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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Win autospy easily

by Unregistered Mar 03, 2008

When you get a very difficult puzzle , lose , then continue . You should be able to get another puzzle . Keep trying untill you get an easy puzzle .

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Secret - Easy 400-500CR/min!!!

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

Ok. Start out by going to the hospital and getting a job there. Then you should rank up to about rank 10-15(you rank very fast). Then do tons of autopsies and get ready for money!

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Secret - Why punchy whyyy!!!

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2008

you know the monkey fight in mysterious shop well its not the only one click the blue wobble punch bag likes 7 - 12 times(several times) then you'll be on a fight that says title fight punchy is tired now he's punching back if you didn't know it enjoy it

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Secret - Labyrinth (RuneHawk) high credits!

by blingmamax Feb 26, 2008

Okay, this is the walkthrough for the current blue access labyrinth in RuneHawk House. In the title it says to avoid enemies. This is really because the enemies get progressively harder. If you make it through without fighting whatsoever, you'll get 1,100 credits in the chest. However, some of the harder enemies give anywhere from 200-400 for each. If you kill everyone, you can get from 2500-5000 creds for each 10 minute runthrough! That gives you more and more mone each time, giving you 20000-30000 in an hour and 65000-90000 creds in 3 hours for doing almost nothing! (If you avoid the enemies, you can get about 10000 an hour. Good, but not great.)

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Secret - Shortcut in AUTOPSY

by Darxonic Feb 26, 2008

Whe completing autopsy double left click then move across the screen but it may cause you to lose some xp and money but it works

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Secret - Romeo o remeo where for arth though remcheo

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2008

this is got to be the easiest enemy to beat with the largest amount of money that will be given in the holiday season just fight and fight him so you can be a low level with a large amount of credits *tip* buy a house mecha (example. wolfblade,mystraven and the other house which i dont like the mecha type)

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Secret - Easy cash

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2008

if you do nano quest wait a while ifyour on low health and your health will come back.

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Secret - Get $Rich$

by Heavenlystick Feb 18, 2008

To get serious cash just go to the following link and start the download:
Download version 5.3 and start it up (and MechQuest). Now go to the University and go to Mecha Combat class and do a fight/test. Now click the start button on your computer and go to all programs and open the accesories and get out the calculator. Take your opponent's HP and multiply it by 8. Now hit First Scan and attack the person. Take the calculator and type in their HP now multiplied by 8. There should be one thing on the left of Cheat Engine; click it twice and it will go to the bottom. Click that again and there should be a pop-up. Change the number to 0 and then attack. What happened? You killed them in 2 shots. Do this in any Mech fight. This is suggested for Order#66 in the Pizza place.


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Secret - How to catch ghosts

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

first go to mysterious johnsons shop and do ghostcatching battle it and when it turns red catch it with a ghost weapon if you want to buy ghost weapons if youre new click how do i catch a ghost

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Secret - Money cheat

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2008

dont join a house or it wont work.go to dean warlic and keep talking to him about 10 times then go to soluna cityand go to techs mechs. you need to be top in pizza,police blades and hospital.once youve spoken to her go back to the university join wolfblade and do the labrinth 5 times then go back to dean warlic and he will give you 100,000 money and thats it.
p.s it might not work the first times so try it about 5 times until it works

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Secret - Mechs

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2008

The hammerhead is better. It comes with proton rifle 24-30dmg 20ep 2cooldown, lavablaster, 24-29 does burn dmg, 20ep 4 cooldown, and 2 laser capaciators 24-30, 15ep, 3 cool down.
The deluxe mecharoni has do freshman laser pointers 3-7dmg, one cheese gun that does u10 dmg and some slicer that does like 11-15

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Secret - Fast mecha-money

by wolfblade Feb 11, 2008

you'll got to join a house.then do labyrint quest,complete by beating the treasure guard
you'll get maybe 2278 credits(MAYBE!you either can get les then 1000 credits!)repeat this,you'll get tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,if these guard and enemys
are to weak for ye,you can go to the al quests,the last one would be:beat up some werewolf mecha(warning!these mecha are NOT like the wolf mecha with 90 hp!these guys have a special power!!!)for the one who defeats them,congratz!they unlocked a pretty cool new mecha and those wolfguys got about 500-600 gold each!ps:if you want that mecha you'll need 50k!pps:wolfguy mecha's not for sale srry!

