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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 24 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

CoOl credits and ng

by Coollio Oct 20, 2009

Here a waw how to get ng and credits hope u like it i find this code by axsident
enjoy by coollio

fitght portal avatar in planet thohget 500ng,3000credits,400exp
trade in white casstle100credits=1ng
cinemaif you are lvl:40 every wacth get 2225 credits
defeat a supulchure mechaget 3500 credits
defeat magma lordget 200 exp
chalenge 10 the knife ang sporkget 250 exp,1750 credits
fitgt the 100 flors of doomget 20.000 exp(when finished),2.000.000 credits(when finished)
battle my ID:9586724get 500exp and 5000 credits(deactevat skale fitgtg
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I'll give free MQ Accounts

by Archimedes Jun 22, 2011

This is not a scam promise.

I dont need any of your emails,accounts or whatsoever.

Feel free to ask.

But I will only pick people who are loyal.

Just tell me if you want some account.

I have a trainer so I can level upto Lvl. 45 in just 30 mins.

And I can also access rare mechs and shops but I cant buy SC Items for you :D

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CoOl mecha equepment

by Coollio Jan 05, 2010

Here are cool equepments if you are weiring this mechas
these are....not realy.......equip.....just........never mind
now please,battle my id=3811109
mecha stats:



200 dmg with falcon smack 4 timesbuy a mecha falcon,then get a kelvin-zero at the star captains club by finishing the"GARK X"quest.
starters setmecha:newbertronv5550978(lvl:3),pizza saw-ser(front arm),WRM,RWM,MRW(back arm),noob-missele-FLXN(4)
unlemeted eangle defenders effeck(refleck dmg)get a eangle mecha(argant,arturian,replesed)and for the head,equip a kelvin-zero so keep using"eagle flight"weappon and TADA
500 total dmg with burning stempunkget a burning steampunk in the"westion bug war 2"and keep using the shoulder weapons
lvl:100 with supulcre ultimedget a supulcre ultimed and then,you can be lvl:100 automatically,get(12.000.000 credits and 5000 nova gems)
the legenddary weapon(shining duo)try to find it on planet LORE.the shining duo can RESET YOUR COOLDOWNS!!and,REFLECK ANEMIES DMG!!and,gets you to lvl:100and,have 70%change to stun your apoonnent 5 rounds
4 dmg over times with one refleck powerbuy the"skalmond"mecha and buy a cris katana use the weapons
the anty-stunt mechabuy wolfblade advanceV5 with imobility:80 and equip,multiplyer circuit(imobilyty+20)
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hoW to get ninja!!!

by Unregistered Sep 29, 2010

go to planet yokai and keep going along till you get to a big building with pillars out the front. Next go inside to the girl and click on NINJA. Then click on NINJA COSTUME and click on YES! FOR NOW. Next click BACK and go to NINJA HELM then click on YOKAI BLADE. Next click on OPTIONS and then click on HOME TOWN.

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50,000 creds

by Unregistered Aug 20, 2015

Go to Soluna City, go right, past star captains club, past the shops, stop when you see the starship. There should be three people standing there. The girl next to the light is holding a brony which is an easter egg. But if you run into the guy facing the other way, he will challenge you to a fight. If you accept, you will win around 900 credits after all the fights. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, YOU MIGHT FIGHT A GUY CALLED RICHY THE RIGH GUY. BEAT HIM AND YOU WILL WIN +50,000 CREDITS

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by Unregistered Jun 24, 2014

if you do the WHITE CASTLE GOING GRAY mission then you will get 15000 credits but 0 xp. then also not a bad deal. you dont have to do anything maybe sometimes you'll have to figh some black and white people but normally you just listen to the info.servicwoman's boring things, climb the stairs and go to the room and then just listen to the robot and youre done. THANKS FOR READING

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EaSy xp

by obliterator Mar 23, 2012

easy way for saber black belts to make money and xp go to planet romero defeat the zombies if you have x boost you get 700 credits and 100 xp for each fombie

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PlAnet Liath ancient door puzzle walkthrough

by Crazydude5454 Mar 09, 2012

If you are having trouble solving the ancient door puzzle on planet Liath go to this link:

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HoW To Lvl up quickly and Earn Lots of Credit

by qerot23 Mar 05, 2012

Well its just easy U only Need A house Mecha Mystraven For Example is the best choice of Mech It can Stune Enemys and it has a high damage and Fearful critical damage JUST GO TO Fork And Spoon And Take The Dinner Challenge Again and again u can Buy all the powerful mech credit can afford Here is my Id :270797 Count MechulaXXV im a Vampire

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EaSy credits

by eugene2018 Dec 05, 2011

go to the arcade then play assult mecha then go to options then untick the box duel this code 10373662

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noVa gems cheat 2012

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2012

in the game go the star captin ship and back to urs. then walk out of the door into space. then you will get 999999 nova gems works 2012!

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ToNs of money and level up

by XstonemechX Oct 13, 2011

just go to the knife and spork which is on your left.

if your a high level it can get up to 29k per challenge

and it's so good for leveling up i did it and got from level 12 to 25 in no time

if you need help to finish challenge 10 or below just buy the dragon mecha in yokai

good bye all and goodluck

get dragon mecha from yokai planetso easy to finish challenges
go to knife and spork and do the challenges with the mecha untill challenge 10tons of money and easy level up
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skUllcrusher and sulphur

by lightball21 Sep 29, 2011

some of the best mecha you can get in the game like the suphlur 1000 and the skullcrusher 1000. You have to buy the artbook from the actual website and inside it has the codes just to make it clear to everyone.

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AsSault Mecha Codes

by Unregistered Mar 04, 2008

star captain place

your character's idfight yourself
767Reddragon (lvl 13)
546Zach (lvl 13)
647Jessica (lvl 15)
756blaze (lvl 13)
111Hocpuck (lvl 11)
123Mike (lvl 11)
768tim (lvl 14)
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