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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 354 cheats in our list, which includes 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

FrEe hemelt

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

Gust keep flying out the door until u get it

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eaSy money

by shakshak Nov 07, 2007

if ur a lvl 8 or hier and u can do order#66 than go to ur pizza job,do order # 66 and if u beat u get 300 credits

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thE staff's houses

by charlieprince Mar 31, 2008

this was posted on the design notes but whatever

Warlic: Runehawk
Artix: WolfBlade
Nythera: MystRaven
Safiria: MystRaven
Cysero: Runehawk
Rolith: WolfBlade
Zhoom: .. he is the only one who is undecided!
OIshii: MystRaven
GeoPetal: RuneHawk
Maegwyn: MystRaven
Galanoth: WolfBlade
Captain Rhubarb: Runehawk
Korin: MystRaven

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by dudemister Dec 21, 2007

go to ghost shop and thr a blue bag thing put mouse on it and it will say punch click fr ages and it cmes up with a title fight u get 10 exp and 10 credits

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EnErgy Sword Master

by Pita Nov 26, 2007

I got to 25 energy blade, then got 20 pizza and 27 police(How do you get to 32 on police?)Then i went back to do energy blade and it is exetremely hard. just keep doing strong attacks. There are more ppl with advanced weps like partisan. and Twang.

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pwNage set

by Unregistered Mar 04, 2008

Mecha: Wolfblade (Get at WolfBlade house)
Right Arm:Pizza saw-ser (Get at mecharonis)
Left Arm:Lava Blaster (Req. Lvl 10 Get at rare shop)
Front Shoulder:Sling missile (Get at Tek's shop)
Back Shoulder:Plasma Pulsar (Get at Tek's shop)
Head: Missile Mouth (Get at WolfBlade house)

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EaSy money

by ryanyeo Feb 27, 2008

If you want easy money,For starters i recommend Getting to lvl 18 piiza job then fighting rusty rat.Its your decision:Police,at the end you recieve 500+ credits;Doctor ,at the end you get 3000+ credits if you maxed your rank or Pizza ! Which i just told you about.There are no cheats unfortuneatly(sorry for spelling)People glitches ,Secrets passcodes are all fake.

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by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

go to uni, and join a house (wolfblade is the best) then go into missions,and then click labrinth there are little red mechs (these are enimes) defeat as many as you want but then u must real heal yourself but ur energy points real heal themselves then wen u av ad enough go find the chest but b careful bcoz the is a faster mech u will c it and u dnt wanna battle it it is quite hard but then wen it goes past u go get the chest and it will give u 1300 credits on top of wot u av already got plus this is gd for exp.

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GoOd money(It really works)

by mikewarior09 Aug 18, 2008

yowza peeps,

if you need quick money then goto the hosppital and do a quest called *Autopspy*

if you got through the alien u get 100xp and 500 Credits do it 20 times and u got 10k credits

*Note* it's really fast to do try it ;)

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DeFeating J6 on PVP with a (temporarly energy blade)

by Greatness Jun 24, 2008

If you can't defeat J6 on PVP, Then you must need a highly powerful mecha that can do stun on hits!! For example:
(WolfBlade 3.0) And (SDF Leader) And once you guys defeated J6, Your character will get a temporarly energy blade that will dissapear if you equip some items or logging out! Or if i'm wrong about the temporarly blade thing. Try on PVP fighting numbers 1 up to 8 then quit the arcade game and you will have a temporarly blade.

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HoW to defeat Twang easily.

by weelo May 02, 2008

In case you don't know, Twang is supposedly the most powerful energy blade
fighter around. You can only fight him once your energy blade rank is 35but
sometimes you'll get to battle him in class, but he goes easy, and you can
predict his attacks. Use strong attack on Twang until he glows red (usually
about 2 strong attacks make him glow). When he glows that means his next
attack is his best attack where he shoots every energy blade you can unlock
at you, usually dealing about 20-30 damage, so when he glows red then use a
defense attack and he will only do about 2-4 damage. Now then, repeat the
steps and voila! You can defeat Twang anyday! (at least almost,I think you
have a 80-90% chance of defeating him with this technique)

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by Unregistered Feb 14, 2008

First you do da x-am and once you start to battle youjust press skip so you wont lose
any energy or-Whatever cause it wood just Malfuntion anyway.Then wold get lots
of $$$$$$$ if you do this many times

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eaSy stuff for free

by landon1432 Dec 13, 2007

keep on going to the theater and get a prize.

