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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - BIG MONEY FOR LOW LVL PLAYERS (high lvl included)

by steftjen1 Jul 29, 2008

the easiest way to get much money is THE HOSPITAL
it realy is good , i made 10 000 credits in 10 - 15 min
its best to do autopsys : they can give 500 credits in no time!
everything is easy

(i just wouldnt take the helicopter thing because its harder to do ...)

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Secret - Finding the parts of the train!!

by Anerthikon08 Jul 22, 2008

to find the parts of the train find it near the healt repair(sometimes)...
i thought i can go only east but yet u can go east west north and south try it u will find it heheheheh im only lvl 13 try me

wolfblade rules!!

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Secret - Best cheat ever for getting mecha!!!:

by cember_1997 Jan 05, 2008

kk u go up to the fat dude in the pizza place,talk 2 him 13 times,go to the mech shop, buy a wolf head from tek,go to holiday items,sell it, and click on candy elf 10 times.and if it dont work, type "mamamiaiwannafreech ristmasgiftcandy"

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Easter Egg - POOPER

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2007

First beat the spider at unaversirty and order 66 3 times and to talk the dean and he will give you a mech called the pooper

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Secret - Level and creds

by Unregistered Oct 31, 2007

if you are in soluna city keep on work in the mecharoni shop this way you can have
5-15 exp, 50-100 creds (plus tips) and you can be promoted!!! and buy new weapons in the sauce shop and recipe shop.

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Secret - How to kill anyone in 1 shot

by Unregistered Oct 05, 2007

buy a smokey flamethrower (its the same as Zhooms and Cyseros)

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Glitch - Easy Credits!!!

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2008

Alright, you need a good mecha and weapons, cause it'll go faster. The actual easiest ways to get credits are re-taking the exam, getting five points for visitors, then ejecting and doing battles on the dropship. People say the mega spider and Order#66 are the easiest ways, BUT THEY"RE NOT!!!!! Hope this hint helps

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Secret - The spider

by Unregistered Dec 19, 2007

First you should have a polie mecha equipped with the Used electron sniper. First use the electron sniper and then the Police Taser to get two free rounds and use the stuns at each and every possible moment

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Easter Egg - Space Helmet

by singee8000 Oct 05, 2007

You get a cool space helmet. You have to jump or of the bay door a few times.

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Glitch - No Arms (need spookMQ 65)

by tabatha161 Mar 30, 2009

when in spook Mq 65 go to Load SWF and then Lolsalad's Uniform loaderin the box that says Uniform Name erase the My custom uniform and type in a house name that you aren't in like RuneHawkclick on load uniform and get out of the uniform loadergo to the equip option to where you equip energy blades and stuff (the icon that looks like a police badge) and you won't have arms!!!
please rate and/or comment

Go WolfBlade!!! Go SpookMQ 65!!!

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Secret - Easy way to lvl up

by dragonmaster350 Nov 07, 2007

when your on the spaceship go to the right and you shud see a guy sitting down piloting the ship talk to him and choose pilot ship just keep shooring everything you see and if you completed it u shud get from 10-35 xp when u finish it. its a long way to lvl up but i got all da way to lvl 5 jus by doin dat took me a long time.

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Glitch - Glitch???

by someonedied Nov 01, 2007

change the color of your hair and skin is to go HAL and choose the color of your hair and skin then click cancel your color of skin and hair is changed without you paying but don't change your hairstyle or dis will never work!!!

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Easter Egg - MONEY$$$ by morbing

by Unregistered Feb 21, 2008

ok join a house and go to the labyrinth thingy and you get 100x your level the money im level 11 (not a haker lol) so i get 1100 credets boyakushu anyway i have already bought my house mecha and currently getting the werewolf on =P all join runehawk and 2 more thingys have FUN and please rate

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Secret - Good Combo

by tabatha161 Mar 23, 2009

Their is a good combo i use against anythingyou need a bargain bin laser retractable rifle and a smokey flame throwerfirst use the Retractable rifle then the bargain bin laserthen use the smokey flame thrower then the bargain bin laseruse over again if enemy isn't defeated

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Secret - Westion Bandit Hunting Technique

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2008

Go to Westion and talk to the wrangler. He'll tell you to clear the desert of Bandits. Do that mission. From the starting point, go down once, then keep on going right 'till you see a repair truck. Kepp on shuffling around the area or the surrounding squares and fight the bandits. Once your done with a fight or two, go back to the repair truck ( conveniently nearby ) and repair. Repeat process for easy Rep and Gold/xp.

Rate please.

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Secret - Getting instant/free nova gems

by granne1234 Jun 11, 2008

here is the bottom line, its impossible, even with hacks, being as the value for novas is server sided (means it is stored on AE's computer and is most likley password protected) this is the same for Z-tokens and dragon coins.

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Easter Egg - Level up easy

by halo1233 Nov 05, 2007

go to earth go talk to a girl click on the bottom one and you will get lots of EXP

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Glitch - Really easy money(recommended level - 15 or higher)

by J-bernie08 Dec 24, 2008

Go to your house(in the university)and go to the labryinth.Kill one mech and then if you hve enough health, regenerate your energy and fight another.This will save you a repair, then fight all mechs until the mino-ton, you then let him detroy you by skipping all of your turns(dont worry, you will not lose all of your exp and credits) and then "ADMINA" come up on the big screen nd will ask you to continue or quit.Click "Lets Go" and then click on your face.You will notice that you will have a certain amount of credits or exp in brackets (beside whichever one you are looking at), and then complete the laberyinth _or_ keep repeating this and then you will get a huge ammount of credits!! After doing this one time and then just killing the mino-ton on the second try (by avoiding all of the other mechs) i recieved 10,000 credits!! ;)

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Secret - Your personalized strategy

by supakillaz Oct 17, 2008

if you don't know what route to take with your mecha, type in your ID number in the assault mecha arcade and see what strategy your computer takes. do this over and over again until you find a strategy that works for you.

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Glitch - Dont die!

by dylanrocks1 Mar 20, 2008

Okay do the musuam quest and do the desert quest

When you finish the pilot click on the middle torch
And quickly go to the bottom right hand corner.You wont die:)
But its dumb becasue you could just stay in the middle but oh well!

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Secret - Space helmet

by Unregistered Oct 10, 2007

look at the front of u, u will see a big door next to the arcade walk to the door and u flying in the space but just for a second thought do this 5 time and u get the helmet.

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Code - Assault Mecha Codes

by Unregistered Mar 04, 2008

star captain place

your character's idfight yourself
767Reddragon (lvl 13)
546Zach (lvl 13)
647Jessica (lvl 15)
756blaze (lvl 13)
111Hocpuck (lvl 11)
123Mike (lvl 11)
768tim (lvl 14)
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Glitch - Play in mech in normal walkabout places

by jacka5s11 May 29, 2009

Rite u need a trainer for this prefebalby doom mq or any train that lets u load mech shop put in a mech shop id found out in the file u downloaded maybe. then go load the mech shop and click a item then click the back button and there u have it play in ur mech in no mech areas

this is a glitch subbmitted by jacka5s11

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Glitch - %20

by nalseez Nov 12, 2007

%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20% 20%20%20%20%20


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Secret - Just keep doing it

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2007

just keep doing it until you get 90 wear the uniform i got to like 20 in just like 5 hours just keep trying!its worth it

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