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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Easy credits

by eugene2018 Dec 05, 2011

go to the arcade then play assult mecha then go to options then untick the box duel this code 10373662

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Secret - Easy way to finish the Icthyosaur

by Asif626 Nov 29, 2010

The Icthyosaur is another dinosaur fossil like the triceratops . Before you finish the Icthyosaur you must find the Pearl Of Kathool Atchoo after that you must go to ocean again and again to complete the Icthyosaur fossil . Technical Information .

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Glitch - Bect Combo for level 12s and up!!

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2008

OK, first get a house mech or a Geekatron. Next, get between 73 000 and 87 400. Then go to Selina on Zargon and do her missions until you can unlock the weapons shop. Then, depending on what mech you've got, buy the following weapons:
-Incredible Disruptor- All
-Incredible Clusters- All
-Incredible Dual Strike- All
-Recluse Claw- House Mech
-Incredible Rockets/Incredible Rail Blaster- Geekatron
-Incredible Scanner Blade

So now if you've got a Geekatron, you can use these weapons in combos and if not, I'm sorry............ SORRY YOU'RE GOING TO KICK BUTT!!!!!!!!!(Geekatrons too)

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Secret - Easy Money

by blackshadow189 Sep 25, 2008

Labrynth: 4000-5000+ easy gold reccomended lvl 10+

Heres what you do.

Get into a house and do the labryth mission.

Kill all the creatures except the last one guarding the chest.

Get into a fight with the last mech and lose the fight. Do this as many times as you like its an easy 4000-5000g that carrys over every loss.
after getting the desired amount, (can be checked by mousing over your character name, beside your amount of gold in parenthases is how much you are making for the quest completion), complete the quest, and voila easy way to make a ton of gold fast.

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Secret - Cool Mech

by T-Unit Sep 01, 2008

What has 190HP, 110EP, some cool non-laser weapons and takes a lot of skill and $$$ to gain???? The EMT mech. I got it today saving money for 3 days and it's already doing me wonders. I finished Mecha Combat 101 and i can't wait for target practace 101 :)

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Secret - Easy way to KILL the Rebel Leader

by Lucario46 Aug 11, 2008

Use a mecha with 300+ hp if u take too long battling, the shadowscythe will shoot it.

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Secret - How to get easy credits

by gogojasper Jul 26, 2008

just keep defend westion mine every kill is 200+ gold (money walkthrough)i made 10,000 by that (only for not star captain)

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Secret - How to beat the robots on finding the parts of the train(recommended 12)

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2008

first u must be a lvl 12 and have 100k so u can buy the wolfblade..or if u are in the another house buy the lvl 12 mech........

second buy good stuff
weapons:you can buy any weapons that is powerful enough to kill the robots
first u must have a stun weapon so the robot will be stun and then buy anything that is powerful..............if u already have one try it.....first is the stun weapon and then u can make combo...i havent start it yet coz im saving up to 100k....

third go to the 2nd to the last in east and then go to the big ship...and find the parts
find the machine....and then go fight the enemy its hard but worth it coz westion awesome my friends teach me how to do that

gud luck
a wolfblade is a always awolfblade

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Secret - How to beat mega spider

by gogojasper Jul 08, 2008

everyone look at this only way to beat the mege spoider (those who aren't star captain)
only waepon to beat him is a wolfblade mech and plasma pulsar

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Glitch - Walk in the Equip Menu

by Unregistered Jun 10, 2008

This glitch allows you to walk on the equip menu then it shrinks you.Once you have an energy weapon of your own,start running in Soluna City.Then,while running,go to the Equip Menu,and select the energy weapon.Your character should walk on the item list,and,once he/she stops running,he/she should shrink,even though the zoom is still 100.

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Secret - How to defeat mino ton faster

by mikoyot Jun 02, 2008

just go to teks meks and buy:smokey flame thower,noob misile x4,double autogun and kurosawa try it!! its cool!!!!

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Secret - Energy hack

by thenewpokemonmaster May 19, 2008

first to download cheatengine go to

ok now its time for the energy (mana) hack. now look at your energy to begin with and multiply that by eight and put that into the value box and click first scan. next go into battle and use energy attacks. then when the battle is done go back into cheatengine and put your energy multiplied by eight into the value box and click next scan. now change the value to 8000 and freeze it.

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Secret - Easy exp and levels

by Unregistered May 07, 2008

you must have 'SpookMQ 6.5' for this to work. when you log in, maximize the spookmq menu by moving the mouse down to the bottom of the screen, then activate the get exp and get gold cheat (you don't have to activate the get gold cheat if you don't want to), then go to Admina in soluna city, click take/retake exam when you get to the unniversity don't go inside just go back to the shuttle and click yes and voila, you have just earned yourself 1000 exp.

