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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - How to walk on polise_man

by all_spark Jan 14, 2008

go to the polise station then to the polise man keep clicking on him eventyouly you will walk on him

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Secret - Fastest Way To Defeat The Gummer(Farm:500g and 100 exp)

by MQmaster Jan 11, 2008

Get A Gingerbread Mecha. Get 1.Silver Crossbow, 2.Holiday Peppermint Gun, 3. Equip the Defult Front Shoulder On The Gingerbread Mecha, and 4. Get Sling Missle. Both Ways Takes 6 Turns(Shortest Amount Of Turns Needed Unless Crit. Hit)Way 1(Goes By Number Order)- 1,4,2,3,1, and 4. Way 2- 2,4,1,2,3, and 4.(Note: Don't Work When You Miss Or With Different Weapon)These Ways Have A 99.5% Of Sucess!!!!

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Secret - Easy wins

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

best mech + wepon combo so far. get the candy elf equip the mint-zookas on back and front sholders keep defalt arms and equip the kingeler 4 non-starcaptins the holiday present 4 starcaptins. it all costs novagems now but its worth it. the combo duzent work all the time and u can be killed so dont think u r invincible.

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Secret - Easy cash

by DX1234567891 Jan 09, 2008

now if you have the ginger bread mecha and kerberos then here is a easy cash thingy you need these weapons used electron sniper(1)(teks mechs front arm)(holiday peppermint gun(2) only if you bought it from the christmas holiday items)(candy cannon(3)comes with the gingy mecha )(and sling missle (4)from teks mech shoulder items DO IT IN THIS ORDER 124312AND IF HE DOESNT DIE CONTINUE WITH 43 HE SHOULD DIE BY THEN TRUST ME I DID THIS PLENTY OF TIMES AND NOW I HAVE THE HAMMERHEAD MECHA WITH 200 HP 100 EP AND 10 REGEN WHICH IS WORTH 95000 CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Non star captian best weapon combo/mecha

by hayhayee Jan 09, 2008

Mecha:Katana Or better
1.Electron Rifle
2.Dragontooth Chaingun
3.Sling Missile
4.Anything With Low Cooldown And High Damage
5.ShadowScythe Helmet Thingy

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Secret - Second easiest way to defeat Rusty rat mecha

by alvinn6 Dec 21, 2007

To defeat rusty rat mecha , you need to do the cheats below
Buy mama mia mega slicer,refrubished mahcine gun back arm and NOOB Missle 4 times
1 2 3
Do 1,2,3,2,1,2,3 repeatly until it is dead

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Secret - Walkthrough - how to defeat a Big Rusty Rat

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

:lvl 8 minimum(with the newbatron v.1)
you need :lvl 8,1ēMama mia mega slicer,2ēSolar mega blaster,3ēSling missle(x1) and a Wolf head.

This is the order:1,2,3,1,2,1 and he died or you died but in the 60% of the tries he dies bye!

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Glitch - Battle with 0 hp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

First you have to talk to Worsh (the pilot) and press the FLY THIS SHIP ! button and after that keep on crashing on the meteors and when it says Failed , you will see that you have 0 hp!!!!!!!!!!!

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Easter Egg - Best combo EVER ( And I MEAN EVER ) ( level 10 or up ) ( also, my character id )

by zanbutt Nov 20, 2008

Mech: Any Wolfblade mech or other will do
Back arm: Lava blaster (from tek's mechs)
Front arm: Silver crossbow (from police shop)
Back shoulder: sling missle (x1)(from tek's mechs)
Front shoulder: Plasma pulasar (from tek's mechs)
Head: Trick or treat cat (from amity. Only available once a year)
Body: Any

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Secret - A New Joker in Mechquest

by kelsinho Sep 15, 2008

u guys there is a new joker in town. if u go to new relese just in the left down corner. u will go to this quest yeah if u face the boss he's a joker but he's life is 1000hp u cant hit him al u do is 0 attack if u lucky u might do 1-6 attack

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Secret - Having a discovery

by Zeruel_130 Jul 21, 2008

First finish the early frogzard thingy in the museum then finish the second the it will become a nice view if you will make it high quality

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Secret - Free helm andstar caption

by brandonbrammer Jun 06, 2008

jump out of the ship about 15 times jump out 200 times star captoin

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Secret - Easy Quest && Lots of MULA!!

by 5unbreakablelove Feb 18, 2008

tO gEt aLOt Of MonEy Do tHeSe jObS:

$PIZza jOb
$BLiNdqUeSt - tHE EnD(BosS FiGhT)

iF yOu WaNt To KnoW HoW mUcH MonEy yoU ArE GoInG To MaKe iF YoU dO tHe bLiNDquest, AdD ThE MonEy tHaT YoU HaVe riGht nOw AnD add iT ON tHe qUeSt yOu mIgHt wAnT tO dO ABoVe.

