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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to be a dead walking guy or zombie

by theggold Oct 25, 2007

ok if you are on the space ship fly it and run into the astroids on purpouse then die peppol will talk skip it and you will be dead but walking.

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Glitch - Extra energyexcept for max lvl

by 1mitchell1 Oct 12, 2007

battle until you lvl up then u will have 100 energy this only works until u log out so i gues dont log out

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Secret - Money

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

keep fighing atrix buy using the gmae the battle ID 3 is him. you will get 100 credits each time u defeat him

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Easter Egg - Please click on feed me

by stevie May 28, 2008

if you click on feed me a window comes up press the correct one the you can get your own one

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Glitch - To be big like a mech

by king_paul May 12, 2008

go to the mussem fight the emany at the end and flee youll be mecha sized it really works

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Secret - My monies advice. Day 3 of playing JUST beginning, easily reached 20k

by OreWaUsopp Mar 26, 2008

And if i'd thought of it before last night, I'd be richer by now. Sigh. Many people say LABYRINTH is best place. And it is! BUT, they neglect to mention a nice little money loop. LI the maze lurks Mino-Ton. A bullhead mecha worth 15 XP and 200 creds per kill. And, it respawns. Keep as many heal stations around as you can, clearing out the maze, then jsut kill Mino-ton repeatedly, raking it in. I can get 4k+ a run

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Secret - Mq walkthrough

by Unregistered Mar 04, 2008

well ok thene first you will need to ceep on fighting until you have anouth money for bargin bin lazer then keep on batteling until you can get freshman lazer pointer then get to level three go to the front of the ship and click on strange blip then keep on training on that (dont worry you wll win) until you get 20,000 then go to the shop and buy newbatron v133.56(or somthing like that) then go to saluna city.
then keep on training on shadow scyth and stuff like that do museum misoins and every thing until you get to level 5 get smokey flamefroerand then when you get to level 8 then buy hunters autogun and sling misile x1 and go then you should be good aneuth to join a house-i advise runehawk-then go killing things until level 10 go get laver canon (but if u are star captain get magma canon)then a new mecha keep on doing rank 30 missoin in saluna hospital the micro missoin then when you have 95,000 credits get hammer head (or if a star captain get hammer head dulux or if you got 500 nova gems get hammer haed super) i will keep you updated for more walk throughs

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Secret - The world of easiness (and money)

by kitten-dream Feb 28, 2008

Do you want money? Lots of it and fast?
Well, if you do, just follow these instructions that will lead you to the top!
- Do alien autospy (at hospital). It is really easy and you can win as much as 500 points in just 1 round.
- Do almost anything at the hospital (if you are a high level doctor). Each time you battle a monster you will win 400 points (Don't play the minigame. It is boring, and doesn't win that much).
- Do Order 66 (at the pizza place). This will win you 300 points.

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Secret - Funny

by ibontknow1 Feb 12, 2008

just point the cat near chief duncan then read the description below instead of he its her

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Secret - How to get money walkthrough

by jeffx_27 Feb 11, 2008

all you have to do is to join wolfblade,runehawk and mystraven and you must do a quest to join their clan or whatever the call it and kill weak enemies if you can and get the treasure chest and waala your already an hundred,thousand plus richer to more money kill more enemy in the labyrinth plz rate it pls its true cross my heart and hope not lie anymore

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Glitch - Fast money

by Unregistered Feb 11, 2008

go to the labrynth (houses) and keep on going through it until you win. If you die, it will still save your xp and coins. If you get the treasure you will get extra coins (your level times 100).

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Glitch - How to get autopsy in the hospital every time

by Jake893 Feb 04, 2008

press emergency really quikly

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Secret - X-tra bonus 4 Hospital

by Unregistered Jun 17, 2009

Unlock all costumes in hospital then equip the doctor clothes. do any of the quests that you can get a promotion in.(it works the best if it is the quest you are good at) Then when you roll 4 promotion you get 10 bonus for doctor then an X-tra 5 "Hat" bonus even though you're not wearing one.

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Secret - Easy valor badges

by fantham1 Dec 17, 2008

when you are at the gears war thing buy a werewolf mech and equip a level 28 weapon like the void shredder then you can easily beat the house mechs and get valor badges!

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Secret - Best house

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2008

the best house is depending on what you want
1.high hp=wolfblade,average lvl attack,average anergy, high stun abillity
2.high energy=runehawk, average lvl attack,extra damage percentage high,lower than average lvl hp
3.Mystraven(im in it)average lvl hp,high attack,50 percent stun and extra damage,average lvl energy

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Secret - How to get alot of tockens

by Unregistered Jan 23, 2008

go to th hospital and keep doing the emergencies and you an get lots of tockens.In 3 min i had 10,000 tockens

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Secret - Mechquest secret blade

by SpookybutGroovy May 21, 2010

To use the secret blade go to the hospital of nurse helia and equip the scrubs(uniform), go to university, after that go to class energy blade 101 and take class, and you will see the secret blade being wielded by your character

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Secret - Easy level up for NEWBz

by killaj1 Feb 12, 2008

go 2 the front of the ship and ask to pilot the ship. u get 10exp points and if u shoot rocks u get bonus credits... hope this helps

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Secret - Easy credits for house mecha

by Unregistered Feb 08, 2008

just get to hospital, skip al misions until you find autopsion,you'll need a steady hand(and maybe a strong stomach),try not to damage the specimen,you'll get 500 credits and 100 exp!do this 100 times and voila!go get them with your new house mecha!!!ps:i did NOT say this wont take long!,pps:ALL JOIN WOLFBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this helped!

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Glitch - Beat Order #66 easy

by RCsoda Dec 10, 2007

This works about 90% of the time (honestly)
Mecha: Any [this is for the begginer one]
Head: Omni Head [Tek's Mech's-Head's] lvl.1
F. Arm: Police Billy Club [Cop Shop-Police Station]lvl.5
B. Arm: Smokey Flame Thrower(for the hit+1 bonus) [Tek's Mech's-Arm's]
F. Shoulder: N/A
B. Shoulder: Sling Missle x1 [Tek's Mech's-Shoulder]
this will fail sometimes, or if you miss or get hit with a critical hit but it works good

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Easter Egg - Easy ways to get money

by danny555 Feb 20, 2008 of the best ways to get money is going to labyrinth and getting the tersure box
2.if your a lvl15 pizza guy the do the order 66 mission and get about 10000(not really sure my friend told me this if he lies don blame it on me blame it on him)

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Secret - Mechquest easy exp

by Optimus789 Oct 19, 2011

go to the knife and spork place (to your left) talk to maweygon or whatever her name is and ask about the contest. do all the challenges then you will have lvled up at least 7 lvls

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Secret - Stand in the options bar

by mchmaster Oct 14, 2008

first after you have landed from the droship, go to the dent in city options and options. the go to the right an you will be in the options bar and if you click on the options bottun you will be in the options menu(or at least i think so) all join wolfblade!

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Secret - Easy mystery shop promotion

by 12121212 Aug 14, 2008

Go to the universitys 2nd class and when you have to fight 3 ghost mehas capture the first one, kill the 2nd one, and eject on the 3rd one. Then catch one ghost at the ghost shop and you should be promoted.

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Secret - Do Almost 200 damage in one hit!

by Unregistered Aug 05, 2008

First, go to Khaeldron and buy the Mighty Vul'Khar(level 7 required).Then, go to the hardest battle you need to win, such as "Find Starship Parts". If you are lucky, when using the Mighty Vul'Khar, instead of doing 2-4 damage each hit, you will do 28-35 damage each hit!(note:this will not always happen.)

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