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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Vanish

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2008

once when i was fighting a dinosour thing i vanished so when i attacked all you could see is a attack number and when he was attacking he was attacking thin air!!!

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Secret - How to defeat the rusty rat w/out buying a new mecha

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

First things first be a level 18 (I think) in mecharoni and buy a pizza sawer in the shop then be lvl.8 and buy a sling missile lastly buy a smokey flamethrower.
USE THEM IN THIS ORDER:(sometimes it does not work)
1.Sling Missile
2.Pizza Saw-er
3.Smokey Flamethrower
4.Pizza Saw-er
5.Sling Missile
6.Pizza Saw-er
P.S. I almost forgot buy a wolf head

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by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

Now as that desperate person may of read my prievious message about kamanas i have some knowlege of futre updates and mechs/weapons soooo i shouldnt be giving to much away so i won't, but if anyone has any questions about it i'll be glad to help just include the name " Update Guru " in it near the top and i'll know its meant for me. Hope you have fun on mechquest and i'll try to do the best i can answering all your questions. :P

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Easter Egg - BEST MECH EVER!

by Nixon Dec 24, 2007

The best mech ever is candy elf it got 205 health and 125 attack power ! The mech cost 500 nova gems note u av 2 be staer captain obviously LOL! P.S this is not an easter egg thing!


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Secret - Easy Credits and Experience

by Pita Nov 26, 2007

Most people think doing cop missions and pizza missions are the fastest way to get experience and credits. They are the second fastest way. I got from level 2-8 in 3 hours by doing regular battles. if you get the puperoni thing to fight, it give 80 exp and 75 credits. some new things give 200 credits and 50 exp! Use this cheat to get High enough in lvl then do order 66!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Invisible Mecha!

by ShadowPaladin Oct 14, 2008

1:Go to The Museum.

2:Select Jungle for your Quest.

3:When you are in front of the Temple door,press it and go up the stairs quickly!The Tyrant will be on the side of screen!He will eventually battle you.

4:Your Mecha will be Invisible!

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Secret - EZ way to get find all Hover Train parts on Westion

by Unregistered Jun 16, 2008

It's very obvious; the desert is layed out in a 5x5 grid, so it's not that large. First, go to the top-left corner, then go down (straight) to the bottom, then one right, up all the way, one more to the right and so on. Very simple.

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Secret - Knife and spork

by Therealhybrid Jun 02, 2008

in order to passs the final challenge for knife and spork you will need a level 20 mech with a weapon that has high cahnce of stun and weapons that do large amounts of damge and drain ep abilities. if this happens you can win. you have to fight 12 level 20 mecha each with over 300 hp and do over 50 damage average. if you stun and drain ep you can win and beat them. your hp is regained after every battle

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Secret - Hp hack

by thenewpokemonmaster May 19, 2008

first to download cheatengine go to

ok i will start out with Hp hack.First you look at your health and its probably 100 unless you bought a better mecha. so multiply that by 8 and put that in the value box and click first scan. next battle a mecha and get hurt a little a. when you get hurt a little go and put that in the value box and click next scan. you should have 1 address you put that in the address list and chnd finish the battle, change the value to 8000 and freeze it. that will give you 1000 health!

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Secret - Police mission glitch

by danny555 Feb 22, 2008

when do police fights(not the notebook missions) and doing a sword battle u shoud be battle a wolfman blah then defnd and if it does a attck 2times ur charcter will be slanted.opnly works somtimes

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Glitch - Cool glitch

by jackbox May 09, 2008

go to musem and go on desert quest and get to the last trap when u batte the monster and then flee and you will be mech sized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Backwards enemies

by Unregistered Feb 04, 2008

i'm not sure how it happened but after your fighting for a while all the enemies start attacking backwards lol

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Secret - For starters at MechQuest that needs some good cash!! (RECOMMENDED FOR LEVEL (6-12)

by Greatness Jun 30, 2008

If you guys need cash for buying really good mechas!!! First thing is that go to the Giant Spider on the University!!
If you go to the entrance of Geaars University. Near the fountain is full of webs go in there and fight the critter!!!
And you win 500 credits!!! Keep doing it as many times as you want!! And another fun earning of cash is by going to the ""Soluna Hospital"" and talk to the nurse about the missions and stuff. Makesure to get the mission where you operate on an aliens body!!! Perfect it and you get 500 credits!!!!