+ 320

Do tHe QUeSt oVeR aNd OvEr UnTiL YoU MaKe miLlIons.. ( iT DepEndS If YoU ARE GoInG tO bE iN tHe cOmPuTeR fOr LiKE 20HoUrS oR sOmEtHinn.. )

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Glitch - Isnt real

by ibontknow1 Feb 13, 2008

there are no cheat sorry im very sorry but you can use cheatengine but theres a risk 50-50

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Secret - 715 Credits in 40 seconds

by Revokeran Aug 18, 2008

First take the train to westion. Once your there go left and into the sheriff building and go bounty hunting. Once you get 100 bounty points you can fight the boss. He only hits 5-6 damage and has 160 HP. You get 415 credits for defeating him and then you get 300 credits because he's wanted. Takes less than a minute and u can do it hundreds of times.

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Easter Egg - Revised way to kill big rusty rat and the bear

by ojamarket Nov 19, 2007

So few ppl afford to have a deluxe mecharonni and have the deafault one only and im one of them
you need: mama mia mega slicer, dragontoothchaingun, slin missile and (very important) omni hawk head
with these 4 things you have a big chance to kill the rat and the bear

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Secret - Iron Man mech (kind of nooby )

by MechQuest-oholic Dec 04, 2008

Create a character that's gray in color. Then buy a Katana v 1.0 and equip it with front/back arm Smokey Flame Throwers and Sling missile x1 and Star Striker Head.

Now it should look like Iron Man!

Bonus: It does Fire and Burn damage!

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Secret - Eazy Credits

by Blandrennan Nov 20, 2008

Go To The Police Station,
Talk To Chief Duncan,
Go On Patrol,
If You Get The Robbery And MechNugget Rooster Booster As Enemy Then You Can Get Up To 550 Credits.
(Level 7 Or Above Recommended)

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Glitch - Player or mecha

by jon7632 Jan 25, 2008

glitch make your mecha in to your player
1.find some place
2.enter the place you want
3. while your player entes quickly press equip
yehey you are editing your player insted of your mecha

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by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

Having trouble in boss fights of various quests. Now I will tell you how to do it easily.
Just need to spend some credit. OK now first of all goto tek's mechs. Buy a nebatron (our first mecha we get when we begin to play mechquest). If you already have it then it is well and good. now put your best wepons on the mech and fight the bosses. Actually not all bosses work on this trick but for maximum it works.


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Secret - If you have money in real life get some nova gems...

by charlieprince Jan 14, 2008

then click that button on the bottom of the screen that lets you shop and buy that cool nova mecha.

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Easter Egg - How to beat Master Twang (Twig)

by Pita Nov 26, 2007

When you are fighting Master Twang, use only strong attacks. He will do double atttacks, 5-15, slow motion attacks, 5-20, and his super fast attack (about 10 hits of 2-4) doing catastrophic degeneration. Here is how to beat him he will start off with slow-mode or double attack, then the opposite or same attack again. Then he will glow RED at this point use defend. You will block many of his attacks. This will do major protection to you and allow you to beat him.

For more Info Email me at

Recommended that you use katana or up. Partisan does major damage to him.

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Glitch - Go to arcade

by ojamarket Nov 16, 2007

go to arcade to battle id
then click random battle let it load and quickly re-click on random battle
you will be fiting on the arcade machine

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Secret - MechQuest : Easy Way To Get Money!!!

by deathknight56 Sep 01, 2008

Go To The University n Find Your House : Runehawk , Wolfblade or Mystraven then Find Your Leader , Then Quest 4 "The Pandoras Labyrinth"

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Secret - E ZEE $$$$$$$$

by Unregistered Aug 15, 2008

okay, no offence to anyone posting stuff in mech quest, but it all sucks.
here is the easy way to get money, u have to be star captain though
here it goes
u first need a strong mech, i reccomemd the rune halk mech with the zeus arm, and the vision portal
go to weston, then take the train,
then go to war, go to extra missions, and then click on the treasure mission then beat it, the chest gives barely any $$$$,
but beating the actual mission gives a bunch of money. I get around 2000-4000 from doing it

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