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by Nixon Dec 24, 2007

The best mech ever is candy elf it got 205 health and 125 attack power ! The mech cost 500 nova gems note u av 2 be staer captain obviously LOL! P.S this is not an easter egg thing!


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DuNce Space Helmet

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

Next to the arcade there is a door.Keep on going in it until Sys Zero gives you the free helm.

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by Unregistered Jan 29, 2008

if u r a star captain and got at least 700 nova gems get the healing mech in nova mech shop and get these:
left shoulder:shadow napalm
right shoulder:shadow napalm
head:the kringler or holiday present if u got em in december ifnot then buy Dr. Cardiac
back arm:healing arm(comes with mecha)
front arm:mecha-slicer(comes with mecha)

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thE most easiest money without fighting...

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2008

heres how you get lots of money without fighting just keep watching at cinemech eventually it will all pay off!

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BeSt combernation for lvl 8 or higher

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

ok get a mama mia mega slicer(get a job at mecha-roni)and a sling Missile and mecha boom stick(at teks mech)use in these order
1.use mama mia mega slicer
2.use sling missile
3.mega slicer
4.mecha boom
5.mega slicer missile
easy to be order#66
and lots other mech.

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SeCret wonderland in mechquest

by Coollio Oct 09, 2009

Firs go to GEAR university then enter the labirinth.
kill some crazy monster there.
some monster thats hard to beatdrop keys when there dead
sHS incromancer thats use venom claw to absorb your ep and hp to regenerrate his
SHs jawseph thats use a sonic boom thats desebelise your head weapon and (cant use after battle)and lower your atack power
MECHNUGGET thats his damege is realy big!!!
MOBILE SHADOW BASE thats shot all kinds of stuff(lasers,missels,boms,and adter stuff)and his armor is realy toutg
MOHWAWK thats shot guns that lower your defense
SUPUKLURE thats use a biiiiiig sword that can damege you for 80-100 BALISTICK!!!!!(HIS WEAKNES IS FIRE)
you thing those guys are tough well beat em
oya one more thing:after you get keys go to the acces that machchest the color of the key
after get all tresure on efery sids(red,green,blue,black,pink,and yellow)
go to the missions in your house(woflblade,runewawk,misraven)there you will se below the "labirinth" a tittle "REWARARDS"
CLICK ON IT then you will be facing a caunter. on the caunter theres a sign says "credits < o >"
"nova gems < o >"
"exp < 0 >"
you just chace to how many credits,nova gems,and exp BUT ITS ONLY WORKS 6 TIMES

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BeSt combo EVER ( And I MEAN EVER ) ( level 10 or up ) ( also, my character id )

by zanbutt Nov 20, 2008

Mech: Any Wolfblade mech or other will do
Back arm: Lava blaster (from tek's mechs)
Front arm: Silver crossbow (from police shop)
Back shoulder: sling missle (x1)(from tek's mechs)
Front shoulder: Plasma pulasar (from tek's mechs)
Head: Trick or treat cat (from amity. Only available once a year)
Body: Any

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ReVised way to kill big rusty rat and the bear

by ojamarket Nov 19, 2007

So few ppl afford to have a deluxe mecharonni and have the deafault one only and im one of them
you need: mama mia mega slicer, dragontoothchaingun, slin missile and (very important) omni hawk head
with these 4 things you have a big chance to kill the rat and the bear

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HoW to beat Master Twang (Twig)

by Pita Nov 26, 2007

When you are fighting Master Twang, use only strong attacks. He will do double atttacks, 5-15, slow motion attacks, 5-20, and his super fast attack (about 10 hits of 2-4) doing catastrophic degeneration. Here is how to beat him he will start off with slow-mode or double attack, then the opposite or same attack again. Then he will glow RED at this point use defend. You will block many of his attacks. This will do major protection to you and allow you to beat him.

For more Info Email me at

Recommended that you use katana or up. Partisan does major damage to him.

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FaSter Money..Honest!

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2008

First you must complete all the hospital missions! until you can unlock the nano mission!(reccomended for lvl 8 above only!)do the mission if you need to repair just stay put! cause your life and energy will automatically regen!(slowly of course!) you defeat the mission you will get almost 4000 creadits! honest!

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plEase click on feed me

by stevie May 28, 2008

if you click on feed me a window comes up press the correct one the you can get your own one

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EaSy ways to get money

by danny555 Feb 20, 2008 of the best ways to get money is going to labyrinth and getting the tersure box
2.if your a lvl15 pizza guy the do the order 66 mission and get about 10000(not really sure my friend told me this if he lies don blame it on me blame it on him)

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