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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - How to get ninja!!!

by Unregistered Sep 29, 2010

go to planet yokai and keep going along till you get to a big building with pillars out the front. Next go inside to the girl and click on NINJA. Then click on NINJA COSTUME and click on YES! FOR NOW. Next click BACK and go to NINJA HELM then click on YOKAI BLADE. Next click on OPTIONS and then click on HOME TOWN.

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Glitch - Mega Man

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

Ok u need to go to the desert thingy at the museum, when reach the shadowscyth pilot let him kill you. if u did it right u probibly will end up at the start of the level again and you will be your charater. i didnt know what to class this as but i think its a glitch
By: Andrew

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Secret - 500 credit


all you have to do is get a mech with about 150 hp then go to the university and go over to the sticky webing and beat the spider and that gives you 500credits and the good part about this is if you find a good enough mech you can just beat the spider over and over and over again because it never goes away!

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Secret - How to become rich

by kibarules Feb 19, 2008

in the blind quest once u face the boss romecheo u get 350credits so keep repeding this and ull be up to ur neck in moola

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Secret - Easy money and free NG

by revenge255 Apr 08, 2010

Go to the left of the soluna city in the cinemech when lvl 3 when you watch there just keep watching until the last chance you will get a 5 free ng its true i got 10 ng gems but it take a 1 week just keep watching every day you will get free ng rate please

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Secret - How to beat Mech combat 101 class

by supakillaz Mar 21, 2008

I passed the class 2 or 3 days after it came out, so i don't remember all the details. first of all, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LVL SUGGESTIONS!!! they are there for a reason, and that's so u don't die shamefully. first, you can't win most of the battles with just a starter mech, so get a new mech if you can. the first hammerhead mech that u face will be invulnerable to balistic or explosive (one of them, i don't remember). the final boss will be invulnerable to laser, so get something like the underhand gun or the pebbler (lvl 7 requirements 20-28 dmg 8000 credits. front arm). those are the main parts you need to know to get an A++. GO WOLFBLADE!!!

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Easter Egg - Easy money

by shakshak Nov 07, 2007

if ur a lvl 8 or hier and u can do order#66 than go to ur pizza job,do order # 66 and if u beat u get 300 credits

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Secret - Fart attack

by kev9000 Jan 15, 2008

in de ghost hunting place keep clicing on the woopie cusion (bottom right of the screen)
and u will fight it!! but its pretty hard

please rate

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Glitch - Sorry

by alucardyett Jan 14, 2008

there is no way to have infinite energy unless you use a trainer and if you do you should become a respected member of cheat engine forums where you can get trainers to all of artix entertainment games

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Secret - How to deafeat master TWANG

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

ok,if you don't know how to fight master TWANG, first go to weapon rack in energy blade class then leave andclick take exam really quickly(you might need to be orange belt or higher).To deafeat TWANG: ok, this part is really easy,you just need to look at him every turn. if he glows,click defend(I recomend sai if you are green belt).

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Glitch - Indestructable life bars

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2008

in the magic shop click on that blue dummy in the background until you fight it. before you even do ur first attack quickly click on the mirror in the background three times. now, attack the dummy, it dosent lose life at all but after a while it still dies (another glitch: when it blows up it looks just like them dodgey wooden things you do sword practace on!) but the best part is after its dead, no matter where you go the life bars from the fight are still hovering in mid air! p.s. it might only work on my computer so dont get angry if it dosent work!!! :)

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Glitch - Fast credits really easy

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2008

get a job in the hospital and then go on a mission and just do the autopsy if anything else pops out exit until you get the autopsy. (this is the cool part) when you start the autopsy click on the organ and while holding it left click and you can now click anywhere and the organ will move there. do not move too far from the original place or it will fail you because you moved too fast. you must repeat this process every time you move the organ.

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Glitch - Easy win

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

go to university and take the exam on your 1st enemy press skip on your 1st go and he will blow up

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Secret - Easy credits and experience

by jediviking Feb 01, 2010

Reccomended Level 10+

Go to the Soluna Police Department and get to the point where you can do the final 3 boss fights. (Kerberos, Wolfguy Jack, Cain.) Get some strong weapons and fight them repeatedly as much as you want. Kerberos and Jack give 360 creds or so and 30 exp and Cain gives about 416 creds. I cant remember how much creds you get. Good luck. I used the Proton Gun, Silver shooter, and the level 9 or 10 NX missles.

