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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get the best exp in one enemy??*read it...its useful*

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2008

first you have to save up to 50k....and then buy the wolfblade lvl a used electron sniper, sling missile 9(1X),Plasma pulsar, missile mouth and the ;ast is hybrid missile arm....

when u finish doing that... do this
-go to the university and go to the web-

to beat him u must do this combos

*used electron sniper-to stun
*plasma pulsar-to get a great damage
*sling missile-add extra damage
*used electron sniper-to stun again
*missile mouth-damage
*hybrid missile arm-damage-if the spider wont die
*plasma pulsar-spiders demise..

nxt u will got 80exp and 500credits and go to the airplane thing and u will go back to the main and and repair and go back to university it many times

gud luck...

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Secret - Kaheldron Mines Released!!!

by Abz7 Jul 18, 2008

Woo Hoo The Kaheldron mines were released! You need to collect Crystalized Dragon's Breath to help create a special power cell! You need 20 pieces! I already got them all! Then you can buy the Drakel Power Cell for 10,000 Credits! It is said in the description "Used to power new technology..." This new technology is apparently not out yet. It probably will be too!

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Glitch - High level

by xereniak Jul 11, 2008

u need cheat engine 5.4 works best u first do the the helth or energey hack listed in the forums when you do that go to new scan and type in your level times 8 hit first scan and go through until you find ur carachter addresss (it is listed alphabetically and numerically) when you find it add it to ur address list change the value to 8000 and hit FREEZE.

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Secret - How to beat energy blades101

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2008

first of all allways wear the uniform and get all of your wepeans from the store east of the middle of the town.then use this attack then as many strong attacks as u can cus usualy the first 2 attacks r weak. but when you fight mastertwang use this combo if you have really strong blade like blue belt blade free players and when u become black belt you can duel super twang. he hits higher than his ordenary self master twang but whenn you fight him or master twang do this but make sure you have the best weapon you can have from blade store then do this:strong attack strong attack block then keep doing it till he dies

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Easter Egg - Defeating J6 on PVP with a (temporarly energy blade)

by Greatness Jun 24, 2008

If you can't defeat J6 on PVP, Then you must need a highly powerful mecha that can do stun on hits!! For example:
(WolfBlade 3.0) And (SDF Leader) And once you guys defeated J6, Your character will get a temporarly energy blade that will dissapear if you equip some items or logging out! Or if i'm wrong about the temporarly blade thing. Try on PVP fighting numbers 1 up to 8 then quit the arcade game and you will have a temporarly blade.

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Easter Egg - How to defeat Twang easily.

by weelo May 02, 2008

In case you don't know, Twang is supposedly the most powerful energy blade
fighter around. You can only fight him once your energy blade rank is 35but
sometimes you'll get to battle him in class, but he goes easy, and you can
predict his attacks. Use strong attack on Twang until he glows red (usually
about 2 strong attacks make him glow). When he glows that means his next
attack is his best attack where he shoots every energy blade you can unlock
at you, usually dealing about 20-30 damage, so when he glows red then use a
defense attack and he will only do about 2-4 damage. Now then, repeat the
steps and voila! You can defeat Twang anyday! (at least almost,I think you
have a 80-90% chance of defeating him with this technique)

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Secret - Easy 2 be a star captain!!!!

by lilsas0ri2 Apr 21, 2008

u must download art money then find the code for star captain and copy it 2 the file then activate it!!!!It WorkS!!!!

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Secret - Money Money

by Unregistered Mar 14, 2008

First you can be a runehawlk wolfblade or mystraven etheir way u gotta have access to the labrynth just walk around and kill most people give u 100 if u die just click continue and keep on. I did it for 5 mineutes and got 1150 credits.

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Secret - Good non Sc wepons

by doomed Mar 13, 2008

sling missile (Lvl 8)
dragontooth gun (noob)
smokey the flamthror (noob)
lava blaster (Lvl 10)

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Secret - Easy pizza #66 - kill him in 6 hits!!!

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

1: You need be a level 15 pizza guy to unlock #66.
2: You need to be a level 8.
3: Get the weapons: sling missile(shoulder), the mama mia mega slicer - pizza shop(front arm) and the solar mega blaster(back arm).
4: To kill him in 6 hits do this: use mega slicer 1st, then sling missile, then mega slicer, then solar mega blaster, then use mega slicer and then the last hit is the sling missile.
5: Congratulations!!! You just completely pwned the big rusty rat in 6 hits!!!

PS if u miss even once then you are dead
PSS this is not completely fool proof - although it has about 95% or working

happy killing!!!

