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MechQuest Cheats :

This page contains MechQuest cheats list for PC version. Now we have 378 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 31 easter eggs, 78 glitches, 245 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing MechQuest on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Best way to beat kerbros

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

When you get to rank 29 on cop you face kerbros.

These are things you need

Gingerbread Mech 150HP(45000money)

1 Weapons Candy Cannon

2 Silver Crossbow

3 sling missile

4 Holiday Peppermint Gun

3,1,4,2,3,4,2,1. Keep repeationg this procees until he is dead

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Secret - Get max in all classes

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

#15-Sword Class
#18-Ghost Hunting[credit to WoooooW]
#19-Mech Combat 101

Go to the admin menu
then to quest strings
the in the slot part
put the quest string #
then change it to wat rank you want to be

Highest Rank
Sword Class-35
Ghost Hunting-25(35 might still work)
Mech Combat 101-12

Use spook MQ 6.3

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Secret - Best way to beat order 66

by ArsenalRocks10 Dec 21, 2007

have the Newbatron V1337 20 000 credits
(1) Hunters Autogun - lvl 8 - Dmg 18-22 - EP 20 - CD 2 1 500 credits
(2) Solar Mega Blaster - lvl 5 - Dmg 12-20 - EP 15 - CD 2 5 000 credits
(3) Sling Missile (1x) - lvl 8 - Dmg 21-25 - EP 15 - CD 3 1 050 credits
Wolf's Head - lvl 2 - Bonuses Hit +1 - Crit +1 1 000 credits

and attack it with this combo 1,3,2,1,skip,3

hope that helps trust me its the best way to beat them with that mecha

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Secret - Money

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2007

Walk up to hailer and battle him you get 600 money

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by Unregistered Dec 11, 2007

have a crossbow and the allien star ray and have kuresowa the mech. the sword and have the double missle equiped that comes with kuresowa.

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Secret - Combo

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

this is a good combo for begginers(lv8)WHO USE NEWBATRON V1 :
get a solar mega blaster=+,wolfhead,mama mia mega slicer=$ ,a sling missile=@:

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Glitch - 99% gaurentee on beating Order #66

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

theres a simialr glitch like this but i tweeked it a little
Mecha: Any [this is for the begginer though]
Head: Omni Head [Tek's Mech's-Head's]
F. Arm: Police Billy Club [Cop Shop, police station] #1
B. Arm: Smokey Flame Thrower [Tek's Mech's-Arm's] #2
F. Shoulder: Any [not used]
B. Shoulder: Sling Missle x1 [Tek's Mech's-Shoulder's]#3
Attack Order: #1, #3, #1, Skip, #1, #3
[will fail if you miss or get hit with a critical hit]

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Secret - Secret- the police glitch

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2007

once you reach lvl 27 as a cop you SUPOSEDLY CAN"T lvl up anymore, but they havent fixed the glitch yet so pull it off FAST! ok your at lvl as a cop to advance further on you need to do the walking quest where you klik the clue to fight the wherewolf, then you don't have to stat roll, then you'l advance to sherif, SWAT, police general, police sergent, police chief, then undefined.

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Easter Egg - Best combernation for lvl 8 or higher

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

ok get a mama mia mega slicer(get a job at mecha-roni)and a sling Missile and mecha boom stick(at teks mech)use in these order
1.use mama mia mega slicer
2.use sling missile
3.mega slicer
4.mecha boom
5.mega slicer missile
easy to be order#66
and lots other mech.

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Glitch - Charecter aprer on equip

by matthewjameswilton Nov 08, 2007

well if you click to go left or right on mech quest click on equip when your charecter gets to the side that you clicked he/her will apear on the right / left and your mech picture vanishes .stranghe p.s i am crap at spelling

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Secret - Best combo

by shakshak Nov 07, 2007

solar mega blaster, sling missle, and used electtron sniper n e hhed
they r the best combo

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Secret - Good money for Star Captain

by someonedied Nov 05, 2007

first buy the new mech in Star Captain Lounge the new samurai mech then when you equip it go to mecharroni the make it up to Order#66 then you will be done in no time...equip the new weapons

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Secret - Relic blade

by Unregistered May 24, 2010

First go to energy blade 101 in the university.Fight till you get orange belt.Then go to east side of town two times. Then you will see the building with the time 12:00.Then go to the shop of blades. Take the Relic sword & go back to university and fight.