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Secret - Heres another weapon combo

by klonoa Oct 30, 2007

1.use electron sniper

2.use 4x missile noob

3. use solar mega blaster

4. skip

5.use electron sniper

6.use solar mega blaster

7.use noob missile x4

and there!!!! voila!!!! it works for enemies that are hps 100 it has a 98% chance of success

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Easter Egg - Dunce Space Helmet

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

Next to the arcade there is a door.Keep on going in it until Sys Zero gives you the free helm.

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Secret - One of the best combos agiast order 66

by PETEDABOMB Dec 10, 2007

one of the best combos that worked for me is the sling misle,the mama mia pizza slicer, and the smokey flame throwers it works gud agaist order 66 to: first the slicer, then the sling misle, slicer again, then the flame thrower, then the slicer, and then the sling misle and tat should kill em

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Secret - A little bit of free gold

by power_dragon Apr 10, 2008

here people i'm new but i know a lot about MQ.
here is a little gold booster, go to cinimech and watch a movie to get aprize, your reward will be (e.g. lv4 55 gold, lv6 75 gold)

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Secret - The trainer i use on MechQuest ps: it only works on mechquest

by Daggers21 Oct 23, 2007

got to and download it and then if its a compressed file extract all files its on the left when you open it when its done downloading and then go to and download net framework v2.0 best do a search once in microsoft and there you go it should work and if you click i don't like this trainer a pop up comes up and says account information has been sent thats just a prank so if you don't believe me just don't click it

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Code - Nova gems cheat 2012

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2012

in the game go the star captin ship and back to urs. then walk out of the door into space. then you will get 999999 nova gems works 2012!

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Code - Tons of money and level up

by XstonemechX Oct 13, 2011

just go to the knife and spork which is on your left.

if your a high level it can get up to 29k per challenge

and it's so good for leveling up i did it and got from level 12 to 25 in no time

if you need help to finish challenge 10 or below just buy the dragon mecha in yokai

good bye all and goodluck

get dragon mecha from yokai planetso easy to finish challenges
go to knife and spork and do the challenges with the mecha untill challenge 10tons of money and easy level up
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Code - Skullcrusher and sulphur

by lightball21 Sep 29, 2011

some of the best mecha you can get in the game like the suphlur 1000 and the skullcrusher 1000. You have to buy the artbook from the actual website and inside it has the codes just to make it clear to everyone.

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Unlockable - Geekatron eight combo

by tyukilao90 May 25, 2011

The Geekatron first eight combo!

+more attackDistruptor+Scanner Blade+Body Attack
+more defenseCluster+Scanner Blade+Body Attack
regenarationDualStrike+Scanner Blade+Body Attack
+more accuracyRailBlaster+Scanner Blade+Body Attack
-Damage of a enemyDistruptor+Scanner pulse+Body attack
-Enemy defenseCluster+Scanner pulse+body attack
-enemy chance to hit youRail Blaster+scanner pulse+body attack
+Higher chance to have critical damageRocket+scanner pulse+body attack
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Glitch - Make a new form for ur fave blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Sep 29, 2008

ok this is how u change like ur fave blade into the 1st 1 with all the same stats.first u equip it.then head 2 any area 2 get a new wardrobe change aslong as its not the scrubs.then its like ur weapon isnt there,well it is!then fight some1 without adding anything and not mech fight and ur wep becomes the 1st enrgy blade with all the power and ownage with it!

Ps:im a black belt in enrgy blades so i have a 10-18 blade that has pwrful strong atks.pss:get the sdf rebel suit so u then have infinite enrgy

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Secret - Pizza place is a good place to get...

by kevsd Jun 20, 2008

money i get usely 200-300 credits

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Secret - Easy money

by kevsd Jun 18, 2008

go to the police station then do a mission and dipending on the mech u fight u get between 20 to 40 exp and 200 to 300 credits. its hard some times to beat the mechs

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