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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Unlimited energy for player

by carter2791 Apr 28, 2008

did you know that the SDF Rebel suit for your player (not mecha) has unlimited energy, if you didnt know that then give me the thumbs up

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Glitch - Hiden weapon!!!

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2008

first go to hospital and wear scrubs outfit then go to goto universtey and take enegy blade class but dont go on weapon rack, stay how you are in scrubs clothes and you get to use a giant injector sword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unlockable - Tons of money in 1 day!And new itemz and a mech!

by zookmaster444 Oct 29, 2007

You need to be a lvl 20 pizza guy in soluna city.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
No.1 Pizza mechbe lvl 20 pizza guy
No.2 Weapon shop 114 i think
No.3 Weapon shop 2lvl 18 pizza guy
No.4 Order #66 (gives lots of money!)lvl 15 pizza guy
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Secret - How to get many credits

by joeyjoey123 May 05, 2008

first joun a house any house and then quest in the labyrinth and then to move the mech use the arrow keys and tdont hit any enemies coz if u hit them youll battle a random mecha enemy and then if u get to a box youll battle a minotaur mecha and then if u manage to beat it youll get the box which is youll get many credits and i do this lots of times...............p.s rate this please

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Secret - Fast

by dragonslayer1220 Oct 09, 2007

If you want the game to go faster put it on low quality..

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Code - Cool credits and ng

by Coollio Oct 20, 2009

Here a waw how to get ng and credits hope u like it i find this code by axsident
enjoy by coollio

fitght portal avatar in planet thohget 500ng,3000credits,400exp
trade in white casstle100credits=1ng
cinemaif you are lvl:40 every wacth get 2225 credits
defeat a supulchure mechaget 3500 credits
defeat magma lordget 200 exp
chalenge 10 the knife ang sporkget 250 exp,1750 credits
fitgt the 100 flors of doomget 20.000 exp(when finished),2.000.000 credits(when finished)
battle my ID:9586724get 500exp and 5000 credits(deactevat skale fitgtg
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Code - I'll give free MQ Accounts

by Archimedes Jun 22, 2011

This is not a scam promise.

I dont need any of your emails,accounts or whatsoever.

Feel free to ask.

But I will only pick people who are loyal.

Just tell me if you want some account.

I have a trainer so I can level upto Lvl. 45 in just 30 mins.

And I can also access rare mechs and shops but I cant buy SC Items for you :D

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Unlockable - Easy money

by ibontknow1 Feb 12, 2008

it can help you

Unlockable:How to unlock:
police class500 up
pizza classfor starters 300 plus
doctor classall i konw is if you on the max level is you can have 3000 up money
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Secret - Easy money and exp for high lvl

by mikel321 Nov 12, 2008

if you want money,

1. go left of soluna city until you find the knife and spork,
go inside and finish all the challenges, until challenge 10, and if you defeat one mech, it will give you 250exp and 1750gold in one kill map, and go to westion, were you will see horses,go left and you will see a white building, enter and you will see a horse sheriff go bounty hunting and if you defeat the mech, you will get again a gold reward.

3. just go to the cinemech, and there, view the available videos and after that you will get money.

by: Mikel"fuzzy wazzy"

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Unlockable - How to become powerful even ure not a star captain....

by Anerthikon08 Jul 21, 2008

the best way to level up if u are 6-12 need a powerful mecha i request go to mega spider
if u want to save up money go to labyrinth.....
if u want to find the khael,wrangler and sheriff broncho quest u must finish the ship parts i recommend save up i powerful mech like wolfblade(suggested wolfblade lvl 12)and then save an extra 1k cause if ure not a star captain u have to pay me i save up 100k for 3days and find parts and its worth it im a lvl 13 but i beated many powerful mech and u can finish the 101 mech with ure wolfblade lvl 12 mech........