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Secret - Complete Walkthrough By Nemesis,Dirty Inc Productions

by Unregistered Feb 11, 2008

Here is what I did on Mechquest,and still doing

After you get off the noob space ship,go to the hospital located on the left hand side of center soluna,and do everything there until you get up to the nano quest,which would give you about 70,000 credits(thats how much I got,I bought 2 mechs with it but not at the same time)Join the RUNEHAWK house,do the labrinyth(avoid attacking things because it is a waste of time).Now buy one of the mechs from there and the weapon as well (weapons if you are a star capt.) go to the center of soluna and click on the war button then defeat a boss (either from WOLFBLADE or MYSTRAVEN).You should be at least level 8-10 by now.Go to the rewards shop and get the energy flux head for 6500 credits(or better for star captains)and go and do the other classes.After that you should be at the cap lvl of 15.

A DiRtY InC PrOdUcTiOn

lvl 13
My ID:

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Secret - How to level up

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2008

first go to d labrinth [if you joined mystraven] then battle lose battle lose and do it until you level up good luck playing

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Secret - Kamanas

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2008

go to the motorcycle and you get a 400 hp mecha and all your stats go to 15

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Secret - Your miracle

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2008

hi this is jason here aka billstorm ive got some help. first wat lvl are you. you will need a better mecha or atleast one wit a front shoulder. but if you cant afford it i suggest you dont try to kill the spider. but you also need good wepans.if you dont got money then do the other hints to get the money. thats all i got for now but i swear ill help out more oh yea im only lvl 7.

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Secret - Cool + powerful weapons (not 4 meches) & 3 secret fites

by Hacker1001 Feb 01, 2008

4 weapons go 2 the academy then in the elevator go 2 classes and go in the first door.
then talk 2 the swordsman and take class repeat until weapons are unlocked.
4 fites,
Go 2 the magic store and either click on the whoopee cushion, the punching bag or the barrel of monkeys.
(If it doesn't fite u keep repeating until one fites.)

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Easter Egg - Faster Money..Honest!

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2008

First you must complete all the hospital missions! until you can unlock the nano mission!(reccomended for lvl 8 above only!)do the mission if you need to repair just stay put! cause your life and energy will automatically regen!(slowly of course!) you defeat the mission you will get almost 4000 creadits! honest!

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Secret - Adsamyday

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

your power willbe so powerfull and yo will become starcaptain

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Glitch - Walk on poilise-man

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

go to the polise station then to the man keep on clicking on him eventuly you will walk on him

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Secret - Battle your own mech!!!

by patztorre Jan 09, 2008

First in the your character list find the character ID of your character. Then,Go to the arcade in the star captain's club. Then go to the arcade video games. Select assault mecha and put your character ID in the battle ID #. If you want to battle me the name of my character is Goody and my number is 554603. I'm still lvl 4 and I will keep going.

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Secret - Energy blade from dojo to police patrol

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2008

Go to the energy blade class in your police uniform go to weapon rack and take a powerful weapon . Leave GOTO university and go on patrol . When u fight the wolves , u will use the blade from class

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Secret - The pizza slayer

by thecheatsmaster Dec 24, 2007

ok first, to beat the rusty rat and werewolf mechas u get it. 1. you get the wolf head from teks mechs. 2. u get the mamma mia mega slicer from pizza shop. 3. you get the winter horn back weapon from holiday items for 2500 credits. 4. you get the bargain bin laser for ur back arm or u get the back arm flamethrower. ta daa! u killed rusty rat and bear mechas.

must be lvl 5 to do this.

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Secret - How to change password

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

first GO TO then type your username (not chracter name) and password after that on the left side, click on change password. then the follow intructions

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Secret - How to beat the level8 challenge in the pizza shop

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

When yo are lvl8 go to Tak's Mech then buy a SlingMissle(1). It cost 1050 credits. Also buy an energy kama and the gatling gun for the back arm. You must be a black belt master to get the energy kama. It costs 2200. Trust me I beat the rusty rat thing over 50 times using this combo!

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