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Secret - Mechquest easy Credits

by Skurge Jan 11, 2010

Hey, If you want some really easy credits in like 8minutes here's how.
If your level 9 or 11 which can be achieved very easy, all you do is go
to the theater and click "Get Prize" Usually the ad will only be like 30
seconds long, that mean when you reach your full amount of rewards per day,
you end up with like 10,000 credits, and probably 30-45 nova gems.. You
will get 450-475 credits every time you watch a small ad!

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Secret - I now how to defaet the headless horseman

by Darkblade9999 Nov 04, 2008

keep geting candy and losing to the man and then when you get something called 'the head in the clues get one more candy and then you get a jack-o-latern then when you fight the horseman you will be able to defeat him

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Secret - Doctors weapon

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2008

Go to the hospital and put on your scrubs, but you must be the chief of staff to get this secret weapon. After your scrubs are on, go to Gears University. Then get in the elevator and go to classes, once there go to energy blades 101 and take class. DO NOT EQUIP A WEAPON FROM RACK OR INVINTORY. When you take class you will see you have the secret weapon! When finished taking class your weapon will be with your until you change clothes, or log off.
By: Scott

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Glitch - Desert glitch

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2008

When you are in the desert,after killing the shadowsythe pilot, click the middle torch. then RUN as fast as you can to the bottom right hand corner. the spiks will pass, but DO NOT MOVE AN INCH OR YOU WILL DIE.Then run to the middle and you will get a treasure.

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Glitch - Invisible mech

by Unregistered Jun 01, 2009

First go to the museum at the far left and explore the desert as soon as you get to the scene with the door clik on the door it should slightly open and battle should start, during this battle you should be invisible then after you character should be mech size.

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Easter Egg - The staff's houses

by charlieprince Mar 31, 2008

this was posted on the design notes but whatever

Warlic: Runehawk
Artix: WolfBlade
Nythera: MystRaven
Safiria: MystRaven
Cysero: Runehawk
Rolith: WolfBlade
Zhoom: .. he is the only one who is undecided!
OIshii: MystRaven
GeoPetal: RuneHawk
Maegwyn: MystRaven
Galanoth: WolfBlade
Captain Rhubarb: Runehawk
Korin: MystRaven

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Secret - The Best House in GEARS University (Non - Guardians ALSO :)

by usualemerger17 Jun 09, 2008

The Best house is Wolfblade because:
The mecha has more hp than the other houses
Great Weapons

The 2nd Greatest House:

The 3rd Greatest House:

Please vote this GOOD CHEATS

-Ususalemerger17 :)

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Easter Egg - Secret

by dudemister Dec 21, 2007

go to ghost shop and thr a blue bag thing put mouse on it and it will say punch click fr ages and it cmes up with a title fight u get 10 exp and 10 credits

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Code - 50,000 creds

by Unregistered Aug 20, 2015

Go to Soluna City, go right, past star captains club, past the shops, stop when you see the starship. There should be three people standing there. The girl next to the light is holding a brony which is an easter egg. But if you run into the guy facing the other way, he will challenge you to a fight. If you accept, you will win around 900 credits after all the fights. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, YOU MIGHT FIGHT A GUY CALLED RICHY THE RIGH GUY. BEAT HIM AND YOU WILL WIN +50,000 CREDITS

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Code - LOT OF MONEY !!!

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2014

if you do the WHITE CASTLE GOING GRAY mission then you will get 15000 credits but 0 xp. then also not a bad deal. you dont have to do anything maybe sometimes you'll have to figh some black and white people but normally you just listen to the info.servicwoman's boring things, climb the stairs and go to the room and then just listen to the robot and youre done. THANKS FOR READING

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Unlockable - Super Hero Outfit

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2014

this isnt really a cheat, but if you go to planet Zargon, either by unlocking it, or if you are a star captain, as soon as you log on go to map and go to Zargon. Then go in the first building and talk to Selina/Starstorm and put on the super hero outfit. It does about 20 damage on normal attack and 25-35 damage on super attack. Enjoy

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