my weapons and the combination are
*used electron sniper- to stun-1st-5th
*howitzer-adds up 50% extra damage-2nd-7th
*bazooka-adds up to 50% damage-3rd
*plasma pulsar-4th
*missile mouth-6th

i hope the help u....gud luck to all!!
its up to u to give me a thumbs up..(^_^)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
mega spider80exp and 500g
mini-ton50exp and 250+the quest x lvl=???
khael snake and wrangler70exp and 630gold
sheriff brochobandit(sometimes) + bandit leader(sometimes stupid) + award money i think its almost 1k or more than
slidz and orbo32exp and 320g
captain lupushmmm maybe around 30-50exp and 400-600g( sorry )
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Unlockable - Space Dunce Helmet

by Unregistered Nov 09, 2007

Use the bay doors 4-6 times

Unlockable:How to unlock:
space dunce helmetUse the bay doors 4-6 times
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Secret - How to battle yourself...

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

First, in the character list, look at the character ID of your character. Then, type the numbers represented in your character ID on the video game assault mecha. Type your character ID on the battle ID#. If you want to battle me, my number is 554603. I am level 4 and still going.

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Secret - The Answers for going Undercover

by Unregistered Dec 11, 2007

These are the answers for going undercover to the wolf base

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Glitch - Top 3 Ways for $$$

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

Top Ways to Get 10'000 or more (listed by $ and difficulty)
1.Cain S. Lupis, 525$ each fight [police staion] 19-20 fights will get 9'975-10'500
2.Kebros, Wolfman Jack 500$ each fight [police station] 20 fight's will get 10'000
3.Order # 66 300$ each fight [mecharoni's] 33-34 fight will get 9'900-10'200

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Secret - Easy to lvl when you are a high lvl( recommended 13 up)

by Anerthikon08 Jul 29, 2008

first u need to get a powerful meca that has a big health like lvl 12 wolfblade or runehawk or mysraven something like that........ the secret in here is in before u will fight the minoton u will pass 3 health purifier something like that(the medic sign)
first u must heal in the first one u will pass and then fight the minoton he will give 124exp and 1200credits and then dont go to the treasure....go to the healing machine and then repair and w8 for the minoton again and fight it when u defeat the minoton go to the the treasure and u will get 4k+ if lvl 14 and 248exp + if u battle the others u will get more.......dont worry the minoton have 320 life but have a low damage on u...and have a low chance of stunning.... for me the older minoton is powerful but gives weak credits... give a thumbs up plz.....

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Unlockable - Uniforms

by Lucario46 Aug 11, 2008

SDF Rebel is great! it gives unlimited mp!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
SDF RebelBe a rebel at the moon
Star Captain's UniformBe a Star Captain
WolfBlade/RuneHawk/MistRavenJoin the WolfBlade/RuneHawk/MistRavens
SpyUnlock the mission called Espionage
Ghost HunterBe at rank 12 at Mysterious Emporium
Pizza UniformApply job at Mecharonni
DetectiveBe at rank 21 at Police Department
Wolf CostumeGet the 12th clue at Police Deparment
PoliceApply job at the Police Department
Martial ArtistGo to Energy Blade Class
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Secret - Easy easy money and exp

by trainerkk Jan 14, 2008

go to hospital,do the minigame.if u rescue more than 10 doctors,u vs a mech called goliath.if u win,u receive 1000credits and 100 exp and another 1000credits or more(depending how much doctors u rescued and 100+exp(depending how much doctors u rescue

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Easter Egg - Free hemelt

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

Gust keep flying out the door until u get it

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Code - Cool mecha equepment

by Coollio Jan 05, 2010

Here are cool equepments if you are weiring this mechas
these are....not realy.......equip.....just........never mind
now please,battle my id=3811109
mecha stats:



