to exchange for the items

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Secret - Ultiment way to get your character pumped without hacking

by Unregistered May 06, 2008

This is a guide:
1-10 buff up on red snails.
10-21 get a job and do the hpq(henysis pq)
21-30 do the kpq(kerning pq)
30-50 do the monster carnival pq
50-70 do orbis pq or sumthin
70-what ever..have fun and explore
to get $cash$ pick stuff up and sell...every day hit sell fame 20k...if they scam find them by doing /find character name...and report them...
thats pretty much it...
have fun mapleing

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Secret - For Gonna Be Warriors

by ZeEndofZeVorld4Zhu Aug 08, 2007

1: Make the dice roll give u high str n high dex
2: For Every Level you are your dex should be doubled except fer lvl 1 and the rest of your stat poitns go into str no matta what
3: When choosing weapon get the bat/club (does most dmg trad ein l8r fer better club/bat)
4: Train on ppl in tutorial till u get to 5
5: use all skill points on wind walk and recovery
6: Do all quests n kill everything till lvl 10 (also pick up ALL items)
7: Make sure u got about 1500 extra mesos after u give money to capitain
8: When u get to new city take taxi(its a stand) to perion
9: Go to the Cheifs building and tlk to him
10: The rest is up to u

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Cheats - Turns your screen right side up

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down

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Secret - Free things!(very easy to do)

by echogirl May 17, 2010

U know cake boss daniel and pie lord tiara right well, if their teams are in a battle, and ur weak, hit 1 monster 1 time and get out of the battle. then just watch. after the battle is done, talk to pie or cake master. then he/she will give u an reward by clicking i wuol like my reward for participating in battle. then they'll give u the reward. talk to ur master again and click on the same thing. then they'll give u another thing. the first thing is for discounts at shops only for medicine. like a ption is 50 mesos and it was 40 mesos with that thing! even though u used it, it is still there! how amazing! then the other reward is only for the pie or cake master. u get only 6 of those i think. talk to daniel or tiara and trade those in for rare stuff. and one thing, there is this thing that is useless to daniel and cost 1 maple thingy. not maple leaves. and it restores all of ur mp and hp.

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Glitch - Orbis Ship

by hyfurd2112 Aug 03, 2009

Do you want to know how to stay on the bottom of the ladder where you go down to the rock (This is in the cabin)First you buy pet food.(One is okay)Then you put it on ins or a quick tab. I will suggest ins. Then when your going down the ladder keep on pressing ins or whatever you put the pet food on. Then since you cant eat the pet food you will stay on the spot if you will teleport to the bottom of the ship.

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Secret - Only with R4 or TTDS

by echogirl May 07, 2010

Ill tell u guys that did u know that there is a maple story DS u can only do that if u have R4 or TTDS. the DS 1 is easier than the computer 1. and u can win there mostly because u will have a partner following u. for example, u attack a monster, then stop attacking. now its ur partners turn to attack. but sorry to tell you, that the american 1 didnt cum out yet. so youll have to wait. there is only one language left which is korean.

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Secret - Places to train when you aran

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2010

Levels 1-10: after you come back to life in Rien, there will be quite a few Aran quests. Complete them and you should get to level 10 in no time.
Levels 10-14: after you make the first job advancement, like the Cygnus Knights, you will be given a place to train in Rien. Training Slimes, Training Orange Mushrooms, Training Pigs will give adequate experience.
Levels 14-20: you should go to Victoria island, and a few quests will be waiting for you. Complete them to level up quick. Or, you could participate in the Henesys Party Quest, but with the melee attacks, it would be pretty hard attacking those flying monsters. It still gives you good experience at the start though. Once you go at about Level 15, Rowen the Fairy at Ellinia will request you to kill Green mushrooms and Sickly Green Mushrooms. They will give great experience and might drop goodies such as a pan lid, which is popular with Bandits and can be sold at a high price. If you can one or two hit Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms and are ready to burn and spam pots, you might try Ant Tunnel.
Levels 21-25: KPQ is available now. But don't do it yet, because you lack dexterity, which is a pain when fighting Ligators and King Slime. Instead, do lots of quests, and a new character in Perion will request you to kill Depressed Ghost stumps. You might do this quest at the same time as Winston's Planting Trees quest. You are ready enough to go down to Ant Tunnel, so gown down there and Kill horny mushrooms and Zombie mushrooms.
Levels 26-30: now you are strong enough to do KPQ! It gives you lots of easy experience and rewards, such as ores. But don't forget to do quests, as the NPC in Perion this time wants you to kill Zombie Mushrooms and Murderous Zombie Mushrooms. A great place to train is 'Cave where mushrooms grow' mini dungeon in Ant tunnel, where large amounts of Zombie mushrooms and Horny mushrooms spawn. At lv 29 you will have to kill Francais (the puppeteer)'s cave in the evil eye cave 3. It isn't so hard, just bring at least 10 white potions and 10 blue potions, and you'll do just fine. Or you could go to Orbis and kill Jr. Stentinels, but it's a bit slow.
Levels 31-35: complete the 2nd job advancement. You will have to kill Scarred Bears to complete it. If you did it, congratulations! However, even though you might go to Carnival Party Quest, you are not likely to get chosen, and you will likely lose and get harassed. Skip it for now, and just go to Mushroom Kingdom/ Orbis.... 

