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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Very powerful mech for runehawk (level 12-14)

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2008

if your in runehawk get the novahawk or something the one thats level 12.
then equip it with the staff, two shadow napalms and that book. if you have it equip vision portal for a head or something else whatever you got. first use ur head, then napalms then staff and the mechronomila book. they'll take lots of damage from secondary, primary napalm, magical fire, and if ur lucky iceball damage thing

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Secret - Good way to get $$$$

by JTjason Jul 31, 2008

ok ppls. this is zeke here. i am gm zeke to be exact. i helped out wit the drakel armor. now also. if u happen to be on as a war is happening. then good. its $$$ time. first u should do all u can for the war. the wars r going pretty sllow. alos if u keep doin a battle then its money and exp time. also. when the war is over and there is a boss fightl. do it for once. and see how much u can handle it. if u have 25% or lower health at the end. no dont do it. do more regular battles. and if ur in runehawk. wars are gonna be so much easier. im the co-maker of runehawks. so this is how it goes. im gonna see who the best runehawk player there is. so is jack the co-maker of wolfblade and jeffrey co-maker of mystraven. when we choose u. ur gonna get a prototype ulti weapon for ur house only. and if ur rlly good. ur gonna get to buy a hous storage which comes wit a runehawk star commander a wolfblade star commander and a mystraven star commander. now the house storage goes to the best plpayer in the game. not the gms though. oh yea the protypes. runehawks. this staff is my personall protype. it will like break off the opponent mechas weapon. its ur choice. now for wolfblade. ur prototype is from jack himself. this blade will engulf ur enemy wit fire. leaving them bout 15-40 fire damage for 3 turns. that is how long the cooldown of the weapon is. now for the mystravens. for any of u who r dumb enough to actually join this. urs is from jeffrey himself. this shoulder is sorta like vul-kharim. but better. it summons black ravens and attacks them. now for a good part. puple ravens=mega beaks.100%damage added. gold ravens= adds more credits and exp to the game.only 1 raven=1 hit K.O the purple is only 25% the goldhas a good 75% but the red has 10% now the next post i do is in about a few minutes for all the ppl who are lucky.

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Secret - Syringe Weapon

by CurlyFry Jul 29, 2008

you will need to be lvl 10ish doctor thing and a lvl 1 policeman and wield a Tanto.
wear the 'scrubs' uniform and the 'guard hat' helmet. when you defeat a shadowscythe in a police mission and the pilot runs away, if he is a tall skinny were-wolf, you weapon will turn into a syringe

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Secret - Do u have a sucky laser sword

by majoker Jul 29, 2008

ok there is a few things u have to do
1.get a job as in the hospital until lv 6
2.then get a job in the police place
3.when u are fighting u should have like neddle sword it really works ive done it millions of times
4 i forgot one thing you have to wear the scrubs
its also good with strong attacks

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Secret - Easy mony

by stevenapper Jul 16, 2008

lvl 7+ first, retake the entrance exam at gears. when u fite first dog hit skip. it malfunctions anyway and u keep ep. next defeat 4 more and BAM 100 creds

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Glitch - Walk on shop menu.

by bensaxton Jul 14, 2008

this is how to walk on a menu, it works with a few menus but not all. what you do is you go to the pomitech shop on the east side of town and click on the shop mnu in the right bottom hand corner it should pop up at the bottom of the screen. click an area on the menu (that just popped up) that has just normal black colouring.and you should be standing on it!

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Glitch - Mysteriously weird life bar..

by Unregistered Jul 14, 2008

first go to mysterious place and click the monkey and then u will fight it and click the mirror guy and it will send u back a second time battle and the life bar will be permanent except u log out in the game......

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Secret - If you need to lvl up quickly

by Mohamy Jun 26, 2008

download the sinned MQ trainer
open it up
go to a battle
click on a weapon to use
then before you attack
click the max stats button in the left hand corner
you should get a really big hit on the opponent
if you dont press the max stats button every time you attack you will just take the usual damage off the opponent

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Secret - Good weapon combo for lvl 5 and up

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2008

if your lvl five use this combo(for more energy)
1.get the best mecha u can buy
2.get silver snubse or whatever its called(front arm)location:cop shop
3.get retracable rifle or somthing(back shoulder)location:teks mechs
4.get airgun(back arm)location:special shop use them in this combo:
air gun
silver snubse
retracable rifle
silver snubse
air gun
silver snubse
retracable rifle
and it goes on like that until you have to start skiping turns like on the cooldown thing shows 99 and for lvl 6 and up go to special shop and buy the gun for front arm idk wat its called but has cooldown 0 hits 13-23 and costs a little over 6k credits

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Glitch - Mecharoni background

by CurlyFry Jun 20, 2008

dunno how i did it, but i am a lvl 3 pilot and just signed up 2 mecharoni.
when the girl sed it was a Shadowscythe or a Rusty Rat, i kept clickin n it went 2 the mecharoni background n the delivory boy was there with the health n stuff. ill try n put pic on youtube and post the address.