200 dmg with falcon smack 4 timesbuy a mecha falcon,then get a kelvin-zero at the star captains club by finishing the"GARK X"quest.
starters setmecha:newbertronv5550978(lvl:3),pizza saw-ser(front arm),WRM,RWM,MRW(back arm),noob-missele-FLXN(4)
unlemeted eangle defenders effeck(refleck dmg)get a eangle mecha(argant,arturian,replesed)and for the head,equip a kelvin-zero so keep using"eagle flight"weappon and TADA
500 total dmg with burning stempunkget a burning steampunk in the"westion bug war 2"and keep using the shoulder weapons
lvl:100 with supulcre ultimedget a supulcre ultimed and then,you can be lvl:100 automatically,get(12.000.000 credits and 5000 nova gems)
the legenddary weapon(shining duo)try to find it on planet LORE.the shining duo can RESET YOUR COOLDOWNS!!and,REFLECK ANEMIES DMG!!and,gets you to lvl:100and,have 70%change to stun your apoonnent 5 rounds
4 dmg over times with one refleck powerbuy the"skalmond"mecha and buy a cris katana use the weapons
the anty-stunt mechabuy wolfblade advanceV5 with imobility:80 and equip,multiplyer circuit(imobilyty+20)
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Secret - Good Mechas

by Unregistered May 09, 2008

Here good mechas that i know:
-Wolfblade machas (wathever it's lvl6,lvl12,v2.0 or v3.0)
-Battle hammer v2.0 or v3.0 (see rare mecha shop,v3.0 only for SC)
-Event or holiday mechas

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Secret - Non-Star Captain mecha build(nearly unstoppable)level 40 NSC!

by AumaanAnubis Jun 09, 2010

NOTE!(By In game enemies not assault mecha enemies)(and you need to complete all the planets)If you completed Lagos, Gark, 51 ,Necryptos,Westion ,Zargon and Yokai, Buy the count mechula lvl 39 then equip Ace dealer then flame gun then Mera Tube Gun A-3 then PlasmaGun V40 then batty stakes and Crane Head

Use in this order: Crane Head, Ace Dealer , Flame Gun , Batty Stakes, Mera Tube Gun Then Plasma Gun. Then use the remaining to finish them off (if not yet dead by the combo)

Theres a tiny Glitch When the opponents get affected by the DoT's then the dimensional poison sometimes the enemy has -X health and still fighting.
I.e when i fought the crane master the health sap mortal wound and dimensional rift made his hp into 8 then along with dimensional rift is dimensional poison which can also be critical mass double damage in my case critical mass made his HP into -15 hope i helpd you NON SC's cuz im non sc too :P

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Glitch - Walk on wall

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2008

Go to the Knife and Spork resteraunt. When inside got to the right, you will be in a room of boxes. Walk to the wallnext to the boxes and click at the top of the wall, you'll walk up the wall!! Weird.

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Hints - Easiest way to get fossils

by nobin Apr 18, 2008

Go to the desert instead of the other ones

To get lots of money and exp do the ocean one

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Secret - Easy level and money spot when you get lvl 7 or high

by raylen23 Nov 07, 2007

when you are lvl 7 and have a good weopons go to the pizza shop and do the quest when you get or unlock the order #66 do it and fight a big rat and and hit 20+ or lower and this rat has 100 life points and it's the boss of all rats i think...(//_x)

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Secret - Mechquest - Easy way to finish the Triceratop's Fossil

by Asif626 Nov 26, 2010

First you must go to the Art Museum and then go to Val and click Explore! . First go to the Jungle and fight the opponent , go up the temple , cross the hitting hands , cross the swinging hands and kill the [font=-1]Shado[/font]wscythe Pilot and get the treasure , do this again and again till she say's "I think we have found everything there is to find at this ruin. It's time to move on!." . Then go to Desert kill the opponent , and get inside the temple , pass the burning fires kill the [font=-1]Shado[/font]wscythe Pilot and click the middle fire and don't do anything the walls with sharp come near you and then they'll stop . Do this again and again till she say's "I think we have found everything there is to find at this ruin. It's time to move on!." . Then the next one the Ocean . Go down the ocean without damaging your ship , kill the Kathool Adept , get inside the temple , kill the [font=-1]Shado[/font]wscythe Pilot ,go and get the treasure , but before that you must fight the Kathool-Atchoo and done . You must do this again and again to finish the Triceratop's fossil .

And I am your,

Asif Boss , Mecha Pilot

Level 25

Mecha : Advanced Wolf

ID : 12164190

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