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Glitch - Glitch-ivisible mecha

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

go too the meuseum and explore desert if you go to battle b4 it loads walk to the door the screen will rumble and when u battle your mech will be invisible

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Glitch - You R Invisible

by REXADOODLE Feb 27, 2008

Go to the desert temple in the museum. When you reach the door go to it. The frame will have a light in it. Quickly go to the door while the light is loading. You will B invisible for that fight(not every fight). Hope you like being invisible.

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Glitch - How to stay out of trouble

by Darxonic Feb 18, 2008

When going through the maze in the houses after battles when trying to avoid mobs go to the corner of th enery field where the repair station is and then you actually get there

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Secret - Easy money and exp

by Unregistered Feb 15, 2008

go to the nurse then click emergency.. repeat it until you fing autopsy.. dont go wrong because if u fail ur exp and money will down..

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by Unregistered Feb 14, 2008

First you do da x-am and once you start to battle youjust press skip so you wont lose
any energy or-Whatever cause it wood just Malfuntion anyway.Then wold get lots
of $$$$$$$ if you do this many times

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Secret - Getting Money Fast

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2008

One Way to get money really fast is to go to the hospital in the city... if u ask the nurse for the job keep on declining the jobs till u got to the autopsy... if you do it correctly u get 500g and 100exp... if done wrong u can get atleast 100g and 20exp.. if you touch the sides 5 times you lose and have to do it al over again

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Secret - Kool ghost thing

by dudemister Dec 21, 2007

in ghost shop u can click on blue punch thing and fight it click on barrell with munkey on it and beach ball and it will blow up shop and woopie cushion and fight it and the mirror lol!!!

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Secret - How to beat Keberos, Gummer the Gummerian, Rusty Rat and many others

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2007


SILVER CROSSBOW: Front arm, Level 10, bought from the police station, 30 - 34 damage, 30 energy, 3 turns for cooldown, 10000 credits.
ENERGY KAMA: Front arm, Level 8, bought from the energy blade class at Gears University, 21 - 25 damage, 20 energy, 2 turns for cooldown, 5000 credits.
HOLIDAY PEPPERMINT GUN: Back arm, Level 12, bought from the Holiday Shop (There is a "Holiday" icon that appears on the right side of your toolbar during the Christmas period.), 28 - 32 damage, 20 energy, 2 turns for cooldown, 15000 credits.
SLING MISSILE: Back Shoulder, Level 8, bought from Teks Mechs, 21 - 25 damage, 15 energy, 3 turns for cooldown, 1050 credits.
CANDY CANNON: Front shoulder, Level 5, comes with Gingerbread Mecha which can be bought from the Holiday Shop (There is a "Holiday" icon that appears on the right side of your toolbar during the Christmas period.), 15 - 20 damage, 20 energy, 1 turn for cooldown.




MOVES: 4, 3, 2, 1, 4, 2, 1



MOVES: 4, 3, 2, 1, 4, 2, 1


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Secret - How to beat rusty rat

by Skaptor Dec 17, 2007

mama mia slicer
sling missile
flame thrower
keep doing that

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Easter Egg - Easy stuff for free

by landon1432 Dec 13, 2007

keep on going to the theater and get a prize.

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Secret - Another good way for $$$$

by JTjason Aug 01, 2008

ok ppls. i dont know why we were dumb enough for this. but you can now go to the shuttle ship right now. if u do and ur lvl 6 and below and u need more $$$ for that house mech. ur in good luck. its about 220 for each fight. u can earn more now. and for 11 and up. im srry but im makeing a secret mech goin to the worst player in runehawk. don tell anyone. ok. the contest winners. runehawk is Jason. wolfblade is M.Rdupree. and mystraven is ben. ok the house storage mechs. the winner is Jason from the runehawk house. runehawk is the house that will be getting some good items now. ok Jason if ur reading this ur good.

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Secret - Easy money

by Zeruel_130 Jul 21, 2008

First make your reputation to 50 then go to the sheriff then fight then bandits then make your reputation to 100 then boss fight defeat him buy the deputy mecha then fight the boss a lot of times then you get a lot of money

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Glitch - Free nova gem blades

by fireboy25 May 05, 2008

first go to university and go to enegy blades and click weapon rack then equip a blade
second go to pvp and battle id type in 14 and battle win or lose you get a blade from the energy blade shop that is temporary if you change blades you cannot equip it again you must battle the number 14 again

ps you get the most powerful nova blade the SOUL SAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Free weapon thats not on the weapon rack

by fireboy25 Mar 14, 2008

first go to the hospital and equip the scrubs suit then if u do a sword fight
you get a big injection to fight with

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Glitch - UR invisible but.... (please rate)

by ganekill Feb 28, 2008

u can get invisible by doin desert in museum and keep clicken left till u first fight and ull be invisible. U can also be a giant person by when the door opens(if u beat dinosaur) ull be a giant guy with whatever wepon ur holding, u can walk around and then enter place as u then go back to normal.

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