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Secret - Easy way to beat Energy Blades class

by Mawxter Jun 12, 2008

first thing's first: go to the blade shop a couple screens to the left of the university and buy the energy razor. after that equip it to yourself. then head to the class room but DONT put the uniform on. then when you fight you should be using the energy razor and not the shitty, or non-shitty starcaptain energy blades

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Secret - U cant get katana!!

by waterskierpro Jun 02, 2008

u need nova gems
go 2 sky captain place and go 2 artillery
then go 2 nova mecha

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Secret - Health & Energy Regain

by Unregistered May 23, 2008

When battling a Mecha and U have to walk in your mecha to the next enemy just stay still & your health and energy will regain. TRY IT, IT'S NOT A LIE!!!!!!!

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Secret - Ultimate Labryinth Pwning combo

by Blakehawk95 Apr 28, 2008

Use the

Jelly Blaster
Sling Missile (x1)
Underhand Gun You can kill the Mino-Ton in 3 turns at around lv.7-10

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Secret - Whtie castle

by xboxmadnick Apr 18, 2008

first u find all starship parts,then go to the dude that sells cars with the shop with the big helicopter.
then but the 10k car then go right and press LETS RIDE

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Secret - Kamanas

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

go white castle and there is a guy who give 400 hp mecha with head dealing 60 damage non star captain and star captain head does 66 damage and be level 20.By the way virus comin for wolfblade (wolfblade rules but im gonna quit cause virus comin im gonna join runehawk)

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Secret - Best house weapons

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2008

Mystraven has the best weapons (i have a proof because the nova gem raven mecha that can do 16-60 damage with chance of extra damage on both back weapons,24-53 on the front arm with chance of extra damage, 25-52 on back arm with chance of stun.

P.S. Im in the mystraven house
and trust me beacuse i play the assault mecha game
and i was apart of the peliminary games

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Secret - Newbster walkthrough

by Unregistered Mar 24, 2008

When you are on the space ship in the beggining of the game, just keep clicking battle until you get like 350 credits. Then, go buy the used autogun thing for your back. Then buy noob missile (x2). When you get 1000 credits from battles, go to the shop in the ship and scroll down, buy the hunters autogun. When you get to level 3, click "land the ship!" Once you land, go to the university (talk to the girl with the big ! above her head) and take exam. On the first hot dog skip and he will blow up. After you do that and die, you pass the exam. After exam go join house Runehawk (only because they have best free player weps). Then go to the pizza shop and get to rank 10 or 18, and buy one of the pizza slicer weapons (the pizza job is good money for noobs). After that you can pretty much do whatever you want.
[If you are a free player, go to teks echs and click "rare tech". then buy dragontooth chaingun for like 1250 credits]
Submitted by- Evildrumsticks3674

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Secret - Inportant!!!

by doomed Mar 14, 2008

if you have someone get gold 4 you your caritar, your caritar is erase frome the datd base

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Secret - How to get easy money (higher lvl like me is recomended = )

by Unregistered Mar 14, 2008

To make money making easier the tip is 2 join a house and do the labryinth maze nd the secret 2 it is to just lvl up!! I am a lvl 16 named Terminator Zero and I get 1600 credits after I go out of the maze! If that's not enough you can also fight that frickin big boss at the end who if u have a good Mecha hes lvl 12 and has 320 hp. HE IS SO WEAK THOUGH SO DONT CHICKEN OUT AND FIGHT THE DAMN THING 4CASH!

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Secret - Order 66# (easier)

by Unregistered Mar 11, 2008

Use a Energy Sai mech size (black Belt energy fighter only) a 4 times N-00B Missile and a smokey fire launcher.

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Secret - EA$Y MONEY$ (for runehalk members i don know about other houses)

by Unregistered Mar 10, 2008

1. if you haven't joined a house yet join runehalk and do the labrith quest
2. fight the enemys if u want but i just avoid and go to end
3. if u r not lvl 6 or higher avoid the mino-ton and get the treasure
4. u get uv lvl times 10 in gold plus gold from killing things

i'm a lvl 11 with 110,000 gold (yes it took a while)
after you have enough you can even buy there mecha for 50,000gold and boy is it good!!!
at lvl 12 you can buy better weapons for the mecha from runehalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
happy money making to all and to all a good mechquest!!!

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Secret - Best class lvs

by Gary_The-Rasier Mar 05, 2008

the best class that gives you great attaks and money,weopens,and probotion is the maccoroni quest its the easies and shortest quest you could get strong front and back arm weopons
the other best place is the hostipel just keep on clicking on the quest butten and run until u run into uptopsy quest this seems easy for me but i would sugest a quit place for this

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Secret - 75 exp

by cyborgKING Mar 03, 2008

beat the pupperoni and you get 75 exp

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by DX1234567891 Mar 03, 2008

okay here is another way for easy cash do the ocean minigame in the meuseum then you will get about 230 exp. and 1900 cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(rate this please and rate my easy cash 1 cheat about kerberos!)

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