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Easter Egg - Secret wonderland in mechquest

by Coollio Oct 09, 2009

Firs go to GEAR university then enter the labirinth.
kill some crazy monster there.
some monster thats hard to beatdrop keys when there dead
sHS incromancer thats use venom claw to absorb your ep and hp to regenerrate his
SHs jawseph thats use a sonic boom thats desebelise your head weapon and (cant use after battle)and lower your atack power
MECHNUGGET thats his damege is realy big!!!
MOBILE SHADOW BASE thats shot all kinds of stuff(lasers,missels,boms,and adter stuff)and his armor is realy toutg
MOHWAWK thats shot guns that lower your defense
SUPUKLURE thats use a biiiiiig sword that can damege you for 80-100 BALISTICK!!!!!(HIS WEAKNES IS FIRE)
you thing those guys are tough well beat em
oya one more thing:after you get keys go to the acces that machchest the color of the key
after get all tresure on efery sids(red,green,blue,black,pink,and yellow)
go to the missions in your house(woflblade,runewawk,misraven)there you will se below the "labirinth" a tittle "REWARARDS"
CLICK ON IT then you will be facing a caunter. on the caunter theres a sign says "credits < o >"
"nova gems < o >"
"exp < 0 >"
you just chace to how many credits,nova gems,and exp BUT ITS ONLY WORKS 6 TIMES

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Secret - Get more credits

by itachi619 Sep 08, 2008

go to alamonia and press battle find the repair truck stay there and walk and after a battle repair and keep doing that and you will get good credits

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Secret - Lots of exp and gold quick without hacking

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2008

go to the police acadamey and click on the open sign and go to page 14 and go on the first sign and then go on enter . beat the guy then u get 100 exp and 500 gold.

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Secret - Extras!

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2008

Download SpookMQ 6.5

Enter 0_99 instead of 0_81 at entry screen.


Check in the 2 boxes over the button called locked at the bottom screen

Now every match you get 30,000 credits, and 3000 EXP.

Also you can unlock Spook Saw for your character, which does 10010001001001 damage.

Also you can get custom hats like Earphones, Hippo Mask, Santa Hat, and more.

Plus you can set what rank you are in every job, but Hospital Rank is glitchy.

Also there is also Make your hits instant kill, infinite Hp and Ep, No cooldown, and super attacks(all weapons fire at same time, one of my favorites)

Also there is teleport port, quit match, finish mission buttons.

Also you can use your mech against people and your character against mechs.

Also there is free star captain, founder, DA Guardian.

There are no Nova Gem hack, its illegal, sorry.

And finally, im am not the maker of SpookMq, Spook is. You can see him on

Also if you are having trouble finding the SpookMQ 6.5 search it on Google.

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Secret - All you have to do is

by Mohamy Jun 26, 2008

go to your characterpage and buy one using a credit card or you can ask someone to buy one for you at a priceor you can hack one using a trainer
its your choice

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Secret - Bad graphics...good speed plus some critical points

by Unregistered May 30, 2008

if u put the game graphics on low your character will move alot faster and your mecha will attack faster...

pss.i love the new shadowscythe mecha E2 mecha EVER

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Secret - My Easy Way Of Earning Money

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2008

Equip This:
Front Arm:Mama Mia Mega Slicer
Back Arm:Refurbished Machine Gun
Back Shoulder:Freshman Laser Pointer
And then Click Battle
You first attack the Slicer
then the Pointer then the gun and you will save much EP (Energy Points)
P.S This only works for players who have landed in Soluna City!

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Glitch - Arcade battles

by DX1234567891 Mar 31, 2008

okay go to the arcade in sc club then after that if you press battle id or battle random 5 or more times quick then the enemy will face backwards

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Glitch - Super health

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2008

go into the ghost hunting shop and keep punching the bowling pin thing then randomly click on the mirror and it will show your health even when you go outside

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Secret - Best waepons combination

by LilK95 Mar 03, 2008

The best weapons combo is:
Silver crossbow from cop shop
Singe Missle from Teks shop
Plasma pulsar from Teks shop
Lava Blaster from shop button

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Secret - Glitch fixed

by cyborgKING Feb 28, 2008

Some people sy Cain S. Lupus Givs 525 credits but now he only givs 5 Credits

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Glitch - Maze

by ilovehannahmontana Feb 11, 2008

In the maze you have to complete to get in thr houses if you lose and then click continue you will have the same amount of credits you've so far in the game. Also I LOVE Hannah Montana!!! Whoo, go Hannah, go Hannah!!! Also my e-mail is

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