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Unlockable - Stuff

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2009

Some stuff. And how to get to's.
Hope you enjoy this cheat.
My character's name is Megaman12221. I am lv 21.
I live in Scannia, and I am currently in Aquarium

(PQ) Moon bunnyBe at least level 10.
(PQ) Ariant Hunting CompeititionBe at least level 20.
(PQ) First Time TogetherBe at least level 21.
AquariumGet through Orbis Tower.Once you get to the bottom, there should be water under the path. Go through the portal in the water.
El NathGet to the bottom of Orbis Tower.
Ludium LakeRide a ship to Ludium Lake
Ariant DesertBe level 18 or 20. You have to hunt 10 Dark Axe Stumps. After finished, he teleport you there.
(Item) Battle Axe (One Handed Axe) (Warrior)I found it in a Slime in Ellinia
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Easter Egg - Free and Fast Healing

by MapleGuru Dec 18, 2007

Go to the Dragon forest at leafre,go to dragon tomb 1 and go to ur left,u will see a stone and on it,engraved a dragon picture.Wait for the picture or change channel.When the picture lights up,u will recover 100% hp when u are under the picture, ( Note : this can recover forever even a monster hit u until the light goes off )

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Secret - Walkthrough for Aran

by Unregistered Feb 16, 2010

Level 1-14
Go do all the quest there

Level 14-21
Do Henesys Party Quest

Level 21-30
Do Kerning Party Quest or Ariant Party Quest.If you lucky people will pick you cause less people party quest..

Level 30-34
Do 2nd Job Advancement.After that,you will teleport to a place.Then try doing all the quest there.

Level 34-35
Do Maple Carnival.

Level 35-40
Do Maple Carnival if you want the Spiegalmann's Necklace or Do Ludi Party Quest

Level 40-45
Do Maple Carnival if you want the Spiegalmann's Necklace or Do Ludi Party Quest or Do the Ariant Pyramid Party Quest.

Level 45-51
Do Maple Carnival if you want the Spiegalmann's Necklace or Do Ludi Party Quest or Do the Ariant Pyramid Party Quest or Do the other party quest in Ludi which I isn't Ludi Party Quest.If you need to go there,go to the main Ludi then go right to the end,then go up.You will see a girl and a portal,go in the portal then you are in the place.Then keep going right.If you are lucky,you may find people there that wants to party quest.

Level 45-50
Do that party quest

Level 50-55
Do that party quest or do the Zakum Party Quest or Do Orbis Party Quest.

Level 50-70
Do Zakum Party Quest or Orbis Party Quest.

Level 70-200
Fight high level monsters and do other quest you want.

Happy Mapling ^_^

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Glitch - Invisible Chair (Easier to Understand)

by bishop262 Jul 13, 2010

Stand in front of a bench (not another character's) and press 'Down'. Then press 'Alt' (Or whatever your jump button is) and 'X' (Or whatever your sit button is) as quick as possible--in that order. Recovers 15 HP every 10 seconds. Enjoy! ^_^

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Secret - 3rd Job+ Training Spots

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2008

This is what i recommend:
Lv 70* Orbris pq
Lv 70 ~ 100 Davy John PQ(DJP)* Also known as (Mulung PQ)*
Lv 100 ~ 120 Carpark(parking lot)* or Aqua Dungeon(Deep Sea Gorge)*
Lv 120 ~ 140 Boss Monsters,~*Lady Boss*~, ~*Zakum*~ , ~*Papluatus*~ ~*SG Exclusive Map*~
Lv 140 ~ 160 Capt.Latanica (Singapore or Malaysia players only) Dragon Dungeon
Lv 160 ~ 200 Super Boss

Super Boss Includs : ( BodyGuards,The BOSS, ~*HORNT TAIL*~ , )
Hope you all have fun!! =D This is what i trained during all these level and it works =)

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