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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Wierd walk

by rio-50 May 19, 2008

well first go to the elavator in the university go to dorms then go to your wardrobe when it says save uniform click on the top of the wardrobe and you should be walking on the wardrobe

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Secret - Supa eeesssyyy credits!!!

by tello_pogi Feb 22, 2008

if you want to get credits easily just do blind quest heaps of times

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Secret - Kamanas

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2008

when you go to motorcycle click on it and you get a mecha with 400hp i did not believe this at first but it is true

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Secret - Good way to beat order#66

by killswitch Feb 19, 2008

you have to have the following items:newbatronv1337/lava blastersilver crossbowsling missle [1]/love shanty do it in the order above and when you get him to low life use the love shanty and the lava blaster tick will kill it

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Glitch - Repair human

by Unregistered Feb 15, 2008

go to the labyrinth the follow d enemy the go to healing station

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Secret - Xp fast

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2008

if you want to get quick xp heres how you do it.if your lvl 3 to 4 you should do the jobs except ghosthunter. if your lvl 5 to 10 you should do the labrinth in the house you joined. if your lvl 11 and up im srry but i dont got anything for you srry!

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Glitch - Hospital AutoSpy

by kiba_inuzuka Jan 18, 2008

when in the hospital and you are doing an autospy mission if you fail it you can keep hitting the edges so the YOU FAIL thing keeps popping up and when you hit the end its going to say VICTORY but you dont get any money or exp

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Secret - Order 66 kill the jedi!

by theggold Dec 24, 2007

like my title? star wars. ok
police billy club
sling missile
police billy club
smokey flame thrower
sling missil

if you miss egject and restart it should kill the big rusty rat.

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Secret - How to beat delivery#66 as fast as like 5sec.

by thecheatsmaster Dec 24, 2007

ok first u get the pizza saw-ser or the mamma mia mega slicer, or the billy bat thingy.
then for ur back arm u get the bargain bin laser (for a chalenge) or the smokey flame thrower (for a fast kill)
then for ur shoulder u get the swinter horn thing or the sling missile.
u should get 300 creds and if ur tough keep doin it for mny $$$$$$$$$$

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Secret - Deafiting Master Twang

by billyman1012 Nov 22, 2007

This is only for people around 25/35 and 29/35
Use a Kama then until you battle Twang(Twig)You use Strong Attack and when you see him glowing red,Use Defend then he will attack you 1 or 2 times not ALOT
Then Reapeat
Or if you can use a Partisan you can Kill Him FAST!!!!
Live To DEATH!!!

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Glitch - Classes start next week

by IKE Nov 19, 2007

outside the energy weapons door, there is a sighn, and a chick (in red), talk to the chick, and look at the sighn, it say the classes start next week, but that was last week

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Secret - Normal way

by Unregistered Nov 08, 2007

the easyest way to get money is to just click the battle icon and battle like 10 times and you should get about 1000 credits. The most valuable mecha is the one with the big toes and the flame thrower.

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Secret - COMBOS

by Unregistered Oct 31, 2007

What I used when I was still lvl 1 was a Refubisheed Gun (front arm),a bargain bin laser(back arm) and a freshman laser pointer (back shoulder) First use your back arm or back shoulder weapons and if they need a cooldown just use your front arm weapon.

OK so youer level 3 and you crashed (or landed) at soluna city and also low on credits then if you already took the exam at GEARS university don't retake it until you can beat the Hot Dog
BUY a used gattling gun (front arm), keep your bargain bin laser or buy a smokey flame thrower (back arm), keep your freshman laser pointer (back shoulder) and buy a front shoulder weapon. FIRST use your front weapon then it will have to cooldown then use your back arm weapon after this your front arm weapon is already cooldown, use it then next use back shoulder or front shoulder weapon after this your front arm weapon cools down again then keep using this combo until you got no more energy then just keep on skipping you got energy

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Secret - Faster kill weapon combo

by klonoa Oct 29, 2007

first get the crusaders shining repeater <-(front arm) and solar mega blaster <-(back arm) and noob missile 4x

1.use the crusaders shining repeater or the solar mega blaster (these 2 weps cooldowns 2)

