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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 354 cheats in our list, which includes 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

hiDen weapon!!!

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2008

first go to hospital and wear scrubs outfit then go to goto universtey and take enegy blade class but dont go on weapon rack, stay how you are in scrubs clothes and you get to use a giant injector sword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ToP 3 Ways for $$$

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

Top Ways to Get 10'000 or more (listed by $ and difficulty)
1.Cain S. Lupis, 525$ each fight [police staion] 19-20 fights will get 9'975-10'500
2.Kebros, Wolfman Jack 500$ each fight [police station] 20 fight's will get 10'000
3.Order # 66 300$ each fight [mecharoni's] 33-34 fight will get 9'900-10'200

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WaLk on wall

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2008

Go to the Knife and Spork resteraunt. When inside got to the right, you will be in a room of boxes. Walk to the wallnext to the boxes and click at the top of the wall, you'll walk up the wall!! Weird.

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MeGa Man

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

Ok u need to go to the desert thingy at the museum, when reach the shadowscyth pilot let him kill you. if u did it right u probibly will end up at the start of the level again and you will be your charater. i didnt know what to class this as but i think its a glitch
By: Andrew

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by alucardyett Jan 14, 2008

there is no way to have infinite energy unless you use a trainer and if you do you should become a respected member of cheat engine forums where you can get trainers to all of artix entertainment games

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inDestructable life bars

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2008

in the magic shop click on that blue dummy in the background until you fight it. before you even do ur first attack quickly click on the mirror in the background three times. now, attack the dummy, it dosent lose life at all but after a while it still dies (another glitch: when it blows up it looks just like them dodgey wooden things you do sword practace on!) but the best part is after its dead, no matter where you go the life bars from the fight are still hovering in mid air! p.s. it might only work on my computer so dont get angry if it dosent work!!! :)

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faSt credits really easy

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2008

get a job in the hospital and then go on a mission and just do the autopsy if anything else pops out exit until you get the autopsy. (this is the cool part) when you start the autopsy click on the organ and while holding it left click and you can now click anywhere and the organ will move there. do not move too far from the original place or it will fail you because you moved too fast. you must repeat this process every time you move the organ.

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eaSy win

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

go to university and take the exam on your 1st enemy press skip on your 1st go and he will blow up

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deSert glitch

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2008

When you are in the desert,after killing the shadowsythe pilot, click the middle torch. then RUN as fast as you can to the bottom right hand corner. the spiks will pass, but DO NOT MOVE AN INCH OR YOU WILL DIE.Then run to the middle and you will get a treasure.

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InVisible mech

by Unregistered Jun 01, 2009

First go to the museum at the far left and explore the desert as soon as you get to the scene with the door clik on the door it should slightly open and battle should start, during this battle you should be invisible then after you character should be mech size.

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GlIch:middle of nowhere.

by Unregistered Mar 12, 2012

first go to the big starship in the east of town go inside click visit other ships then you go to a random ship after that go to the girl on the left side of the ship then click leave after that you will be in the middle of nowhere warning! (after you do this glich you cannot walk or do anything)

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ZeUs's Armor glitch

by Crazydude5454 Mar 09, 2012

When doing the J6 mission or "catch a Thief " on westion when you go on top of the train go to options then press the button that says "Hometown." then you should still be whereing it

Good Luck!!!!

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BeCt Combo for level 12s and up!!

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2008

OK, first get a house mech or a Geekatron. Next, get between 73 000 and 87 400. Then go to Selina on Zargon and do her missions until you can unlock the weapons shop. Then, depending on what mech you've got, buy the following weapons:
-Incredible Disruptor- All
-Incredible Clusters- All
-Incredible Dual Strike- All
-Recluse Claw- House Mech
-Incredible Rockets/Incredible Rail Blaster- Geekatron
-Incredible Scanner Blade

So now if you've got a Geekatron, you can use these weapons in combos and if not, I'm sorry............ SORRY YOU'RE GOING TO KICK BUTT!!!!!!!!!(Geekatrons too)

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WaLk in the Equip Menu

by Unregistered Jun 10, 2008

This glitch allows you to walk on the equip menu then it shrinks you.Once you have an energy weapon of your own,start running in Soluna City.Then,while running,go to the Equip Menu,and select the energy weapon.Your character should walk on the item list,and,once he/she stops running,he/she should shrink,even though the zoom is still 100.

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inVisable mech

by Bager Mar 24, 2008

frist you go to museum and go to the desert.
next you walk to the battle area and if you dont see the dino quickly walk to the stone door.
then when the fight starts u are inviable!

its worked for me too!

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LiTerally impossible fight

by supakillaz Mar 04, 2008

If you go to the arcade and battle ID 16 you will fight the game programmer rolith who is literally impossible to beat. He has noob Missiles(x4) that do 100-200 each, a shining repeater (250-300), a hammer (really cool, just like the one he has in DF and AQ, even though in AQ he is named Eselgee, does 100-200), and a wolfblade repeater (relatively weak, 38-42). He is fun to battle, so just keep fighting for fun if you want to. He is lvl 13 in a WOLFBLADE mech (hint hint, join wolfblade, cough cough), so he'll have about 215 health.

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ThIs isn't a good one

by cybergoo Mar 03, 2008

Just wantes to warn you that the jungle quest in the museum has a bug.
Sometimes when you defeat the mech in the quest, you try to move, but it takes you back to the previous screen. when this happen I havn't a clue what to do just go on char list or hometown or something. . .

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atTack Aleysia!

by Unregistered Mar 03, 2008

There's a new glitch in Mechquest in the mecha combat room. When you enter the room, above the start class button is a small version of the blade combat attack menu, press a button and die or punch Aleysia!

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by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

in soulna go right and before you reach the other side click equip and wait.TA,DA!!!!

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muSuem,get bones quickly

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

go to the jungle, when loading the mech[if u can],quickly go up the temple and fight the monster and go to the ice thingy.But sometimes the game will overload

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HoW to get at least 4-9 damage when u run out of power in mechquest

by Darxonic Feb 28, 2008

click defend or strong atack then quickly push attack the you randomly get between 4-9 damage;Enjoy. =p

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GlItch-repeat opening the door

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2008

when you go to the desert and defeated the enemy when your inside go to the first post near the head i did it 5 times

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InVisible Mecha!

by cyborgKING Feb 27, 2008

Go to the Museum in the city press Explore (when you Go to the girl) Then Dessert. Then if you see a Dino Mech go to its taiil then voila! your fighting while your invisible

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shOrtcut in autopsy

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2008

go to the hospital and accept the quest. if your lucky the nurse will ask you to do the autopsy. Some people find it hard to finish the autopsy when it is the very long one. Here's the glitch in the game. You can make a shortcut and when two passages are connected you must be quick and it will make a shortcut!

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hoSpital autopsy

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2008

first get the autopsy quest then when you are operating left click (hold on) then right click then when theres the option thingy press some anywhere near you will be teleported there(the organ)

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