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Secret - Easy Money

by MQmaster Apr 28, 2008

I just got the SPD mecha( lvl 17) and it kicks butt. Okay. After i got the mecha, i went killing sys-zero, fixed the starship, talked 2 slugwarth, fly 2 the moon, and done all the quest there. i was saving up $$$ for the v3 runehawk( lvl 20 200k). when i checked hw much $$ i had, i had 180k. i had 0 credits after i bought the SPD mecha, so i actually got 180k while doing those quest. im lvl 19 so i can get enough money for another mecha and still get runehawk!!!

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Secret - Easy Way 2 Lvl Up

by MQmaster Apr 21, 2008

this is 1 way 2 get 2 lvl 20. grap your best weapons( get UES or SES) and weapons that can do the most damage!!! go 2 the police station. keep fighting kerberous( he gives 100 exp, 500 gp) he gives the same amount of exp a normal monster would and he doesnt have like 250 life but only 140. sometimes u dont have 2 heal b4 u kill him another time. i tried this and i got 100k exp in 1 hour

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Secret - To get money alot!

by DeaThsYcThe Apr 21, 2008

Go to the hospital, then sign up for the job... and then click emergency... then when u encountered the quest "Autopsy"... when i finished that quest without hitting any walls that will give u 100EXP and 500CREDITS... that's easy... i done that quest for 4hrs and i've got my wolfblade v2.0

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Secret - Easy credit........

by pikachu_2007 Apr 14, 2008

do the mission that dean gave that says Find Starship Parts. every mob you kill will gave 1000+ credit its a little bit hard............ can go to that mission when you complete the two other missions........

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Secret - Kill anything with 110hp

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2008

first use n-00b missile x4 and then use mama mia mega slicer the last thing you have to use is bargain bin blaster use that for about 4 turns and u can kill anything with 110hp u hav to be a level 3 im a level 48 star commander credit 692,000

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Secret - This is a guide

by Unregistered Mar 31, 2008

Firstly, just go to the police station and get that job. patroll until you find shadow mecha. Kill them and then you duel the wolf. should not be too hard. Of course you can also face the pizzaman if you want. Get to rank 28 and save up until you have 55 thousand. After that all you can do is to use the notebook and check for the falconreach observatory quest. Finish that, battle all the wolves and get to the end of the labyrinth with that mecha. Earn all the money you want with it with order 66, and throw it away. Your house mecha would likely be mroe useful.
For the mechcombat class, all u need is a proton rifle, lava blaster, plasma pulsar, unreliable ghost trap, sling missile and your house head. YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY OWNED HALF THE GAME. this might be rather difficult to achieve though. in replacement of the NOOB missile series you can check out Large Military Repeater which you can use. The other weapons are useless, the stungun in particular. The copshop gives much better weapons, so check that out also!!!

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Glitch - Invisable mech

by Bager Mar 24, 2008

frist you go to museum and go to the desert.
next you walk to the battle area and if you dont see the dino quickly walk to the stone door.
then when the fight starts u are inviable!

its worked for me too!

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Glitch - Literally impossible fight

by supakillaz Mar 04, 2008

If you go to the arcade and battle ID 16 you will fight the game programmer rolith who is literally impossible to beat. He has noob Missiles(x4) that do 100-200 each, a shining repeater (250-300), a hammer (really cool, just like the one he has in DF and AQ, even though in AQ he is named Eselgee, does 100-200), and a wolfblade repeater (relatively weak, 38-42). He is fun to battle, so just keep fighting for fun if you want to. He is lvl 13 in a WOLFBLADE mech (hint hint, join wolfblade, cough cough), so he'll have about 215 health.

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Easter Egg - Pwnage set

by Unregistered Mar 04, 2008

Mecha: Wolfblade (Get at WolfBlade house)
Right Arm:Pizza saw-ser (Get at mecharonis)
Left Arm:Lava Blaster (Req. Lvl 10 Get at rare shop)
Front Shoulder:Sling missile (Get at Tek's shop)
Back Shoulder:Plasma Pulsar (Get at Tek's shop)
Head: Missile Mouth (Get at WolfBlade house)

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Glitch - This isn't a good one

by cybergoo Mar 03, 2008

Just wantes to warn you that the jungle quest in the museum has a bug.
Sometimes when you defeat the mech in the quest, you try to move, but it takes you back to the previous screen. when this happen I havn't a clue what to do just go on char list or hometown or something. . .

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Glitch - Attack Aleysia!

by Unregistered Mar 03, 2008

There's a new glitch in Mechquest in the mecha combat room. When you enter the room, above the start class button is a small version of the blade combat attack menu, press a button and die or punch Aleysia!

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Glitch - Mecha

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

in soulna go right and before you reach the other side click equip and wait.TA,DA!!!!

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