2.use the crusaders shining repeater

3.use noob missile

4.use solar mega blaster use crusader i think

6.this works everytime even your starter mech or any mech but wastes energy alot but... i suggest you buy 2 mega blasters for better performance

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Secret - Funny hint

by Unregistered May 27, 2009

Ifu have wolfblade mecha battle the kathool adept but dont kill it and when u think that u would do one more shot and it will be dead use howitzzer and it looks like you turned it into a blue squid

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Easter Egg - Easy

by asunggeriwan Jan 28, 2009

just beat mecha combat 101 and warlic quest then you can go to white castle beat every thing on the moon mision the go to earth/lore then finish all warlic quest the wear a spy suit

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Secret - Great WEaPONS

by jimmywhitenguyen Jul 07, 2008

This is recommended for levels 6 and up.Use air gun,N-OOB missiles (4x),Police billy club and cypher head and use like this Police billy club ,then use air gun,then use police billy club again ,then use n-oob (4x),then do it all over

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Secret - Small additional damages

by newhelix098 Oct 17, 2008

HEre is a good tip:
when your are searching for a good combo always use the flame thrower or lava blaster.when you use it,,it will provide additional damages for about 5 turns.depending on your level of how long will it lasts and how big the damage is...
Always use it before all weapons...

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Glitch - Aquip yourself!!!!!

by newhelix098 Oct 17, 2008

when you are already in the town of soluna,try clicking the any side of the screen for you to transfer on the next side,,,then when your character is about to reach it,,,,click equip.four char. will be on the equip selection

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Secret - How to beat order#66

by jr4987 Nov 19, 2007

first you have to have the mama mia mega slicer(pizza-sawer),dragontooth chaingun,and the sling missle. use them in this order

mega slicer
chain gun
sling missle
mega slicer
chain gun
sling missle

and keep going til he drops

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Glitch - Fight with 0 hp(vary hard!)

by Unregistered Oct 31, 2007

fly the ship(prologe only)in to metors till u die than battle

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Glitch - Unlimited power

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2008

first this gitch helped me through lots of energy blade levels. this is what you do. First you go to the "laser Eye for the Spaceguy" and get the SDF rebel hat and body. Once equiped this suit gives you unlimited power with your strong attacks!!!!!!!!

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Secret - WRONG!!

by billyman1012 Nov 26, 2007

You know when you fight Order #66?
When you win pple say you get 500 or whatever!
Well thier wrong!
You ONLY get 300 credits!
Sorry about my yelling

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Secret - Unbeatable Mech (Level 10+) Special Setup

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2010

This setup is great for any level, but you generally need to be level 10 to access some of the weapons required. I found this setup at level 10, and it's lasted quite a while on me. This setup completed all Jobs and University Classes (besides Energy Blade 101) for me, and has defeated opponents with 400hp, even though the mech only has 160hp. Hope you try it out, and enjoy!

Mech: Wolfblade Mech Level 6 (Wolfblade House)
Front Shoulder: N-UBER Missile ((FLX-1) (Shop)
Back Shoulder: N-UBER Missile (FLX-1) (Shop)
Front Arm: Proton Rifle (Shop)
Back Arm: Lava Blaster (Shop)
Head: Missile Mouth (Wolfblade Shop)

Order in Combat: Lava, N-UBER, N-UBER, Proton, Missile Mouth, then use any weapon that is available and has finished cooling down.

Secret to Setup: The Lava Blaster has a burn effect to last 3 rounds, and the other weapons have strong attack hits with low cooldowns. You never run out of EP or have to wait for any cooldowns!

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Secret - Deal 150 (around) damage for lvl 7!

by Unregistered Dec 01, 2008

At Westion, there is some shoulder weapon that you can buy at lvl 7. When I bought this, occasionally, I dealt 20-30 damage, usually the total, on each hit for 7 hits! When this happened, I was wearing every Runehawk item except for the shoulder or every dinosaur weapon except for the shoulder. And noobs who would just rate this badly after one try, it happened a while after I bought it, so don't buy it unless the normal attack will help you, or you have way too much money on your hands and want to try it out. I hope this helps!

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